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(All Derek Prince, and Don Basham messages we’re recorded by (All Derek Prince, and Don Basham messages we’re recorded by Glen  Miller founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp in the 1960’s to 1976 as he was commissioned by The Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship International, and other ministries during that time.)

  Audio dates are old to new. Example:  67 = 1967, etc.

67KCMCD10-3 – By Derek Prince – How To Receive The Holy Spirit
Derek begins by telling us, the gift, which is the Holy Spirit is not the same as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As in an earlier teaching he points out that God’s 2 great gifts to man are God Himself. The first gift to the sinner is Jesus Christ- John 3:16 and John 1:12. The next great gift is another person to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Jesus said if I go away I will send another comforter to be with you for the entire age. Unbelievers cannot receive the Holy Spirit. He is only for the children of God. Derek gives scripture concerning charisma which covers every result of a divine person coming into your life. It is not the will of God that anyone be without the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I Corinthians 12; 8-10 tells us the 9 gifts of the Spirit. Derek interjects the Prince version. The first three are revelation gifts; a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge and discerning of spirits. Derek expounds on each of these. In Ecclesiastes 10:7 we see an example of scriptural wisdom. He distinguishes between knowledge which is fact, and wisdom which is how to make use of the fact. They work together. Concerning spirits, there is the Holy Spirit, angelic spirits, evil spirits (evil angels) and the human spirit. You will have to get rid of a critical spirit before you can have the gift of discerning of spirits. The next three are gifts of power workings of miracles, gifts of healing and gifts of faith. He gives examples of these three also. Profoundly speaking, great faith goes with great humility. He mentions 2 people of great faith in the bible, the centurion and the Syrophenician woman. As Derek sees it, the way to receive the gifts of the Spirits to move out for God – not to kneel in the church and ask for them. The first 6 gifts he just covered are under the sovereign control of God. The last 3 are vocal gifts of which the control is given to us. There is a possibility of misusing them. Acts 2:4 tells us you can speak not from the Holy Spirit in a tongue. Luke 11:13, I Corinthians 12:28-30. These 3 gifts are tongues, interpretations of tongues and prophecy. Every believer is in the will of God to have his own divine channel of communion (devotional tongues) with the Lord but the exercise of tongues in the public assembly (church) of God’s people is not always given to all believers. Derek gives examples and illustrations here. Prophecy is inspired utterance given by the Holy Spirit independent of the human mind but in a language that is known and understood by the speaker and those to whom he is speaking. Prophets are plural a group of men to minister together Acts 13:1-5 are mentioned. If you are not prepared to accept judgment, don’t prophesy. Prophecy is for edification, exhortation and comfort. Derek closes this informative teaching giving the people instruction on receiving the gift of tongues, interpretation and prophecy. God doesn’t tell us to pray for something we aren’t meant to have. When you pray, receive the gift, believe you receive it and exercise it.

67KCMCD10-6 – By Derek Prince – The Gifts of The Holy Spirit
Derek opens with prayer and mentions 7 of his books which are aimed to present the basic truths of the Christian faith. He warns us that merely to go in for spiritual experiences without grounding in the Word of God is extremely dangerous. Some people think when you come into a spiritual experience you don’t need your mind anymore. This is a total misconception. The further you go into the things of the Spirit, you’ll find your mind is clarified, purified and made more vital and active. God gives Himself to men. He is the gift. God’s first great gift to the sinner is the Lord Jesus Christ to be our Savior. The second gift from God is the Holy Spirit. The gift is the Holy Spirit and much lower down is the gifts of the Spirit. John 10:9 tells us Jesus is the only way in. Romans 6:23 is another reference. Keep in mind that eternal life in Jesus is first. The 9 manifestations of the Holy Spirit are seen in I Corinthians 12:8-10. He gives example that all poodles are dogs but not all dogs are poodles in the same way all manifestations are gifts but not all gifts are manifestations. There are 9 distinctive supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit. To receive the Holy Spirit is also called being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can also work in your life before you become a believer by convicting you of sin. Luke 24:49 tells us Jesus is the baptizer. The Holy Spirit does not make people do things. The devil makes people do things. Can you receive the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues? Derek answers this question with another question; Can you have an elephant with-out a trunk? He tells us things an elephant does with his trunk? Comparable, yes very much. He says speaking in tongues is not the beginning of the experience. It is the culmination of the experience. It’s not the infilling, it’s the overflowing. Accounts of receiving the Holy Spirit are described in Acts 2, 10, and 19. Derek gives some interesting experiences. It is noted the tongue was given for one purpose and that is to glorify God. Jesus gives the simplest outline of how to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit in John 7:37-39. Interesting truths are given by Derek throughout this teaching. Acts 2:4 who began to speak? They- not the Holy Spirit but he gave them the words and they spoke them. And remember Matthew 11:24 says – when you pray. An interesting point is that receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues is like Peter walking on the water. Derek closed with a prayer of dismissal then he ministered to the ones present wanting to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

69SFCD3-7- Derek Prince – SALVATION (THE CROSS) AND THE HOLY SPIRIT Christianity is a religion of experience not theory based on the historical fact of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is one of the best attested facts in human history. This message is about the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the new birth. On the cross Jesus took all the evil due the sinner that the believer might receive all the good due Jesus, the Son of God – a perfect substitutionary work. Derek relates his divine healing experience while in the service during WWII and quotes a missionary’s work. Consider the work of Calvary a perfect work, perfect in every respect, perfect in every aspect. This is the truth to be experienced. John 19:30 – it is finished, II Cor. 5:21 – made sin, Isa 64:6 – filthy rags. Derek next relates a New Birth experience, as pictured in John 20:22 and Rom 10:8-10 similar to the making of Adam and goes on to relate the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. John 7:39 – fulfillment, as the Gift of the Holy Spirit – I Cor. 6:19 – Derek shares experiences, intended by God, happening in the world today to people everywhere. Before closing, Derek explains how to enter into salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit: 1. Are you thirsty? 2. Let Him come unto Me – John 6:37. 3. Drink, receive, breathe in taking in that which is offered. You cannot pray and receive at the same time. Breathe in from Christ; a mouthful turns into a miracle. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. You have to yield to the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4 is the pattern; divine and human cooperation. Luke 11:13 – if you ask for the right thing you will not get the wrong thing. Your Spirit is infinitely wiser than your mind. The baptism of the Holy Spirit dethrones your intellect. With regard to speaking in tongues, Derek quotes a brother, you cannot do it without Him and He will not do it without you. In closing Derek prays and calls for all desiring to receive Jesus and the Holy Spirit to repeat the prayer he prays, come forward and then the river flowed. Listen at home and take part in your own miracle. 

This outstanding series is based on the Scripture in Colossians 1:12 “which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:” Bro. Prince starts with a background of the influence that philosophy, cults, ritualism and legalism had on the Colossian church, which helps us understand why Paul said some of the things he did in his epistle to the Colossians. Many of these forces are prevalent in modern day America, thus the acute need to be aware of their dangers. Their subtlety works not to out rightly deny Jesus but to “fit Him into their doctrine”, thus denying the true fullness of Christ. These forces are extremely dangerous because they less obviously oppose the Christ. The realm of the mind is where Satan so deftly moves in, thus the need to expose that part of his agenda. Bro. Prince clear-cuts theories about anti-Christ and delivers the truth concerning what the Scripture defines it to be.

This inheritance is a place where there is no shadow of darkness, nothing of Satan’s kingdom, where light prevails and no darkness can exist. It is your inheritance! It is an inheritance that has been purchased by the blood of the Cross. If you attempt to get it by any other means, you are thief or a robber. Blatant examples are church membership, baptism, works, money, etc. Bro. Prince begins to deal with the subtle, hard to spot efforts that come through false mental and psychological disciplines which encourage you to cultivate your mental faculties and focus on the good in you, i.e. positive thinking, yoga, etc. We must acknowledge we need deliverance from the power (authority) of the devil, or we will not enter into this inheritance.

