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The 2008 Ladies Conference

All of these messages below are also available on

DVD Video

 “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ

that a man should seek Him first to find her”


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Dale & Junie Copeland

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Junie begins by telling us a deeper walk with God comes by a deeper commitment. We learn from what comes across our life and we go on. Moses looked at the Red Sea and thought “What am I going to do?” God said, “Stretch forth your hand.” Do you sometimes question, “Maybe that’s not what God really said.” If Moses had thought, “Maybe that’s not God who said, “Stretch forth your hand”, there would have been no deliverance for the children of Israel. Ex 14:16-23 – “the waters closed over the enemy and all he had.” What is your enemy today? There is a deliverance in God we have not yet experienced. Stretch forth your hand! 1 Cor 10:13, Pro 28:1 – the righteous are bold as a lion. I Sam 17:3-11, 41 – David quickly ran to meet Goliath. David had spent time with and had a commitment with God. It is important to know what to do when you get to the giant. Whatever is big to you right now is the giant you are facing. Matt 14:18-28 – Jesus said come. What has Jesus told you to do? Step out of the boat. We read in Acts 2 that the Holy Spirit gives you boldness. They were all filled. Peter was never the same; he was consumed by the Holy Spirit. It is time to stretch out your hand and do what God is telling you to do. Junie closes with prayer for a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit for all who desire it.


Bo & Jean Fisher

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You do not have to be anything other than what you are to receive love! We cannot use the world’s rules; we were created to be a child of God. Everything else the Holy Spirit will do. We are called to die; we are called to weakness. This teaching is taken out of I Sam 8, 15 and 17. Israel is compromised; they did not want to look different. They left the door open to the enemy and he came in. I Sam 15:24 – when you need to be thought well of by others, you are not following the Lord. When there is a valley, it is a picture of something you need to go through. The pathway to freedom starts right where you are. You must keep going forward or you will be going backwards. Verse 5-7 is a picture of intimidation, everything we cannot handle in our own strength. Jean praises the Lord for the “goliaths in her life”. Goliath means captivity. The Lord allows the devil in our life to press us to depend on Him. She explains the circumstances David was in, leading up to facing Goliath – this example also pertains to us in our walk with Him. She compares Saul to the world and David to faith. Ps 131 is written about David in his ability to quiet his soul before God. What keeps us from becoming quiet before the Lord? Are we too busy? In conclusion she prays for us to ask ourselves what it is that keeps us from setting aside quiet time with the Lord and prays to expose the barriers preventing our quiet time.


Louise Pemble

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08LCCD2-3 – Louise Pemble – SONG OF SOLOMON – LOVE
This teaching is about the love affair between Jesus and His bride. Louise shows how this is for us today. It relates the testimony of the bride (us) and how she learns to know the love of the King (Jesus). Scripture shows us here that the bride is already a Christian. She wants to be close to Him. Then Jesus starts talking to her. Louise shows how this conversation between Jesus and His bride compare to our walk. She gives us 7 things (sevenfold) of what He is saying to us from the Song of Solomon. In chap 4:1-5, she compares the Praise of the Bride to the Spirit of God in Isaiah 11:2. Vs. 1 – Doves eyes – to the Spirit of the Lord (Holiness). Hair – to the Spirit of Wisdom (the strength of God). Vs. 2 – Teeth – to understanding. Vs. 3 – Lips – to council (Jesus says only what the Father says). Temples (fertility of mind) – to might, power. Vs. 4 – Neck – to knowledge (battle is the Lord’s). Vs.5 – Breasts (faith & love) have no agenda – to fear of the Lord. This teaching definitely gives you a better understanding of us today with our love for Jesus and His love for us.


Cheryl Batts

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08LCCD2-4 – Cheryl Batts – HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FIGHT?
Something is at your door and you back away from contending with the devil about encroaching on you and your life. You wind up so tired you can’t think. Amos 6:1 – balance. There are 191 plus scriptures on battles. Get some rest. When in rebellion, get serious with God. Cheryl shares testimony on being out of balance in time past and says you have to get serious with God. He will get your attention in the end times but it’s better to stay yielded to Him. It is in the quiet time that God lets you know who He is. With your mind stayed on Him, you can go forth and win great battles. Look for balance in all that you do. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. What He wants you to know is not about you; it is about the people your life will touch. Deut 21:10 – as the general of tiredness comes against you, you say God’s Word. There is power, healing, love and all we need in the Word. Job 39:42, Ps 18:39, Ps 55:18, Ps 140:7 – speaks of peace in the day of battle. We need to be rested and be prepared for all battle at all times. He will tell you the time to move. Eccl 9:11 – The time for the great battle is not far away. Stay in balance. Do not be weary in well doing. Cheryl closes with powerful mass deliverance over the congregation. The anointing for deliverance is with this message – listen and get delivered!


Dale & Junie Copeland

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08LCCD2-5 – Junie Copeland – SISTER LUCY
Junie portrays the character of “Sister Lucy” in her dress and demeanor. This teaching creates lots of laughter, “which doeth good like a medicine.” (NOTE: The DVD video would be better to watch then just listen). She begins in II Cor 5. Sister Lucy says let the righteous be glad – Ps 68:3. Exceedingly rejoice. The Lord spoke to her and told her, “You are a helper of My joy” – II Cor 1:24. So many of God’s people really look dreadful. There is deliverance from depression when you laugh. II Cor 10 – joy is a mighty weapon. The Bible says think on good things. You have to exercise to think on good things. Junie shares the testimony of how “Sister Lucy” came into being. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength and when you remember Sister Lucy, laugh. This is a great teaching on CD, but to get the full effects of the character you will need to get the DVD. A new browser window will come up to take you there so your won’t lose your place here.

Bo & Jean Fisher

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08LCCD2-6 – Jean Fisher – LOVE PEOPLE!
The Kingdom of God is all about relationships. Jean begins with personal testimony of how the walls around her life kept her afraid of the close relationships that all Christians need. Acts 2:44 – the work of the Holy Spirit is to bring all together in unity in Jesus. The Kingdom of God comes in the flow of God’s love. Matt 22:34-40. The whole message of God is to love God and love your neighbor. Matt 18:15. God is after a place where we don’t secretly have resentments against each other so we can go out and be witnesses of God’s love. Luke 6:27. Love your enemies who hate, abuse and curse you. The chains of evil have to stop somewhere. It takes one person saying, “NO!”, to let God’s love rule. We have to be real. Confess and be honest with one another. We must go to Jesus. He puts a whole new perspective in our life of the way He sees our problems. God is not shocked or offended to find out you are a sinner. Jesus is so gracious. We need to be this same way to each other. Jesus lives inside of each of us. This is such an awesome thing. We have to forgive everyone. It has got to be real. God places the lonely in families. You are supposed to live in the church and go to the world; not live in the world and go to church. In conclusion, Jean offers a commission for God’s people. She recommends you be submitted to a covering; one who you respect and who you cannot control. Go and love your neighbor, go and love your enemy. Go and wash the feet of the person who has been ugly to you. Her prayer is that Jesus gives us the courage to go home and deal with the broken relationships in families, churches, homes or wherever they are. Jean closes with prayer for an anointing to go out in the love of Jesus to the world about us.


All of these messages above are also available on

DVD Video


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**  New mp3 Audio This Month  **

LHBC Audio by Camp Meetings – Main Menu

New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer!

Call and reserve a bed: 501 525 8204 – CSTime


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