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The 2018 Memorial Day Camp Meeting

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Randy & Callie Richey 

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18LHCD5-1A – Randy Richey – GRACE 1-of-2
18LHCD5-1B – Randy Richey – GRACE 2-of-2
Randy shares extensively on what grace means, concluding with his definition – “God’s power in our lives that accomplishes God’s will for our lives.” It is a gift that has to be received by faith to accomplish anything. Grace gives us the ability to receive the fullness, breadth and depth of God’s love. It is NOT a license to sin. By the grace of God we can be dead to this world and alive unto God. Throughout this entire message Randy stops at strategic times to lead the congregation in specific prayer concerning forgiveness, repentance, revealing of individual sins, ancestral sins, etc. Grace is extended to help us forgive. It takes God’s grace for every detail of our lives. Randy asks the questions, “How much of your life are you living in your own strength?” “How much of your life is spent doing works that are good but not God breathed?” Perhaps we should be asking the Lord, “Do You have a better way than what I know to do?” We want to be God-sufficient, not self-sufficient! Much repenting and deliverance takes place within this message, paving the way for a deeper relationship with our God.

Frank Marzullo Jr.

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Mark 16 lists certain signs that should follow believers. One of those signs is to cast out devils in Jesus name. This is the “lane” God has Frank in and throughout the years he has learned things to do and perhaps more importantly, things not to do. He asks the question, “Why is the deliverance ministry so important?” He bases his answer on Mt 7:23 – the devils want to hold you to iniquity until you stand before God. He admonishes the listeners to not be so sophisticated that they walk out from this conference with their demons. Let the Holy Spirit shine His lamp and expose the darkness that is in each one of us and then deal with it. Iniquities follow the family line, they lodge in the bloodline. (Lam 5:7) Frank shares sixteen Biblical and practical do’s and don’ts for deliverance ministry and follows up the teaching with deliverance ministry to the congregation.

Randy & Callie Richey 

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18LHCD5-3A – Randy Richey – TRAUMA 1-of-2
18LHCD5-3B – Randy Richey – TRAUMA 2-of-2
Randy begins his message on trauma with deliverance prayers. Before he begins praying, he admonishes us to be sure we are saved and then to repeat the prayers after him. Randy then led us in prayer, emphasizing the power and willingness of God to carry out the deliverance. He says, passivity kills….that we must fight, resist the enemy, put our flesh to death and make God our #1 focus. Each area that he touches on in prayer, he then commands evil spirits to leave. We must learn to tear down these strongholds, the lies in our mind, and put in the truth, which is what God says. The description of trauma is a life event that may render one helpless or fearing for life. It may not be in your conscious mind…buried but still doing it’s damage. Sometimes it causes amnesia or delayed recall, and some have replay over and over as happens in wars, prison experiences and concentration camps. Sometimes it’s temporary and sometimes it’s blocked out forever. It can range from slight depression to complete stupor. Regardless of the cause, we mustn’t allow unholy judgment to take up residence. Take accountability, forgive, give it over to the Lord and be freed. Confusion, betrayal, insecurity, openings for sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction and the list goes on – whether it is the source or the result, there is one remedy and that is our Lord’s love, forgiveness and deliverance. Randy gives many more examples and more prayer.

Nickie Pinson

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Luke 24:13 “And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about three score furlongs.” Just three days before, ‘one of them’ named Peter, when confronted with these words, “Surely you also are ‘one of them’, for your speech betrays you”, declared emphatically that he was not ‘one of them’ (Matthew 27:73). Notice Peter’s speech betrayed him as being ‘one of them’. Luke 24:29 But they constrained him, saying, “Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them.” The Arabic version renders it, “they held him by force” (the violent take it by force), the meaning is that these two men on the road to Emmaus, who were ‘one of them’, laid hands on Him in a forcible manner. Song of Solomon 3:4 describes this principle of constraining Christ, “but I found him whom my soul loves: I held him, and would not let him go”. Psalms 42:1 says, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God”. The Apostle John, was so desiring to be close to Jesus, that he leaned upon Jesus’ breast. By knocking at our heart’s door, Christ is constraining us to invite Him in so He can abide with us. His knocking at our heart’s door, and His voice calling unto us, will cause a burning in our hearts – if we are ‘one of them’!

Frank Marzullo Jr.