This message is sub-titled, How to Claim Your Inheritance. Bro. Prince gives excellent instruction on self-deliverance and why we are to “expel the demons” and not just wait passively for something to happen. He exposes the inner nature of seducing spirits as found in 2 Peter. He talks about spirits that imprison the mind and keep it from the truth. He speaks of satanic delusions of the various occult and witchcraft practices that devastate Christians. And he defines addictive habits as appetites that have become abnormal or enslaving and encourages one to go for the root of the addiction, not the addiction itself. This is an excellent teaching and ends with an anointed mass deliverance service. If you can’t buy the whole set, we would especially encourage you to obtain this one. 

This is an extremely intense description on the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 8 is held to be by many, as a description of Jesus and Derek expounds on that premise.

Bro. Prince reminds us that if we are going to take our inheritance it will be in the face of opposition. This message deals with the substitution or exchange Jesus made for us. He died our death. Why? That we may live His life. He was banished from the presence of God. Why? That we might have access to God. He descended into Hell. Why? That we might ascend into Heaven. He was made poor with absolute poverty. Why? That we might be made rich with His riches. He was made a curse. Why? That we might receive the blessings. This message ends in ministry for those who identified with some of the curses Bro. Prince talked about. He leads a prayer of deliverance from curses.

This message does an excellent job of differentiating between the soul and spirit. The Church has come as far as possible in the “soulish” realm and must move into the spiritual realm. Although these teachings are considered “Treasures on CD”, the message is relevant for the Church today. The more spiritual we are, the less soulish we are. As demons have no access to the Spirit, we must work toward being Spirit ruled. The more spiritual we are, the less we are ruled by emotions.

This message carries the study on the person and nature of the LORD Jesus Christ yet deeper. The apostle Paul said, “God forbid I should glory, save in the cross of the LORD Jesus Christ whereby the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world.” The cross is the dividing line between the inheritance of the saints in light and the power of darkness which is the realm of Satan’s authority. NO darkness can get beyond the cross. The cross is God’s great stop sign to Satan. On which side of the cross are you living?

The meaning in His resurrection in relationship to us. Col. 1:18 and He is the head of the body; the church who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have pre-eminence. 1 Cor. 15:45-47, Jesus – the last Adam and the second kind of man is the LORD from Heaven. 1 Tim 2;5 A man, even after resurrection, he is a permanent man now forever – a new creation! Jesus Christ, who is God, became man, in incarnation. It was not temporary. He is today the GOD MAN – there is a man at the Father’s right hand, in the position of all authority an power in the entire universe – that we might also be too.

This final CD in this series deals with Derek’s vision of the regathering of God’s people, based on the premise that without a vision, God’s people perish. 

Derek begins this teaching with Mark 16:15-20 which he says is commonly called the great commission of Jesus Christ. There are 5 distinctive supernatural signs that will follow preaching of the gospel. Every one of them is in the name of Jesus. 1. They shall cast out demons 2. They shall speak with new tongues 3. They shall take up serpents .. 4. If they drink anything deadly it shall not hurt them and 5. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. These signs shall follow them that believe. Derek tells the story of David and Goliath and gives some interesting examples. He tells us he will speak on the first sign in this teaching. Demons and evil spirits are persons. We find reference in the bible they have personality, they feel and they have emotions. How do we identify the presence and operation of evil spirits – by certain distinctive marks. In the KJV possessed means “totally owned”. But the Greek doesn’t use these words at all. Greek only uses two phrases 1) to have an evil spirit and 2) as a verb, to be demonized. A totally possessed person normally cannot move around publicly in society. The majority of people Jesus ministered to were not in that category. Jesus said the thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy. The devil never comes into your life except to do these three things. Main areas in our life are emotions, attitudes and relations. How do you distinguish between that which is the old, carnal nature and that which is direct intervention of an evil spirit. Certain marks come in a distinct pattern in the presence of evil spirits. Derek explains each: restlessness, being compulsive, demon is tormenting, defiling, demons make you unclean and are enslaving – you become their slave. In closing, Derek gives us an outline of six steps of God’s conditions of how to get free and he explains each – Joel 2:32. Submit yourself to God. These steps lead to deliverance: humility, honesty, confess your sins, renunciation of sins and contact with Satan, forgiveness of other people. Forgiveness is not an emotion it is a decision and to call on the name of the Lord Jesus – whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered. Derek shares many examples and experiences throughout this teaching. He closes with prayer. Excellent teaching.

69DPCD11-10 – Derek Prince – GOD’S WORD IN YOUR LIFE
Derek begins by giving two Scriptures in the Old Testament that show a vivid picture of the condition of God’s people. (1) Isaiah 5:13 – the root cause is lack of knowledge of the Word of God. And (2) Hosea 4:6 – If God’s people forget God’s laws, God will forget their children. This is the reason for the revolt of young people today. Consider the basis of God’s provision for His people. Philippians 4:19 – we believe this but do not have it. Why- Because you have not discovered where and how to obtain your supply. God supplies your needs out of His riches. In II Corinthians 9:8 we see 5 all’s and 2 abounds. God is able to do it but it has to be appropriated. The great secret of appropriation is II Peter 1:2-4. Verse 3 – according to His divine power God has given. If you do not have it all, it is not because God hasn’t supplied it – it’s because you haven’t received it. The channel of supply is through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue. There is only one channel of supply, the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything God has to offer us comes through the Lord Jesus Christ. John 1:17 – the means of supply is in the promises of God’s Word. God has nothing more to do. It is all done. All we have to do is appropriate what God has given. Derek tells us the story of Moses death and possession of the land in comparison to Jesus death and the land of promises. We’ll never move until we realize the past is dead. You don’t have more than you’ve got, and what you get, you have got to posses. You don’t own more than you’ve put your foot on. Let’s be honest. We have not placed our foot on promises. God gave Joshua the formula in Joshua 1:8. Joshua had 5 books, we have 66 books. Remember Romans 10:8-10. It begins in the mouth, then the heart. You cannot make the wrong verbal confession and have God’s blessing on your life. See also Hebrews 3:1. The word salvation includes everything God has given us through the death of Jesus on the cross. It includes forgiveness of sins, salvation from the power of sin, deliverance from the power of Satan, healing to your physical body and all your financial and material provisions. It is all included in the one word SALVATION. In Psalms 78, God is angry with the Israelites because they trusted not in His Word and they didn’t believe in His Salvation. They grieved God because they did not believe in His salvation. How many are grieving Him today because they do not believe in His Salvation. Every benefit you ever need was secured through the death of Jesus. In one word – Salvation – God provided everything for us. There are 2 things that come by hearing – Romans 10:17 – faith comes by hearing the Word of God. There is something else that comes by hearing, it is unbelief. God has made provision for you to have faith through hearing of His Word. Feed on the truth. Love the Word of God. Believe the Word of God. Confess the Word of God and you will be blessed, you will be abundantly provided for and you will prosper. With the heart man believeth unto righteousness, with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. You are not saved to advertise for the devil. He interjects some examples here. Psalms 77:12 – talk God up, talk the devil down. The Holy Spirit is the comforter not the discomforter, the encourager not the discourager. All negative talk originates with the devil and not with God. Close your lips when it comes to the negative, don’t advertise what the devil is doing. Talk God up. Know His Word. Speak His Word, believe His Word, act His Word. God has guaranteed it. Every need you ever have in your life is already provided in His Word. Example – Proverbs 4:21-22 – are you sick, need healing? – Psalms 107:19-20 -salvation, healing and deliverance are all in the Word. As you receive His Word, you receive the very nature of God. As divine nature takes over the old corrupt nature is done away with. This is God’s process of making you like Himself. Believe it, appropriate it and act upon it. God’s Word doesn’t need confirmation. We have a basic requirement to walk in the light. If we walk in the light 2 results follow – 1. We have fellowship with one another 2. The blood keeps us continually clean from all sin. Psalms 119:105 – we walk with our feet, our feet walk on the path and we walk in the Word of God. The answer of the question – Where are you? Lies in the relationship you have with His Word. He says the gospel is always good news! The power of Satan is increasing but ask yourself, Is Satan ever going to get so strong God will not be able to fulfill any of His promises in the Word? The answer is NO. We can still live in the promises. Find it, appropriate it and act on it. In closing he tells us someone said there are 7000 promises in the Bible and the Bible tells you not to be afraid 365 times – one for each day of the year. Derek tells us the Bible gives us a promise in Psalms 37:5. And Acts 2:17 is one of the unconditional promises of God even though most are conditional. In Psalms 37:5 there are 2 conditions: 1. Commit thy way unto the Lord, which is an act and 2. Trust also in Him which is an attitude. And then He shall bring the promise to pass. You have no right to claim the promise until you fulfill the conditions. He analyzes these 2 conditions. Also, Psalms 37:5 in Hebrew says roll thy burden upon Jehovah. Derek explains his understanding of this with an example and ends with prayer and an opportunity for everyone to commit things to the Lord.

