1991 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting

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There was not a 91LH11-1 cassette master in our PDF catalog.

Tommy Cook
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The revelation of Jesus Christ is coming to God’s servants who bear record to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. As He is revealed to them, He will be revealed through them. Before He can come with the saints, He must come in the saints. There must be a people prepared for His coming.

Norman Parish
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91LHCD11-3A – Norman Parish – THE CURSE OF THE OCCULT 1-of-2
91LHCD11-3B – Norman Parish – THE CURSE OF THE OCCULT 2-of-2
THIS IS A STRONG WARNING TO EVERY CHRISTIAN IN EVERY HOME, FELLOWSHIP AND CHURCH! We would call this a classic. In these last days, with perilous times coming, we need to understand more about the occult. We need discernment of spirits in order to recognize those that the Bible says will come to beguile the saints. Satan has come to bring confusion, destroy peace, rob, and destroy the work of God. Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil. The Jesus in you, the Holy Spirit in you, the God in you, wants you to rise up with the gifts of the Holy Spirit resident in all of us, and then begin to do the ministry of Jesus. Don’t miss this!

Tommy Cook
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91LHCD11-4 – Tommy Cook – THE LAW OF THE HOUSE
God enters the house, fills the house, and speaks out of the house. The law of the house is holiness. God has a most holy people, serving the Most Holy God, moving toward the most holy place. The mission of this people is to praise God and destroy the enemy. They walk in the law of the Word, keep the testimonies of God, and seek Him with their whole heart.

Linda Sutter
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Everybody has felt rejected at one time or another, in one way or another. Rejection can come from parents, spouses, children, other Christians, and the world. It will rob you of relationships by causing you to believe the lie that no one accepts you. Before we can be free of rejection, we must be honest, acknowledging that the problem exists, and forgive those who have sinned against us. Powerful deliverance prayer concludes the service. Many were set free and you can be too!

Glen & Erma Miller
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91LHCD11-6A 1-OF-2
91LHCD11-6B 2-OF-2
*Sis. Erma took her text from Ex. 20:3 and I Cor. 10. HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. She compares the church today with the children of Israel, with all their rebellion, false gods, false worship of golden calves, and their whoredoms. Moses had to go to God while they stood in their tent doors and watched. They were spectators, not doers. When Moses told them what God said, they only obeyed for a little time. As a church, we need to draw near to God, ask the Holy Spirit to turn the light on our hearts, and look for the idols. Idols of self, idols of the pulpit, leaning on the arm of flesh and more are revealed. Our forefathers taught us about the false god of Santa, and we’ve told our children and grandchildren. With the idols of money, we’ve sinned without thinking. Hard deliverance came when we began to repent of all this false worship. **Bro. Glen followed up with teaching on the strongman of inherited infirmities and sicknesses that are plaguing the body of Christ. Jesus made a way for us to come out from under the curses and bore His stripes for our healing. All these things have brought death to our bodies. Deliverance came as we began to repent and cast away those demons of deception in the congregation.

There was not a #7 cassette message listed in our PDF catalog.

Tommy Cook
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91LHCD11-8 – Tommy Cook – GOD’S GIFTS
We need to be filled with the Word and the gifts of God so that no poison can abide within us. We need to desire the gift of prophecy because through it all the other gifts of the Spirit can operate. The gifts of God bring energy, love and harmony within the church. They glorify God and edify the body. We must not neglect the gift that God has put in us. We must not follow signs, signs must follow us; and signs will follow the Word.

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Free LHBC video messages on YouTubeNew

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