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18LHCD5-5 – Frank Marzullo, Jr – FOUR WAYS THE ENEMY CAN GET IN
This message is a ‘must hear’ for both those offering ministry for healing and deliverance and for those seeking the same. In Frank’s many years of ministry he has come to the conclusion that the enemy can only enter a person in four ways. He does not judge a person but simply judges the fruit of their life to see what demonic things are present and what right they have to afflict a believer. It is his understanding that the affliction and harassment comes because of: sin, rejection, lies or unforgiveness. Coming out of a career in law enforcement he uses crime solving techniques to solve demonization problems – those being who, what, when, where, why and how. Throughout this entire message, Frank shares personal ministry experiences and Scriptures that give understanding to the listener concerning each of the four ways he believes the enemy gets in. He used to spend hours in deliverance with a person but now he has them make their own separate lists on sins, rejections, lies and unforgiveness. He has found that those that finish this assignment are truly the ones seeking God’s permanent deliverance. Unfortunately many who seek man’s deliverance do it because they want the torment to stop without repentance or they just want attention. Repentance is the starting point to permanent deliverance. Deliverance ministry prayer concludes this service..

Nickie Pinson

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18LHCD5-6A – Nickie Pinson – NO OTHER FOUNDATION 1-of-2
18LHCD5-6B – Nickie Pinson – NO OTHER FOUNDATION 2-of-2
Nickie shares instruction on the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit, exhorting the listener to know when it is the voice of God speaking through you or someone else. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.” Paul said in 1 Cor 2:2, “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” We preach Christ. Why, because we are complete in Christ. We don’t add Christ to our life – He has to become our life. He is the answer to everything. We have to be changed into the image of God. Why? Because we lost the image in the garden. Rom 8:29 “For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” That is what He is after – for us to be conformed into the image of Christ. “That I may know Him”. That “knowing” is intimacy not knowledge. Nickie shares on what the inward revelation of Christ is. We want to be set free but God wants to “make us free” – make us a different person – the image of His Son. The axe has to be put to the root. Your root has to change. What you are has to change. We cannot continue to be what we are and just “fix” some things. When Christ is in us, He is in our house. But when we are in Christ, we are in His house. Nickie shares a variety of different truths in this message but they all circle back to “No Other Foundation”.

Frank Marzullo Jr.

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18LHCD5-7 – Frank Marzullo, Jr – PRINCIPLES OF HEALING
Joel 2 and 2 Kings 4 serve as the backdrop for this poignant message and testimony on healing. Frank shares principles of healing. He testifies how God uses him as he lays hands on people and prays in Jesus’ name for healing and deliverance. Then he gets real personal and shares how his wife, Jill, got very sick and was dying. And he, being the man of faith that he is, did everything he knew to do – break generational curses, bloodline curses, word curses, cast demons out, take his wife from church to church for prayer only to see her progressively getting worse and worse. She had a deadly disease called pulmonary fibrosis – basically your lungs dry up and you can’t breathe anymore. His faith began to waver, just as anyone’s would. They were doing this for about 4 years and 4 to 5 years is about all anyone can survive this disease. All their prayers were seemingly being unheard and they are asking, “What do we do Father?” Their pastor told them he couldn’t tell them what to do but, “Choose life”. Frank says, “that stuck”. So they get on the transplant list. Miraculously the call came forth quickly that they had a set of lungs, they operated on her and she was healed. Oftentimes we look at healing from one perspective, not looking at it from the medical side. Many of us are living proof of healing from the medical side. So, he looks at how she got healed and he’s scratching his head. It did not happen the way He believed for as a minister of the gospel – how others are healed and delivered but not his own wife. And then he came to God’s answer for him. Isaiah 55:8-11 with special attention to rain and snow.

Randy & Callie Richey

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18LHCD5-8A – Randy Richey – WEAPONS OF WARFARE 1-of-2
18LHCD5-8B – Randy Richey – WEAPONS OF WARFARE 2-of-2
The final service of this camp meeting contains quite a few “bonuses” as Randy put it. We won’t list them all in this summary. The power of words, as a weapon of warfare, is given serious consideration in this message. If you really want some understanding, go to Proverbs and highlight every time you see “words” or “speech” and read how much God has to say. You will be amazed. After he completes the lesson on words, he makes the statement, “if you’re words don’t change, your life doesn’t change.” The greatest weapon of warfare that we have is obedience to God. On it, hinges the success of all remaining weapons. When you have a problem that besets you, get into agreement with believers who will stand with you to see you through to victory. Sometimes the victory comes by doing something different. For example, if you have a problem with pornography don’t open your computer without there being someone else in the room that you can be accountable to. Other weapons of warfare are the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. Never hide from your sin – repent and apply His blood. This message would make a wonderful booklet!.

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