69DPCD11-11 – By Derek Prince – What Happened At Pentecost?
Derek tells us he has been in the Pentecostal movement for 28 years at the time of this recording in 1969. He then gives definitions for charisma and charismatic. In this teaching, he speaks on the significance of Pentecost; what really happened. By way of introduction, he starts with John 1:29 the testimony of John the Baptist, going on from here in the Word from passage to passage with a few comments. Pentecost was a great climax of all achieved in the gospels. The one miracle that is recorded in each gospel is feeding the 5,000. But all the gospels say Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. References here are John 7:37-39 and John 14:15 the great farewell discourse of Jesus and promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had to ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit. So we have to ask for the gift of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is for the believer not for the unbeliever. References John 15:25-27, John 16:6-7, John 16:13 and John 20:19. We have 2 basic requirements Romans 10:9-10, request for New Testament salvation and Luke 24:49-50 the last words Jesus spoke to them was still the promise of the Father for the Holy Spirit even though Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into them 40 days before. They needed more. Acts 1:4, Acts 1:8, you shall have power, Acts 2:1-4. When Derek was asked if you can have the baptism in the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues, his reply was can you have an elephant without a trunk? Tongues are not in the filling but in the outflow or overflow. I Corinthians 6:19 – makes Pentecost a climax. We become the actual dwelling place of the Lord Jesus. Derek gives his personal testimony of receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I Corinthians 14 is a chapter about edification. Derek then begins a time of ministry for receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. Three requirements for receiving the Holy Spirit are 1. You must be thirsty 2. You must come to the baptizer 3. You have to drink. Lend Him your tongue and your voice. He closes with prayers of renunciation and for the people present to receive the Holy Spirit and he gives the conditions: Come to Jesus as your baptizer and present to Him your body to be a consecrated temple for His Spirit. Yield to Him your tongue. You must drink in and then will come the supernatural overflow. It comes in a moment of faith. You yield your tongue and your voice. Don’t get interested in the language, focus on Jesus. If you want it, enter into the ministry at the conclusion of this message.

Derek begins this teaching after he tells the story of a dying Jewish baby girl. Look for 4 or 5 profound nuggets from the Word. He teaches basic principles about prayer. God loves us and He wants to answer our prayers ? Matthew 7:7-8, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, John 14:13-14, John 15:7 and John 16:24. He shares 6 conditions for answered prayer and expounds on each condition. These conditions are very specific and each one is backed up with scripture. 1) Pray in the name of Jesus – John 14:13-14 Another beautiful verse in Psalms 143:1. 2) Come with thanksgiving and praise – Psalms 100:4. Derek says unbelief is the dark room we develop our negatives in. Isaiah 60:18 – walls are salvation and gates of praise, how we enter in, also Philippians 4:6. 3) Check on your motives, attitudes and relationships. Psalms 66:18 – some prayers do not get heard. There is a tremendous difference between condemnation, which is from Satan, and conviction, which is from the Holy Spirit. II Corinthians 3:6, 9 – difference between the law and grace. References for motives – James 4:3, Psalms 84:11, II Corinthians 9:8, Isaiah 1:19. He gives a little illustration of a hole in a boat. Deuteronomy 28 contains 13 verses of blessings and 53 verses of curses. Pay special attention to verse 58 – every sickness is a curse. Healing is for the unbeliever and health is for the believer. God and abundance go together and demons and poverty. Jesus exhausted the poverty curse on the cross. 4) Unforgiveness is the greatest barrier to answered prayer – Mark 11:25. 5) Pray according to the Word of God ? I Chronicles 17:23 – David prays “do as Thou has said. God’s promises are His Will. Luke 1:35, 37- be it unto me according to Thy Word. 6) Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God – Ephesians 6:16, 3:20, Romans 8:26, 27. The Father answers prayers prayed in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. When do you receive? When you pray. Mark 11:24. There is a difference between receiving and having. When you pray, you receive at that very time and you shall have. Derek tells example of “shoe shine boys” and gives a testimony. He closes with prayer emphasizing that God is a rewarder of them that seek Him – Philippians 4:19. No inflation, God’s price remains the same for answering prayer.

Derek introduces the theme of this teaching with Matthew 5:13-14, which is part of the Sermon on the Mount and generally agreed these words of Jesus are addressed to all Christians. Jesus tells us 3 things about ourselves; we are the salt of the earth, we are the light of the world and we are a city set on a hill. He explains each one of these and says this is true of all Christians whether they know it or not. The moment you accept Jesus Christ you will be conspicuous and viewed from every angle. People will form their view of Christianity by looking at you. For many people, you will be the only bible they will read and they will read you to find out if Christianity is real or if it isn’t. We cannot evade this responsibility. The world has no other source of light but the church of Jesus Christ. Derek gives a wonderful illustration about the tabernacle. He then tells the fascinating story from Genesis 18 that God would spare a whole city for 10 people. The moment the church of Jesus Christ fails to do the job, judgment will fall on the city just as the judgment on Sodom. Derek tells 2 functions of salt, to give taste or flavor to that which would otherwise be lacking in flavor and to hold back corruption – a cleanser, a preservative. There are many ways we can fulfill this God appointed function to be the salt and the light. I Timothy 2:1-4 gives the order of life of a local congregation ? their primary responsibility. Number one is prayer and to pray for those with authority over us that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty. These 3 questions Christians should face up to concerning the will of God. 1) Is sickness the will of God or is health the will of God? 2) Which is the will of God poverty or prosperity? and 3) Which is the will of God good government or bad government? (see vs. 4) In Matthew 18:19 it speaks of spiritual harmony. To have a symphony you need a source (God) and a conductor (the Holy Spirit). Only 2 people are needed for agreement and Derek gives examples here. Are we like the people in Isaiah 1 where God had to send a prophet to them? Why did God have to send a prophet to tell them what was happening right in front of their eyes? God told Derek it was because they were so busy in the temple they could not see reality outside in the world. In closing Derek challenges everyone to dedicate time in a day to pray for our nation and those in authority over us. He prays that God will make this a new era in your life.

By way of introduction, Derek says this study will be a brief history of the universe in condensed form coming to us by revelation from the Word of God. There are certain things man cannot know apart from the revelation of God’s Word. One thing that can only be known by divine revelation is the nature of God Himself. Another is what is inside man and another is the past history of the world in which we live. Those left without divine revelation only have speculation which changes about once every decade. This is an urgent message bringing truths and we have to act upon them now. II Corinthians 10:3-4 speaks about spiritual warfare. He gives the “Prince” version of Ephesians 6:12. Scriptures used in showing us we are commissioned to war are, I Timothy 1:18, 6:12, II Timothy 2:3-4 and 4:7. He explains how this conflict started (rebellion). Derek presents interesting Scriptural facts about the fall of Lucifer – Revelation 12:3-4 and in Ezekiel 28. The first great sin was pride. He parallels the kingdom of Saul collapsing and the kingdom of David emerging to what is happening in our world today. In Isaiah 14:12-14 he shows us the inner motivation of satin’s heart that brought his fall. Then Derek gives us the 7 great steps that Jesus took down and then the 7 great steps He took up from Philippians 2. Steps Down ? 1) He emptied Himself 2) He took upon Him the form of a servant 3) He was made in the likeness of man 4) He looked just like ordinary man 5) He humbled Himself 6) He became obedient unto death. 7) He died the most de-grading of all deaths – a criminal on the cross. Steps Up ? 1) God highly exalted Him 2) God gave Him a name above every name 3) At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow 4) Things in heaven 5) Things in earth 6) Things under the earth 7) Every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God. Jesus earned His way back for us. Jesus was the last Adam. Eighty times He calls Himself the son of man in the Word. Do not grieve God by bearing what Jesus bore on the cross. You will hear Derek’s parable about the elevator. Derek closes with a prayer of deliverance for people with physical needs. He says God offers the human race every solution in one package, the label on the package is JESUS , if you want baptism come to the Baptizer, salvation come to the Savior, healing come to the Healer, deliverance come to the Deliverer – it will be the same person of Jesus every time.

