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Tommy Cook
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89LHCD3-1 – Tommy Cook – THAT WOMAN – JEZEBEL
Glen Miller shares a little first, then he invites some of the speakers to come up before Tommy Cook comes as the main speaker of this service: The very core of the Jezebel nature is exposed in this teaching. She is loud, stubborn, subtle of heart, and seduces the young and immature. She is an adulteress, manipulative, and ultimately wants to destroy men’s souls. God’s people need to know and recognize the Jezebel spirit. It’s in the government, the church (positioned on street corners around the nation), the family, and in us. If you are in any way controlling another individual or being controlled by someone else, chances are the Jezebel spirit needs to be dealt with. The Lord has purposed for the Church to be a virtuous woman and this Jezebel spirit hinders the fulfillment of that. The service ends with a prayer for deliverance from the influence of Jezebel.

Rod Johnson
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Praise is a key in the area of deliverance. We sometimes forget that the joy of the Lord is our strength and become so wrapped up in the deliverance problems that we lose sight of our Deliverer. There are steps we can take which will lead us to the place of praise in situations that threaten to overwhelm us.

Gene & Earline Moody
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Warriors For ChristA
Also listed in the Deliverance Manual for this chapter

“The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is His name.” (Ex. 15:3) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, completely defeated Satan and his army of fallen angels and demons. God Almighty has made provision so that we can be totally victorious in Him, according to His way. We still have to war with the enemy because he is free to roam the earth until he is bound for a thousand years. Until then, he can do everything we will let him do to destroy us. We are to be warriors for Christ in the spiritual battle for the earth. We are His weapons of war. He has chosen to work through us. The “Man of War” abides in us! Prayer for deliverance concludes the service.

Jack Harris
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89LHCD3-4A – Jack Harris – THE KINGDOM OF GOD 1-of-2
89LHCD3-4B – Jack Harris – THE KINGDOM OF GOD 2-of-2
We are a kingdom within a kingdom. God’s government is set up in your spirit when He comes in you. He then hopes, through a process of time, that you will be conformed to His image and likeness. In the meantime, our spirit man is desiring to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, but a problem exists until the flesh man ceases to be attached: part of the first resurrection, and the dead in Christ does not refer to all who are saved!

Rod Johnson
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89LHCD3-5A – Rod Johnson – INHERITED INIQUITIES 1-of-2
89LHCD3-5B – Rod Johnson – INHERITED INIQUITIES 2-of-2
Iniquities hinder the nature of Christ from coming forth in us. They separate us from God. They are forces that cause us to sin, bred within our bloodline, coming from our fathers back to the third and fourth generation. They have the experience of several generations and know how to manipulate and deceive us. Jesus was bruised for our iniquities, and until a generation begins to stand in the authority of His finished work, these iniquities will continue to perpetuate themselves. This tape is a must for anyone with any interest at all in the deliverance ministry. The service concludes with deliverance prayers for liberation from these iniquities. Many were set free.

Glen & Erma Miller
The founders of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp
Click above for their other podcast audio messages

89LHCD3-6A – Glen & Erma Miller – INHERITED CURSES 1-of-2
89LHCD3-6B – Glen & Erma Miller – INHERITED CURSES 2-of-2
Bro. Glen shares, from Leviticus and Malachi, a list of actions that will bring curses that affect the generations to follow. He emphasizes our lack of knowledge about the deeds of our forefathers and the need to “cover all the bases” when seeking deliverance. Sis. Erma encourages us to look to God, not man, for deliverance and shares her testimony of how she became involved in deliverance and the curses that were operating in her life. Deliverance ministry concludes the service and many curses were broken. People became free in areas where they had been bound for years.

Tommy Cook
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We are approaching the third day, when God will pour out his Spirit on His people. This outpouring is hindered by our iniquities. Revival is the purifying and cleansing fire of God that prepares us for the glory that He desires to send. He is raising up a people who are prepared to go into battle, willing to follow the Lamb from the cross to the Holy of Holies. We must be careful not to get ahead of the Lord and become involved in battles where He is not there. The sign that precedes the raising of this army is the outpouring of the latter rain.

Miscellaneous Speakers
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89LHCD3-8B – **Rod Johnson – SLAY THE ENEMY OF DOUBT 2-of-2
*Sharing a vivid story from her childhood, Sis. Mary illustrates what mighty changes will come when we lay down our lives in love for one another. **This is a message that will strengthen your faith and challenge you to soar to new heights in trusting God. We are in a training process, marching in the faith we have, watching it grow into greater faith as trials, tribulations, and the winds of adversity blow.

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