1982 Spring Camp Meeting

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Published on: March 1, 2018

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 The 1982 Spring Camp Meeting

Win Worley

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Throughout Bro. Worley’s teaching during this camp, he reiterated the idea that we not be deceived into thinking we are all delivered. No one has yet arrived! We must remain open to new things of God. If mass deliverance is offered, everyone should enter into what God has for you in that moment. Various and sundry doors to be examined and re-examined are: white witchcraft, crystal balls, hypnosis, ESP, levitation, charms, rubik’s cube (double pyramid), biorhythm, dungeons and dragons, pierced earrings (constitutes mutilation of the body and in scripture refers to slavery, harlotry, and demon worship), tattoos, Jean Dixon – just to name a few. We’re not just dealing with the devil in general – it’s the demons in particular. Remember, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life. Deliverance belongs to the Lord. (Mass deliverance at end).

Win Worley

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Win Worley – WHEN THERE WAS NONE TO DELIVER – THE FRAGMENTED SOUL Throughout the Scriptures we are told to love and serve the Lord with all our soul. How do we do this? With our mind, will and emotions which make up the soul. Now satan has crippled people and God is being robbed of our love. None are loving the Lord with all of their souls. What has happened to our souls? Search the Scriptures. For example: adultery destroyeth souls (Pro. 6:32-33); souls are subverted or destroyed by words (Acts 15:24); souls can be beguiled (II Pet. 2:14); other souls can be imparted unto you (I Thes. 2:8); the Lord restoreth our souls (Ps. 23:3). Ask the Lord to show you more.

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82LHCD4-3 – By Erma Miller – The Children Of Israel Our Example
I Cor 10 ignorance has caused many of us to sin because we have not known the Word of God. Erma tells of how she lived years in rebellion because she did not know any better and if they ever preached about deliverance she never heard it. She says many times you can hear the Word of God preached but the devil can shut up your mind. Rebellion rises up in all of us. The children of Israel are our example. In the Old Testament they were called children of Israel – in the New Testament they are Christians. Erma thinks we are right back in the predicament that the children of Israel were in. She says she does not want to be overthrown in the wilderness. She wants every bit of rebellion and the devil out of her. She wants to be without spot or wrinkle. God says all that call on Him will be delivered. Many of the things we call religion is of the devil. But we want to keep it until the Holy Spirit says, it is time you let that go. She thinks there is more idolatry in the body of Christ than any other spirit. We idolize preachers, Sunday school teachers, buildings, music, cars, boats, pleasure, football games, money, status symbols, homes, children, husband, wife, etc. Many times God says no that is evil. He says if you are covetous you are an idolater. God says He wants our attention. We are looking for the anointing that will break the yoke off of people. Jesus wants to set His people free and deliver us. He will set the captives free. The devil even lies to himself and says he is not coming out but he has to in the name of Jesus. She tells about fornication, and murmuring. All these things happened to the children of Israel. They are our examples for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come and we are there right now. It is time that we sought the Lord. She shares personal experiences she had with evil spirits. An evil spirit will come out the way the Holy Spirit wants to kick him out. Always be tuned into what the Holy Spirit is saying. We overcome evil by doing good. When you are tempted you are not sinning based on when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. When you are tempted do not let the enemy tell you he is back in you, he is not. But if you yield to that temptation then you have sinned and allowed the evil spirit to come back into you. Ask Jesus to let His blood flow down over your heart and your mind and cleanse you. Do some good heartfelt repentance. Don’t just be a nambe pambie about repenting, REPENT! And then ask the Lord to give you the authority to cast that lying spirit out of you. Then praise God for a few moments and you will feel the anointing coming. Say, you devil, you liar, I bind you in Jesus name and command you to come out of me. Then do some real gut-level breathing out and they will come out. This is how to do self-deliverance. The devil is really more scared of us than we are of him. Don’t let those nests build up. When sin comes in get it out right then! It takes strength to pray against the enemy but we must keep praying. Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered is a promise we must hang on to. Cry out to the Lord and He will show you the things that need to come out of you little by little. Our main occupation should be to walk with Him. In closing Erma calls people to come and get deliverance today and leads them in a prayer of repentance. She says look right at Jesus, He is your deliverer not me.

Win Worley

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82LHCD4-4 – Win Worley – SCRIBES & PHARISEES
This teaching is based on Matt 23. Can you recognize religious spirits? 1) Religious slavery – binds people under heavy burdens. 2) Religious fronts and facades. 3) Religious pride and ambition. 4) Religious spirits keep us from being a servant. 5) Religious spirits which put prayer on parade. 6) Religious spirits proselyte. 7) Religious spirits which cause people to lie for the sake of religion. 8) Religious deception. Mass deliverance at end. 

Dr. Marcus Haggard
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82LHCD4-5 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – WORKS OF THE BELIEVER
One who believes is one who does the works that Jesus does, and one whom signs and wonders follow. Such belief is the work of and gift of God. “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom He hath sent.” (John 6:29) It is our spiritual man who is enabled to believe and do the works of Jesus. Are you freely giving that which you have received?
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Dr. Marcus Haggard
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82LHCD4-7 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – THE FAMILY IS A FORTRESS 
Attention: husbands and fathers. You are in the position of head and leader, and you have been appointed by God. Are you reflecting to your family what is expected of you? For instance, do you have a sound mind? Does your family respect you for who you are in Christ? It would do well for all men to heed the challenge presented on this tape. Some discussion takes place in referenced to our souls. The Scriptures tell us to possess our souls in patience. The soul consists primarily of mind, will and emotions. Do you always have the mind of Christ? Is your will in harmony with God’s will? This material bears careful consideration and attention. The Bible says, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
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82LHCD4-8 – Dr. Marcus Haggard – FAMILY ARSENAL
Children need to be instructed how to march forth in God’s army. Parents need to train their children in the weapons of God and let them help pray for others. Some of these weapons are binding and loosing in family agreement, Scriptures on the doorposts, Scripture tapes, and deliverance prayers throughout the day in the home. TOTAL VICTORY IN THE HOME FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Very good.

Glen & Erma Miller
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Ministry to the people for discernment to arise within them. Great is the need for this gift in these last days as satan is coming forth with all his fury, to deceive even the very elect, if it be possible. (Note) – They we’re later moving around the room. Hard to hear some of this message. Glen said this is the last service of this camp meeting.
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Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
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The Children Of Israel Our Example
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