Derek begins by saying you can’t argue with someone’s testimony because they have lived it. He says he is going to tell about a new phase of his ministry that began around 1962 with a little background information on himself. He was born in India to British parents, spent 5 years in the British army around 1946 as a medical orderly with 4 years overseas. He became a Christian and received the Holy Spirit and was called by God after he began studying the Bible about one year into his military service. At the age of 25 he was a resident professor of philosophy in Cambridge University. He was a pastor in England for 8 or 9 years and spent 5 years as a missionary in Kenya. At the end of 1961 he and his wife went to Denmark for a visit and he went to a favorite place where God spoke to his mind (not audibly) asking, Are you satisfied or do you want to go further. He believed Ecclesiastes 5:1-5 and told God he would think on it and come back. When he went back he told God No, I’m not. If there is anything further I want it. God’s answer to him personally was: 1. Be willing to go forward in faith and 2. You will need a strong body (He had been putting on too much weight). He then went on to become a pastor in 1963 in Seattle, WA of an Independent Pentecostal Congregation in which he was introduced to deliverance through a unique experience which he relates in this teaching. He said he has been a full-time minister from 1946 until the present *approximately 24 years at that time). He tells the teaching God gave him concerning the book of Joel on desolation, restoration and judgment explaining that the desolation affects every area of the inheritance of God’s people, also clarifying the fig tree and the vine. Derek says God’s people need to be purified, reunited and empowered then go out and do the job that has been waiting for 19 centuries to be done. Preach the gospel in all the world for witnesses in all nations. He dismisses this interesting teaching/testimony after a word of prayer.

We don’t need to try and improve on the methods Jesus used just continue doing as He did. In Steps to Deliverance, Bro. Prince shares on the necessity for understanding that demons have an intellect and they will do everything they can to use that to your destruction. They have a will, emotions, knowledge and self-awareness and they can speak through the vocal cords of the one they are occupying. Another step in the deliverance process is to first determine if the problem is the old adamic nature or if it is demonic. You can’t cast out the flesh it must be crucified. You can’t crucify a demon it must be cast out. He addresses features that commonly indicate the presence of an evil spirit in a person’s life. For example: Restlessness (cannot sit still, always talking, obsessive, compulsive) Another strong influence is childhood experiences. He has found that well over 50% of the people he prays for, their problems can be traced back to their childhood. A child has a weak spiritual defense and if he or she is subjected to consistent demonic pressure, it is almost impossible for that child to keep those demons out. An atmosphere of disharmony and strife between father and mother automatically creates an atmosphere in which the children are subject to demon pressure. He looks at particular areas of deliverance, showing how, if you want deliverance, you can receive it. The message closes with prayers for deliverance. This teaching is given with such clarity and enhanced by common sense examples, really helping someone to understand the need for deliverance in the Holy Spirit filled believer.

70DPCD3-8 – By Derek Prince – False Religions
He makes the bold statement, I suppose for every one person the devil deceives by atheism, there must be a thousand persons in hell whom he deceived by religion. False religion has deceived humanity down through the ages, century by century, in untold numbers. And this situation has not changed today. The Bible warns us very clearly that deceptions of religion are going to increase in a remarkable measure. And those that believe are going to be subjected to every kind of pressure to seduce them from their true faith. He deals with two main forms of deception in this teaching: 1) Departures from Christianity that is deceptions which claim to have their origin in Christianity, and often lay claim to the title of Christian. 2) Those types of religion or spiritual activity which lay no claim to being Christian. With reference to departures from Christianity, 1 Tim 4:1-5, You cannot depart from the faith unless you have been in the faith. This activity is traced directly to evil spirits or demons. They are called seducing spirits and the teachings they bring forth are called doctrines of demons. The ultimate goal of these seducing spirits is to win people away from the Lord, Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 2:1-3, False teachers in the church, privily bring in heresy that bring damnation. Heresy is not rejecting Scripture totally, it is choosing how much of Scripture you will believe. No heresy that rejected all Scripture would deceive the Christian. What is deceptive are those presentations that present Scripture but reject certain portions of it. The heresies this Scripture refers to bring damnation. They cost those who believe them the salvation of their souls. The devil does not begin with denial of the truth, he begins by calling them in question. For example: The serpent did not start with Eve by saying You won’t die. He did not immediately present the lie. He began by asking the question, Yea, hath God said? In other words, is it really necessary to believe? When Eve entertained his question, then he followed up with a direct denial of what God had said. The remedy for error is not to expose error it’s to present the truth. There are only two sources of supernatural power God and the devil. Derek takes the listener deep into the Scriptures that reveal the evil supernatural activities those which have never laid claim to being Christian. When he talks to people about the dangers of dabbling in horoscopes, Ouija boards, card reading, etc., they will tell him they only did it for fun. He tells them that in the Old Testament they would have been put to death for doing that for fun. Those using supernatural powers from the dark side are often right in their predictions sometimes with amazing accuracy but that doesn’t make it right it is still evil. His understanding of witchcraft is to seek to control other people by the use of a spirit which is not the Holy Spirit. He concludes this message with instructions of how to be free, prayers of confession, renunciation and loosing.

In this message, Derek demonstrates the ability to submit to authority. His life reflected the discipline necessary to walk in deliverance, qualifying him as a teacher of deliverance. The key Scripture is Joshua 1:8. “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein; for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Included in this study: 1) What prevents deliverance. 2) Sin that must be confessed before man as well as God. 3) Three things that prevent deliverance. 4) How to maintain deliverance. 5) Weapons of war. 6) Six things to focus on to keep the devil off center stage. No one wants to be a failure. This message teaches you how to succeed and walk in freedom.

70DPCD3-10 – Derek Prince – THE CROSS – YOUR EXECUTION!
Other than the message of salvation, this is the second most important message for every Christian to hear. Are you Christ’s or are you not? They that are Christ’s are crucified. Many Christians have never heard the truth about divine execution. Have you ever submitted to execution? This is the distinctive mark that you belong to Jesus Christ – in that you have crucified that old, carnal, rebellious nature, with its affections, emotions, doubts, fears, unbelief, and lusts. And don’t forget, these are just as much a product of the old carnal nature as adultery and drunkenness. And of the list of those that go into the lake of fire in Revelation, those that head the procession are the fearful and the unbelieving. They that are Christ’s have crucified these affections & lusts. We do not let the senses dictate and tell us what we are to do. The majority of Christians are under the dictates of the carnal nature. It can be very polite, very respectable, very religious – and very deadly. The enemies of the cross are those whose god is their belly. He quotes Don Basham who said he has learned that his stomach does not tell him when to eat – he tells his stomach when he will eat. Who is the master and who is the servant in your life? There are two distinct aspects to the cross. 1) What Christ did on the cross FOR you and me. 2) What the cross will do IN you and me. The cross was a substitution act – Jesus took it all. Everything He did was a substitute for us. He took it all for us. Wherever sin enters in, the curse follows. And because Jesus was made sin for us, He was also made a curse for us. The curse was exhausted on the cross. Every last vestige of satan’s power over us was removed at the cross. The cross is a big red stop sign. We need to learn to live on the right side of the cross. There is a place in God where the devil cannot touch us. Derek enjoyed seeing the demons tremble – because of the name of Jesus! Our greatest enemy is our old nature – that root of rebellion. Addictions are just branches. We must deal with the trunk, the ax. Put an ax to the root of the problem. There is only one solution for the old nature. God doesn’t reform him, he doesn’t patch him up, and he doesn’t send him to church. The only solution is execution! The execution has already taken place at Calvary. Your believing that doesn’t change the fact – it only changes you. Oh, how we have been deceived about what salvation is. What is death to sin? He tells of a man who cursed, drank, and abused his wife and children. Time after time, the wife and children would go to church, only to come home, to the man blaspheming, swearing and abusing. One night they come home, he was sitting in the chair, the TV was on, the whiskey was beside him, the cigar was in the ash tray, but there were no words of cursing, blaspheming, or abuse coming from his mouth. He had died while they were at church. That is our example of death to sin. It can be all around us but none of that adamic, carnal, lustful nature has any hold on us. We are dead. Bro. Prince concludes this service with a call to come forward to be executed. He then prays toward that end. There is a tremendous anointing on this entire message and service.

