2001 Memorial Day Camp Meeting


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2001 Memorial Day Camp Meeting

The following is this camp meeting, only in podcast format.
Our mp3 podcast format is, “16 Kbps at 16Hz single track mono.”
These are full messages with all the ministry left on at the end too.
They are clear enough, so we can conserve hosting space while growing.  

Miscellaneous Speakers 

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01LHCD5-1 – Donny Morris – THE JASPER STONE – LIFE
God tabernacled Himself as a law because Adam restricted himself by the law of sin and death. To live outside His presence, people had to know death through the sacrifice of animals. Sin is a death covenant. The law came by Moses, but Jesus Christ brought grace and truth. He was the first and last Adam, He redeemed the people under the law of death. In Adam, all died, but in Christ, all shall be made alive!

Dr. William Null

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003 – Deliverance Ministry

Dr. William Null – 2004 to 2008 – Deliverance Ministry

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01LHCD5-2 – Dr. William Null – WALKING IN FREEDOM
To walk in freedom is to walk under His wing. The Holy Spirit will abide with you forever unless you walk away from Him. When you move out from under His wing, fear comes back in and you lose hope. To come back, we must confess our sins, repentance is a gift from God. If you want to be healed, follow the compassion of God, He will comfort, guide and empower you.

01LHCD5-3 – Dr. William Null – DECEPTION
For every gift of the spirit, there is a counterfeit gift. Apply these standards to discern deception; does it agree with the Word of God and does it edify, comfort and exhort. God is not the author of confusion, but peace. Deception will lead you away from God and into legalism. As long as you are walking in the spirit, you can defy deception

Bill Smith

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The devil has had Earth long enough, but the world cannot change itself. It is time you and I cry out today that we’re bringing the world under new management. The Word of God says the Earth is the LORD’s, and He has put us in charge. Become the oracles of God on this Earth and do what He has called us to do! Possess the land of God

Bill Smith
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God wants to bring you into a new man. Signs shall follow those who believe, but we see people following signs. We don’t have to see signs because we believe our God! Jesus became a curse for us, but I must appropriate that in our lives. Jesus is our Rock, we must speak to Him. From Adam and still today, the serpent is trying to work against us, but we have all power and authority over him through our Rock Jesus Christ

Jim & Alberta Landry
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Deliverance is the children’s’ bread. We can’t practice deliverance on unbelievers. God is trying to do a deeper work in all of us, but we may not have arrived to where we will allow Him to. Unforgiveness is often a hindrance to deliverance. Some times we must walk our problems out in order to receive a deeper relationship with God and glorify Him. We need to search the scriptures daily concerning the conditions we are faced with in our lives

Miscellaneous Speakers
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io messages.

01LHCD5-7 – Donna Martonfi – WALKING ON WATER – FAITH
When we are walking in His anointing, everything will be right. When you keep your eye on Jesus, you can do the impossible! Donna shares some personal testimony of God’s work in her life, and how losing faith will negatively affect your life. God cannot work through anything but faith, through continuous prayer and faith, God will provide for all our needs. A message that will build your faith for the impossible!

Clement Humbard
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( Missing Cassette Master )

We have to seek God with all of our heart, and He’ll start revealing Himself in a new way. First, the revelation comes, then the Spirit lifts us to walk in that revelation. The revelation of God is progressive – He wants to take you beyond where you were before. Without revelation, there is no manifestation. The greatest revelation ever given to this earth is His Son, Jesus Christ! Without a new revelation, there will not be a new move of God

Miscellaneous Speakers
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Jesus doesn’t deny healing to anyone. It is a covenant between God and us. So why do so many people come for deliverance year after year and not get healed? There is a connection between sin and health, but often we become desensitized by our surroundings. T.V., rock music, even certain books can open gateways for demons, and negatively affect your health. We must be aware of our environment and the things we bring into our homes.

Clement Humbard
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01LHCD5-10 – Clement Humbard – THE CHURCH TONIGHT
Christ is the head of the Church, and the Church is His body. But the Church today is getting caught up in pleasing others, rather than pleasing God. Sin must come out of the Church. Sin and demonic forces are under the feet of the Church, as they are under the feet of Christ. We must take our position in the spiritual world, with Christ. The Glory will not come until our enemies are completely under our feet. We must become the Church without spot or wrinkle that He desires

James Golden
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We were blessed to have James and his wife Murlene, missionaries in Belize join us and share stories and testimony of Jesus’ workings there. God is love, and He so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son to save us. We must learn to love this kind of mega-love. The more we love the poor, the addicted and all others, the more faith we will receive. He will empower you with mega-faith, for faith works through love. 

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