This message begins with the following questions – What is God doing in the world today? What are the purposes which direct the Lord in what He is doing? How can we fit into the purposes of God in this day? Reference is made to Isaiah 59:19 – 60:5 in that the west applies to U.S. in this scripture and God is at work in the U.S. and all over the world. To sum up the world today, he says it is the powers of the enemy and the powers of the Spirit of the Lord. Shall we glorify the Lord or Satan? In looking at the background of religion we see the negative, and are small- minded. What is going to control us? What the Lord is doing or what the devil is doing? For a Christian to be a pessimist is wrong. Romans 8:28 says you make a choice negative thinking or positive thinking with blessings of the Lord. Someone has said unbelief is the dark room where we develop our negatives. In every aspect of life the enemy has moved in and is threatening the well-being of our nation. The enemy has come in like a flood. But Derek wants to talk about what God is doing, not emphasis on what Satan is doing. Just when there is no hope the Holy Spirit moves in. He gives some examples on military tactic comparisons in the spirit. Isaiah 10:18 speaks of the besiege of a tremendous army. The standard bearer of God’s army is the Holy Spirit who lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ – the Spirit and the Word working together. He asks two questions: Do you ever believe a situation will arise in the world where God will no longer be able to fulfill His promises? Do you believe the devil will ever be able to give such power to those who serve Him that God will not be able to give greater power to His people? The majority of Christians act as though there is nothing we can do but sit back and watch it happen. Remember, no matter how dark it gets the light is getting lighter. When light and darkness meet it is always darkness that has to retreat. Ephesians 6:12 – Do you believe we can win this warfare? Then Derek gives us 7 successive processes or phases that are involved in bringing about what he has spoken on with scriptures and explanations of each. He summarizes saying the first 4 of these phases are of preparation and the last 3 phases are of activity and then closes with Revelation 22:10-12 – parting of ways – dark is getting darker, and the light is getting lighter. We have to decide where we stand. This very informative teaching ends with prayer with the congregation. 

71-CFODPCD-2 – Derek Prince – WITCHCRAFT, HERESY & FALSE RELIGION The 3 specific problems addressed in this message are: 1. Witchcraft which is the domination of one person over another person or group of persons. 2. Heresies – departures from the Christian faith. 3. False Religions – religions that do not profess to be Christian. God Himself never invades the sovereignty of human will and God requires that we respect the sovereignty of each others will and personality. Derek expounds on each of these problems with scripture and examples. He believes there are things God has tolerated in the past that He isn’t prepared to tolerate any longer. If you have a spirit in your life you can use, it is not the Holy Spirit. No one uses the Holy Spirit. He is God. The Lord gave Derek a definition of witchcraft – it is the attempt to control others and make them do what you want them to. He gives instances of witchcraft via prophetesses in some churches and cases of people he knew. You can never be what God wants you to be when dominated by another person. On the subject of heresies – I Timothy 4:1&2 – people who have been in the faith and depart from it to false religious spirits which entice people further away. Religion is the devil’s main instrument to deceive and destroy the human race. Derek gives examples of false prophecy. Doctrines of demons – II Peter 2 – brings in damnable heresy – costs you salvation of your soul. Heresy means to choose. He gives more instances. Don’t believe everyone that quotes the Bible. He says anything that denies any of the statements in the Apostles Creed is a damnable heresy. I John 2:18-20 – spirit of anti-Christ – 1. Denies person of Father and person of Son but not God. 2. Denies Jesus has come in the flesh. 3. Denies Jesus is the Messiah. 4. Denies Jesus is coming again. Anti means against and in place of. All demons hate Jesus. And on false religions – John 10:9, 14:6 – The only way to get in the supernatural power of God is through Jesus any other way into the supernatural realm is through the devil. He gives some modern equivalents to the King James. To name a few; divination – fortune telling, observer of times, Isaiah 47 – monthly prognostication – horoscopes and many more. A wizard is male and a witch is female. He gives many other examples backed up by scripture. He closes with – How do you get straight if you’ve been crooked? If you’ve been involved in witchcraft how do you get free? 1. Confess it as sin 2. Renounce it – preferably openly 3. Break all contact – burn books, images, anything that dishonors Jesus and uplifts the devil. This message concludes with ministry for deliverance and confession of specific sins.

71CFODPCD-5 – By Derek Prince – Questions and Answers on Deliverance
This excellent message includes over 50 questions and answers such as, How can you tell if the devil is counterfeiting the work of the Holy Spirit in your life particularly in speaking in tongues? Derek believes some people receive this falsely. It is not a normal thing or common but he says we will encounter it and gives an example. He tells us fasting is a part of spiritual discipline for every believer. No person is walking in the fullness of God without it. Fasting, properly done, builds faith. There are things in the Christian life we cannot handle unless we fast. He answered questions of how to deal with physical diseases and spirits of infirmities. The great weapon against the devil in all circumstances is the Word of God. Derek said he almost always has the person to pray, Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses and with His wounds I am healed. On the basis of that confession he gets them to renounce the spirit of infirmity. The same power that heals also drives out evil spirits. The devil chooses your weakest moment and weakest place. He gives response to questions on guidelines for small children. He tells of interesting experience he had concerning a woman with 72 evil spirits that each named them-selves when they came out. One, the seducing spirit, was the root of 37 different deceiving spirits for example eternal security, Jesus only, forbidding to marry, etc. He says the most dangerous spirits are religious spirits. They are twice as dangerous as all the rest put together. He gives a warning that there is a very narrow dividing line between the real thing and the wrong thing. Many more questions and answers concerning demons are addressed. Can demons inhabit furniture, is there a demon of sleep, etc. He recommends his booklet Expelling Demons which gives a list. In a question, are there families of spirits, he said yes, and gave examples of a few such as resentment, hatred, rebellion in one family. How do we know what is the root spirit? It is usually the first one in and the last one out. Derek says faith is the real thing not a label. He tells us healing of memories is not taught in these meeting and he does not think this scriptural. This teaching is full of information through questions and answers. He dismissed in prayer.

71CFOCD4-5 – Derek Prince – BONE TO HIS BONE (1 of 5)
Derek begins by defining the current state of God’s saints with reference to Joel’s three main divisions (desolation – restoration – judgment) as one of restoration. This series of teachings describe these days of restoration, particularly the “Regrouping” as outlined by the following 7 operations of God’s working: 1) Re-gathering, 2) Purging & Liberating, 3) Equipping, 4) Regrouping, 5) Reaping the Harvest, 6) Preparing the Bride, 7) Restraining & casting down strongholds. The first 4 are preparatory phases. He briefly describes the first 4 operations of God’s working in the church relating; 1) the importance of one’s priority in life, 2) deliverance, 3) gifts of the Holy Spirit & finding your function, and 4) the restoration of unity and proper relationships in God’s Body, the Church. His text from Ezekiel is expounded using colorful description of liberty, independence, functionality, and rattling bones & noise. Derek then turns to Eph chapter 4 and describes God’s ministerial gifts and their purpose and emphasizes the two alternatives for the believer. Either we mature or we go about being tossed by doctrines and never grow, thereby failing in our functioning position in the body. He notes the regrouping includes submission to someone (Eph 5:21) and that the only platform for anyone operating alone in the New Testament was the evangelist. He then described repentance and judgment from Ezek 9 where judgment began at the sanctuary and the leaders; emphasizing this scriptural pattern for the coming body. In ending, Derek requests that everyone who is a sincere Christian be determined not to remain a “clanking bone” but to find their place in the body that produces the functioning necessary to enable the entire body to functions as it should – Jesus’ Body.

71CFOCD4-6 – Derek Prince – BONE TO HIS BONE (2 of 5)

God is restoring the Body of Christ by revealing to believers their functional position in the body (according to the measure of faith God has given to the believer – Rom 12). He recalls the difference between “liberty” and “independence” stating the body currently is still clattering bones not submitted/united to bring about God’s Kingdom on the earth. Liberty is the ability to perfectly accomplish what the Head is telling the body to do. Ones primary functionality goes in hand with the faith God gives and co-operates with the adjoining members thereby allowing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to function as needed. Derek gives examples regarding discernment and word of knowledge in his deliverance ministry and categorizes the gifts that are under control of the believer and those that are not. He next discusses certain truths regarding the Body of Christ. This discussion details the authority of the local church and its duty for settling disputes thereby keeping disharmony, disunity and conflicts out of the body. As an example 1st Cor 5:1-7 and 1st Cor 5:12 thru 6:2 is given. Derek then states the church is scripturally required to judge at least four things; 1) doctrine, 2) prophecies, 3) ministries and 4) member character/conduct and that many Christians hid behind Matt 7:1. Regarding doctrinal disputes Derek discusses Acts 15 and concludes defining the keys required for the Church by linking Eph 5:21 (unity and harmony) and 1st Cor 1:9 & 1 John 1:3 (fellowship) with Matt 18:18-20 (the authority & power we have in fellowship). The sons of God are led together by the Holy Spirit into the name of Jesus to have fellowship with the Father; the ultimate restoration for mankind.

71CFOCD4-7A – Derek Prince – BONE TO HIS BONE (3 of 5)
After a brief review of the previous messages, Derek continues on with the theme of fellowship and gives a measuring stick to check if one is walking in light/truth and being cleansed by the Blood. (1 John 1:7) He illustrates a successful fellowship in the Lord by describing the meetings of the CFO’s counsel ring and by successful prayer meetings. Then Derek teaches the necessary principles of how a believer can move into his function (or place in the body of Christ) using scripture beginning with Eph 4:1 and continuing thru vs. 16; #1 – humility (Paul was writing from prison). #2 – serving in love & speaking in love [vs. 15]. #3 – persevering for unity of the Spirit. #4 – bonding in peace (servant hood/submission/bond slave) {Note: There must be unity in the Spirit till we come into the unity of the Faith (vs.13) & points out Jesus’ example of humility. Also see Phil 2:5-11}. #5 – holding onto the Head and Him only (this allows Jesus to supply everything the joints and bands require for proper operation of body parts in growing/maturing. See Col 2:19. It is the body that causes the body to grow itself by this principle). #6- joints & bands/bonds (relationships to those closest to you. 1st – husbands & wives, 2nd – family and 3rd – the local body. Derek closes discussing the husband/wife/family relationships and why God chose Abram to father the nation of Israel and ends with an exhortation to men to come gather regularly for fellowship.

71CFOCD4-7B – Derek Prince – BONE TO HIS BONE (4 of 5)
Derek begins reminding believers that the final authority concerning all issues that involve disputes between believers, moral or ethical questions or doctrinal matters reside within the local body of believers or church. See Eph 5:21. This message describes scriptural methods of how a functional New Testament body of believers can be brought into being and specific warnings about “just starting a new testament church”. The New Testament body must begin by being BIRTHED. He says he does not believe there is any cut–&-dried theological way to bring forth New Testament Christianity. It must be born of the Holy Spirit in order to survive the process of travail. Next, Derek reveals, out of scripture, the self-reproducing cycle of the New Testament Church. He begins in Acts 13 and finishes this part with Acts 14:4 & 14. There were certain prophets and teachers in fellowship in Antioch. While they were fellowshipping, a missionary journey was birthed calling out Barnabas and Saul for the work. Notice that before they were sent out they were called prophets and teachers, but afterwards they were called apostles. The prophet & teacher were promoted from within the ranks of the local body for the function God required for the going out, ministering, appointing elders and then returning to give a full report. When God looks down from above on a city, He sees one body – not 20 denominations on 50 street corners. Our job is to find the bones we are to be united together with by the joints (the close individual personal relationships) and bonds/bands (love [Eph 4:3] and peace [Col 3:14]) that will hold the relationships together. Derek sums up saying by recognition and submission can we in love & unity birth mighty purposes of God into being. And that local prayer groups that visit the sick / shut-ins are specifically called for that purpose.

71CFOCD4-8 – Derek Prince – BONE TO HIS BONE (5 of 5)

Derek begins at Ezek 37:7-10 and points out that the end of the prophesying was the entering in of the Holy Spirit into the bodies after they had come together, after the skin and tissues covered the bodies, then they stood up an exceedingly great army – The Holy Spirit entered the body for a specific purpose – not for individual bone purposes. It is critical that we see that God’s purposes for the army in unity will be the Church 1) Reaping the harvest, 2) The bride preparing herself and 3) restraining / casting down strongholds. He then begins discussing how we move in to this unity of the body led by the Spirit. Derek believes that this stage is now accessible especially in fellowships of prayer & fasting. The transitions of a body of disciples into a local church are revealed in Acts 18 & Acts 21. The transition happens after elders are appointed on the return trip. He also points out that every apostle is then answerable to the elders where the apostle is joined. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LOCAL BODY. Derek closes pointing out that the apostle & the prophet never operate alone and there is not one scripture showing he does. However in Acts 21 a prophet is acting alone but that he was confirming and not prophesying a new thing. Derek reemphasizes that apostles, prophets and pastors/shepherds never operate alone. Check out Acts14:23, Tit 11:5, Acts 20:17 & 28 and 1 Pet 5:1

71CFOCD8-6 – By Derek Prince – Youth & Children Deliverance
This message qualifies as a treasure in the vein of deliverance ministry. The title indicates specific ministry to children and youth, however, the message and ministry is a MUST for every age group. Many problems that Christians deal with originated in childhood. There are untold numbers of deliverances that have resulted from listening to Bro. Prince’s ministry to this group of young people.

(The Beauty of Holiness Series) Derek opens this teaching with prayer and gives us the definition of holiness – the verb is to sanctify and the noun is sanctification. So the meaning of the word sanctify is to make holy. God is holy and there is no one and nothing else that is holy except in virtue of a relationship to God. Proverbs 30:2-3 – key phrase—the knowledge of the holy. If you don’t know the One who is holy, you do not know holiness. Holiness is totally dependent on the knowledge of God. He goes through some of the scriptures which he believes have a powerful impact. Isaiah 6:1 – Isaiah describes a vision he received from the Lord in His glory sitting on His throne. Holy is the Father, Holy is the Son and Holy is the Spirit. The parallel pas-sage is in Revelation 4 – again a man caught up in holiness of God – John the Revelator on the island of Patmos. The whole bible tells us a unique truth, of God’s holiness not found in any other book. God is a holy God. He gives scriptures from the Old Testament – Exodus 15:11, Joshua 24:19, I Samuel 2:1-2, Psalms 22:3. Notice the 3 words in Isaiah 57:15 – High, Holy, Humble. The first 2 belong to God and the last one to you and me. Always you will find that the holiness of God provokes the humility of man. The second great truth is God who is holy demands holiness in His people. One of the Books that deal with holiness is Leviticus. The word holiness occurs more than 60 times in Leviticus. All through the book there is a lesson – God is Holy and you must approach Him on the basis of His holiness or you cannot approach Him at all. Examples – Lev. 11:44-45, 19:2, 20:7,26, 10:10. Exodus 19:6 – God demands that His people be holy and yet it is a promise at the same time. Again see the emphasis on holiness in Deuteronomy 14:2 and in 26:18-19. I Peter 1:13 speaks of man’s ignorance of God’s holiness and he goes on to give one great reason why we must be holy in vs. 17-19 – because our redemption was so expensive. We were bought with the blood of Jesus. Paul emphasizes the part we have to play 3 times in I Thess. 3:13, 4:3-4, 5:23. If Paul prayed that we should be wholly sanctified then it must be possible. He never prayed something that could not be done by the grace of God. In closing he noted the truth that spiritual holiness corresponds to beauty in the natural. Holiness is spiritual beauty – Psalms 93:5, Psalms 96:9, Psalms 110:3 and there is one passage from the New Testament about beauty in the inward man – I Peter 3:3-4. This is the beauty God says He is looking for in believing men and women. This excellent teaching was dismissed in prayer.

71CFOPHCD-2 Derek Prince – GOD’S PROVISION FOR HOLINESS – (2 of 4)
(The Beauty of Holiness Series) Derek begins by speaking a few words of advice and council for those who did receive or they are seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit. II Peter 1:3,4 will be used a lot in this teaching. When God demands something He always provides the means to satisfy His demands. Christian life is not a life of mere standing still, not a place to get to and stop. It is a life of growth, increase, multiplication and fruitfulness. If you want salvation you have to acknowledge Jesus the Savior, if you want the baptism in the Holy Spirit you acknowledge Jesus the Baptizer, if you want healing you acknowledge Jesus the Healer, and if you want deliverance you acknowledge Jesus the Deliverer. Every part of God’s provision consists in acknowledging that aspect of Jesus and His nature and His ministry. In our scriptures II Peter 1:3,4 there are 4 statements for the basis of this teaching (1) God’s divine power has already given us everything we are ever going to need for life and godliness (2) This comes through the acknowledging of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no provision outside of Jesus Christ (3) The means by which we appropriate this provision is the promises of the Word of God (4) As we appropriate the promises of the Word of God we become partakers of the nature of God. There are 7 aspects of our partaking of God’s holiness in the Word of God: (a) Christ – I Cor. 1:2,30 – He is made to us 4 things: wisdom, righteous, holiness and redemption, (b) the cross (place of sacrifice), (c) the Holy Spirit – I Cor. 6:11, (d) the blood of Jesus- Heb. 10:29, 13:12, 38:8, (e) the Word of God- John 17:17, (f) our faith – II Thess. 2:13, Acts 26:18, Obadiah 17, (g) our works – our actions that express our faith – II Cor. 7:1. In closing he gives us Philippians 2:12-13 – God works in and we work out.

(The Beauty of Holiness Series) Derek starts this informative teaching by recalling the facts of the previous 2 studies. In this study he will trace with us how the provision operates in our lives, how it works out practically. Every provision begins with God not with us. He looks at scriptures that speak about God’s choice. I Peter 1:2 is a key scripture. God’s choice is based on His foreknowledge. Derek illustrates this in 3 scriptures – Gen. 18:17-19, Eph. 13:4-5, Rom. 8:29. In Ephesians we have adoption; in Romans we have conformity to Jesus Christ. There are 3 phases in becoming a true child of God – (1) Birth-physiological (2) Adoption – legal (3) Conformity to the image of Christ which is maturity. The Holy Spirit comes into our lives to work out God’s plan for us. He draws us, separates us out and then He reveals Christ to us. The drawing and separating begin before we receive the revelation of Jesus Christ. You either accept or reject Jesus, there is no neutrality and God is not obligated to give you 2 choices – I Cor. 1:18. I Peter 1:2 means you hear, you submit and you obey. When you obey the blood of Jesus is sprinkled upon you. I John 1:7 – the blood does not cleanse in the dark and does not cleanse the disobedient. I Cor. 11:31 – God tells us how He requires us to react to what we see in the mirror. Romans 15:16 – 2 aspects of our response to this program of God. Our response is faith – we accept God’s Word in faith. There are 2 aspects in our relation to holiness, the negative and the positive. Without the negative you cannot move into the positive. He looks at both in scripture. Negative – Rom. 6:12, 13, Col. 3:5 – we die and keep ourselves dead, II Tim. 2:21. Positive – Rom. 6:13, II Cor. 7:1, I John 3:2, 3. I Peter 1:22 tells us how you purify yourself. II Tim. 2:22 tells us you cannot keep wrong associations and live right. In closing Derek comes to a beautiful picture which is Jacob’s ladder – Gen. 28:12-13. He believes that ladder is a picture of God’s Word. II Pet. 1:4 – from earth to heaven it’s the Word of God. Each rung in the ladder is a promise and every time you put your foot in a rung you are climbing one rung higher – nearer to God’s nature, further from the corruption of earth. This is the works that make salvation real, not salvation by works. Derek closes with a few words about New Testament baptism as a burial followed by a resurrection.

(The Beauty of Holiness Series) Derek begins with an introduction of the day’s meeting schedules and briefly reviews the first 3 themes in this series on Holiness. We are sanctified continually by this New Testament laver – the Word of God, a laver of brass, a mirror in which we look, we judge our-selves and we are changed into the likeness of that which we behold. Then we work out by faith and in our daily living the truths that we have learned in the Word. In this final study Derek deals with how you may sanctify your-self. An obligation which God’s Word places upon you. Jesus was the first one to be sanctified. John 1-:36 see the statement made by the Lord Jesus Christ. There are 3 facts about Jesus each of which is a pattern for our personal relationship with God. 1. God chose Jesus 2. He sanctified Him – set Him apart 3. He sent Him to fulfill a certain task. John 17:19 – Jesus is the forerunner of sanctification. John 17:4 – pattern – Jesus glorified the Father; this is the end of sanctification. John 17:18 – the relationship between the Father and the Son is repeated in the relation-ship between Jesus and His disciples. Just as the Father sent the Son so the Son sent His disciples. A parallel relationship repeated in John 20:21, Heb. 2:11. Now we come to the second part – your response to God’s choice. These scriptures make it so clear that God’s choice initiated the whole process – John 15:16, Eph. 2:10. Romans 12:1-6 mentions 7 different possible gifts 1. Present your body a living sacrifice on God’s altar to Christ 2. Result is a change or renewal in your mind, your whole way of thinking will be changed 3. Prove what is the good and acceptable, perfect Will of God. (The Will of God is in 3 successive phases a. It’s good b. It’s acceptable c. It’s per-fect.) 4. God has given you precisely the measure of faith you need to do His Will 5. We discover we are members of Jesus Christ’s body-we find our specific place in the body 6. Fulfill your (job) function in the body 7. We begin to exercise the gifts needed to do that job. Now you have discovered God has a special plan for you. It’s exciting! Learn to exercise yourself as Paul – Acts 24:16 and his second statements of exercise in I Cor. 9:24-27. Christian-ity is based on personal relationships. Sanctification is a single hearted devotion to God and to our task. Derek closes this excellent series giving people an opportunity to respond to giving their body to God with recitation of prayer. 

72SCFOCD3-6 – Derek Prince – THE FEAR OF THE LORD
Derek opens this teaching with prayer to receive the Word of God. This perspective is very rich revelation from the Word of God. II Chronicles 16:9 tells us the Spirit of the Lord is looking to and fro for persons whose heart is perfect towards Him. In Zachariah 3&4 and Revelations 5 – the 7 eyes of the Lord are 7 Spirits of the Lord invested in the person of Jesus. It is important to know what it is to have a heart perfect towards the Lord. It is in the perfection of our attitude and relationship towards God and nothing else. Two persons stated in scripture who have this are Abraham and Job. See Genesis 17:1 – about Abram and Job 1:1, 8 – about Job. Your destiny in life is answered by this question – Who is your God- Genesis 31:42 – What you fear becomes your God. There are 4 things the fear of the Lord is not: Natural fear – God put this fear and pain in you to protect you. Demonic fear – II Timothy 1:7, I John 4:18 – this fear has torment. Religious fear – Isaiah 29:13 – fear of God taught by precepts of man. Fear of man – Proverbs 29:25. He shares examples of each. What is the fear of the Lord- It is making the Lord, your God – submission. Derek gives a list of scriptures about the fear of the Lord including: Psalms 2:11, 19:9, 34:11, etc. He also shares scriptures that state the fear of the Lord is wisdom – Job 28:28, Psalms 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, etc. 7 spirits of the Lord are found in Isaiah 11:2. Jesus walked in the fear of the Lord -Hebrews 5:7. God, the Holy Spirit plants the fear of the Lord in our hearts. The Holy Spirit teaches it to us and we receive the favor of the Lord. What causes God to show His favor to the people- It’s Gods response to the fear of the Lord that attracts the favor of the Lord to you. Derek made 3 statements about the favor of the Lord found in Psalms 5:12, Proverbs 16:15 and Proverbs 19:12. God’s cloud of favor and latter rain follows the one that walks in the fear of the Lord. See Job 29 showing Job’s testimony – a description of man living in favor of the Lord. Derek closes this teaching praising the Lord with the people present.

72SCFOCD3-19 – By Derek Prince – Demonology – Marks of Personality
This teaching begins with explaining definitions of the word demon. The King James Version translates the two Greek words, which both are devil, as the knowing ones and slanderers but the slanderer is used normally as one person – Satan. He gives an illustration about Socrates. There are 3 interchangeable names: evil spirits, unclean spirits and demons. Demons are persons. There are 6 normally recognized marks of personality: will, emotions, knowledge, self-awareness, conscience and the ability to speak. Normally anything that possesses all 6 marks is called a person. Demons have all 6 marks. Derek gives scripture reference and examples of each mark. He tells us there is a difference between having a spirit and being possessed by a spirit. There are 3 phrases in the Greek to describe a person who has a demon problem: 1. To be in an unclean spirit as in Mark 1 2. To have an unclean spirit, used many times in the Word, Mark 1 and Luke 13, etc. 3. To be demonized Greek word is a verb KJV uses this to be possessed of devils and is not accurate. The problem with possession is it suggests ownership and most of these people belong to Jesus and are possessed by Jesus and not the devil but they are demonized. Remember Jesus only used one weapon against the devil – the Word of God. There are 2 basic relationships in which we meet demons: Inside the body – we must get them out expel them as Phillip said. And outside the body – the correct scriptural action is to resist and keep them out. Where do demons go? Into dry places searching for other people or back to you, if they can. I John 5:18, there is a way to live in which the devil cannot touch you. It is possible but it has to be learned. Derek closes with 6 characteristic verbs that describe the way demons affect people and explains each with examples. 1. They entice to evil 2. They enslave 3. They torment-spiritually, mentally and physically 4. They compel they are compulsive 5. They defile – make you feel dirty 6. They harass – weakest moment and weakest place both physically and emotionally. Derek sums it up saying the most outstanding word that describes people in need of deliverance. It is restlessness.

72SCFOCD3-20A – By Derek Prince – The Nature Of Man – Part-1
72SCFOCD3-20B – By Derek Prince – The Nature Of Man – Part-2
Man began by a union of divine breath with clay. Paul views the whole man as spirit, soul and body. Derek starts dealing with the distinction between spirit and soul. The first Adam was made a living soul. The last Adam (Jesus) was made a life giving spirit. I Corinthians 15:45, 47 – The soul is dependent on the spirit. A New Testament confirmation of the distinction between soul and spirit is found in I Thessalonians 5:23. Hebrews 4:12 – The only thing that can separate the soul from the spirit is the Word of God. I Corinthians 2:9-14 shows the believer a very important thing between soulish and spirit. The Apostle Paul gives us 6 warnings in the first 2 chapters of Corinthians. The spiritual man is not discerned by anybody. If you live in the realm of emotion you cannot live in the realm of spirit. In Jude 19 he points out people that are devoid of the Spirit. Other scriptural references are I Corinthians 6:17, Romans 1:9. In I Corinthians 14 we find that the baptism in the Holy Spirit brings out the difference between soul and spirit. If you receive revelation it will come from the Spirit. It is an exacting task to live in the Spirit. Then Derek goes into the third area of human personality – the body – the carnal Adamic nature received from Adam. Our body was made to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. What made your body? The Spirit of God. Romans 8:11 – God placed the spirit in our body. If you want healing you have to be in touch with the Holy Spirit. Healing does not come by doctrine it comes by the Holy Spirit.  PART 2 – MINISTRY PORTION – This CD is the continuation of The Nature of Man 1 of 2 CD. You will hear unique ministry by Jesus through Derek. He begins by asking people to come who have been medically diagnosed with inequality in length of legs, and arms. As the ministry time progresses he ministers for healing of arthritis, strokes, knee problems, etc. Most of these problems are healed during the lengthening of limbs. Your ears will witness wonderful, powerful healings by Jesus of many people present in the meeting. Your faith will be increased. You will hear the devil is a thief and he will steal your healing if you allow him too. Rejoice and thank Jesus as you listen to Jesus healing and setting people free. This is an exceptional ministry CD. It put a whole new light on faith cometh by hearing!

72SCFOCD3-21 – By Derek Prince – Demonology – Demon Gangs
This is a very informative teaching. Demons are real persons without bodies. The have all the marks of personality. They are active, intelligent beings who study you and know your weak points and weak moments and just how to get advantage over you. They have 2 main objectives assigned to them by Satan – 1. Keep you from knowing Jesus Christ, 2. If they fail in the first objective then they are to keep you from being an effective Christian serving Jesus Christ. There are 3 main phrases to explain the operation and activity of demons shown in the New Testament – 1. To be in an unclean spirit or under the influence would be modern English, 2. To have an unclean or evil spirit, 3. A verb – to be demonized. None justify the use of the word possess. Derek gives 7 descriptions of demon activity; they entice, they enslave, they torment, they compel, they defile, they harass and they deceive. Derek says one word to sum it up is restlessness. The main areas of human personality that demons operate in are emotions, attitudes and relationships. He gives specific examples of each. Sin is the root of human problems and there is only one remedy for sin. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Demons operate in gangs. Derek sketches out a few gangs for us. (Resentment, hatred and rebellion), (Irritation, impatience, anger, violence and murder), (Loneliness, self-pity, misery, depression, despair and suicide), (Thoughts, doubt, unbelief, indecision, confusion). Derek mentions several other gangs and gives illustrations of each. Heresies are departure from the Christian Faith – I Timothy 4:1. There are many, many, many seducing spirits, religious spirits, spirits of error and spirits that entice you away from faith in Jesus Christ according to the scripture. He shares an experience when 37 different spirits of error, that were under the shelter of the seducing spirit, came out of a woman and told him their names. He gives us useful information about addictions. The essence of heresy – II Peter 2:1. Heresy does 2 things – denies the Lord and denies His redemptive work on the cross. If you believe or entertain anything that touches or takes away from the Lord Jesus you are under the influence of a seducing spirit. Derek shares his beliefs about Jesus and anything that goes against these facts is a damnable heresy. He closes with prayer.

72SCFOCD3-22 – By Derek Prince – The Gift of Righteousness
Righteousness is free – you just need to believe. What frustrates us from receiving it is we think we have to earn it. Then the real problem surfaces – that being self-righteousness. It takes humility to say, “I have nothing to offer.” Our attitudes are what keep the manifestations of God’s grace from becoming a reality in our lives. Accept the righteousness of God by faith. It is the greatest offensive weapon you will have against Satan. Wonderful Message!

72SCFOCD3-23 – By Derek Prince – Reasons For Not Receiving Deliverance
Derek gives 5 common factors that hinder or frustrate complete deliverance. He explains and illustrates each. 1) Lack of Repentance – you must repent of all evil in your life, then turn away from all these things and submit yourself to God through Jesus Christ. That is repentance. 2) Lack of Confession of sin – such as abortion which is confessed as murder and adultery which must be confessed to the other party in the marriage. 3) Lack of forgiveness – there are people you haven’t forgiven. Resentment harms the one doing it, much more than the one who is resented. 4) Lack of breaking with the occult – you want to hold on to occult books, a daily look at horoscopes, etc. so the devil has a hook in you. Derek tells about the origin of the 5th column. Look at I John 4:17 – can we say the same as Jesus – “Satan has nothing in me.” 5) Lack of determination – you want someone else to do it for you. Derek then deals with the topic of, “How do I keep my deliverance”. He shares 7 points or ways and gives illustrations and examples of each. 1) Make Jesus Lord in every area of your life – someone said “when the devil knocks at the door, I let Jesus answer”. 2) Be filled with the Holy Spirit – the baptism in the Holy Spirit is only the initiator, you must be continuously filled. The Holy Spirit is a “demon flusher”. 3) Live by God’s Word – this is your great primary weapon against the devil. The only thing that really scares him is the Word of God. When you say it is written he begins to back off. 4) Put on the whole armor of God – there are 6 items of armor or equipment in Ephesians 6. He directs attention to the Helmet of Salvation and a 7th from Isaiah 61:3, the garment of praise. 5) Cultivate right relationships – deal with people as you would have them deal with you. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. 6) Submit to discipline – you are obligated to obey the laws of the country. You don’t have any other option as a Christian. 7) Make Jesus central – the devil loves the center of the stage – don’t give it to him. The Holy Spirit advertises Jesus. He’s Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the author and finisher of our faith. Praise His wonderful name. In closing, Derek has the people present to speak prayers after him for self-deliverance.


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