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LHBC Camp Meeting – Coming 

Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
Call and reserve a bed: 501-525-8204 – CSTime.

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These are full messages with all the ministry left on at the end too.

They are clear enough, so we can conserve hosting space while growing. 

Jack Cannada spoke here 13 times from 1991 to 1998
Carol Cannada spoke here 19 times from 1991 to 1999

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Jack & Carol Cannada

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91LHCD5-6 – Jack & Carol Cannada – FEAR & CONTROL
Fear and control are two of the root causes of the majority of our problems. The Cannadas share, not only on an intellectual level but on a personal level, regarding the manifestations of fear and control through testimony of their own lives and ministry. This is an excellent teaching that everyone should hear. Prayer and ministry for deliverance conclude this superb teaching.


92LHCD5-6B – **CarolCannada – **SPIRITUAL LEPROSY
*Many marital problems have their roots in the relationship of the husband and/or wife to their father. The blessing of a father, given to his children, was an important part of Jewish worship. We have failed to realize the importance of that act. Through lack of knowledge many have suffered. Bro. Jack stands in the gap and leads the congregation through prayers of forgiveness and release, then blesses them with the blessing of a father. This unique ministry which the Lord has laid on his heart will touch you as it did those in attendance. **The first effect leprosy causes in the physical body is a loss of the ability to touch and feel. Unforgiveness, rebellion, and rejection can cause a spiritual leprosy that robs us of our ability to touch others or to feel the touch of God. It affects us first in our families. God wants to cleanse us from that leprosy and restore our touch.

92LHCD5-10A 1-of-2
92LHCD5-10B 2-of-2
Jack & Carol Cannada / Deanna Harris – MINISTRY
Two common themes run through this session of music, prayer, testimony and teaching. The first is that fear leads to barrenness of spirit and a quenching of the fire of God. The key to being delivered from fear and stirring up the fire is really knowing and accepting the love of God. The second is that in order to go on with God, we must release to God those people for whom we intercede and their sins so that we are not bowed down with heaviness, and we must also let go of all pride and selfish ambition.  Deliverance prayers for individuals and also for the entire congregation are included in the anointed ministry on these messages.

92LHCD5-11 – Jack & Carol Cannada – MINISTRY
The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way in this last session of the camp meeting.  Anointed music alternates with ministry to individuals, teaching, and deliverance prayers on the subjects of self-pity, timidity, fear, and lust.

92LHCD11-1 – *Jack & Carol Cannada – BLESSING OF THE FATHER
**Frank Marzullo – UNFORGIVENESS – *This service begins with ministry to those who had a poor relationship or no relationship with their fathers. Prayers for healing and deliverance from rejection, abandonment, loneliness, etc. are followed by the pronouncement of a blessing. **Mark 11 gives four steps necessary to obtaining healing and deliverance. One of the biggest obstacles to healing and deliverance is unforgiveness. Prayers for deliverance are included on this message.

92LHCD11-6A – *Jack Cannada – DRINKING BLOOD 1-of-2
92LHCD11-6B – *Jack Cannada – DRINKING BLOOD 2-of-2
**Glen & **Erma Miller – CURSES -Bro. Jack tells how many hunters drink the blood of deer, opening the door for spirits of rage, anger, murder, hate, and other animalistic spirits. **God is raising up an army that is marching through the land, determined to serve Jesus, determined to be clean and holy. God said, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” There is a people arising in the land that desire to be holy unto Jesus. **It is time to clean our houses. We must be clean and strong in order to march and not break the ranks. These tapes give the causes of curses and the cure, along with prayers for cleansing the blood and the mind.

92LHCD11-8 – Carol Cannada – JESUS LOVES ME
Many Christians know that the Word says that God loves them, yet that concept has no reality in their lives. Many times, this is rooted in their perception of their natural fathers. Physical or emotional abandonment leads to rejection, rebellion, and a distorted or perverted view of God. Once we come to a full realization of the love of God, we must continue to grow, to submit to discipline, and to show the love of God to others.


93LHCD5-6 – Carol Cannada – FEAR
Fear is a deadly enemy that will kill our spiritual growth. God has an identity for each of us in Christ, but fear will keep us from reaching the fullness of it and from moving in the anointing that God has for us. Many times we may not even realize that fear is at the root of our problem. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

“For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted my petition.”  God hears and answers prayer.  Bro. Jack is transparent and speaks from his heart as he talks of his place of brokenness before the Lord.  When he heard from the Lord he was quick to obey and the Lord moved mountains in his life.  Are you wounded and suffering, just going through the motions of life? Jesus has time for you. There’s no rejection with Him. This teaching concludes with a heartfelt prayer of forgiveness and surrendering to the Lord.

93LHCD9-6 – Jack & Carol Cannada – FINDING YOUR DESTINY
We all have a destiny, a calling in our lives. Hearing the voice of God and knowing His direction will dispel fear. The product of direction and vision is discipline. The key to finding your destiny is obedience to His voice. The ministry at the end of the service is included on this message.

93LHCD9-11 – Jack & Carol Cannada/Deanna Harris – LOVE
Teaching on being released to show love to others, pouring love into others in order to release and bless them, having a revelation of God’s love which leads to true love for Him, and the importance of showing love in the home is interspersed with testimonies and ministry to individuals.


94LHCD7-4 – Jack & Carol Cannada – FREEDOM FROM SHAME
Psalm 25:1-3. Find your potential in Jesus Christ. Discover the source and symptoms of shame and learn how it can stifle your relationships and growth. Shame cloaks, hides and conceals you spiritually. The enemy uses shame to limit people. This teaching concludes with prayer for healing and blessings from God.

Betrayal wounds and fragments the soul, but God will restore it. We need a rebirth of loyalty in the church, in our families, and in society. Unconditional love, commitment and security provide the foundation for loyalty. Lying, lust, irresponsibility, abuse and a host of other things undermine it. Prayers of forgiveness, deliverance, and restoration are included, with special prayer for marriages.


96LHCD7-5 – Jack & Carol Cannada – OFFENSES
A message which should be heard repeatedly by all Christians! Offenses will come; our reaction to them will either cause us to become more Christ-like or will abort our spiritual growth. Our Christian maturity can be measured by how quickly we forgive and release the offenses and the offenders. Prayers of forgiveness and deliverance are included on this message. Wonderful!

96LHCD7-16 – Carol Cannada – HOSEA: REVEALING GOD’S LOVE
The book of Hosea paints a masterpiece for us, revealing God’s love for us. God’s desire is that we experience a loyal, covenant love with Him and that we extend the same kind of love to others. This message will bring healing for many and challenges all of us to live lives that preach God’s love and mercy to others. The ministry at the end of the service is included on this message.


Bro. Jack uses the account of Mephibosheth, whose name means “destroyer of shame,” to illustrate how shame works in our lives, and how God can and will deliver and restore us. Prayers of release and deliverance conclude the service.

98LHCD7-4 – Carol Cannada – SPIRIT OF PYTHON
The spirit of python is connected with the spirit and practice of divination. Sis. Carol examines some of the ways this spirit operates in our lives to destroy our families, our ministries, and us. We must understand our position and authority and put the enemy under our feet. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

98LHCD7-7 – Carol Cannada – A LOVE WORTH DYING FOR
A marvelous message dealing with some of the things that can undermine our relationships, particularly with our spouses, and the blessings of committed, covenant love. Ministry to couples is included on this message.
Intercession and accusation both go on continually before the throne of God. To the degree that satan has access to our lives, he will use us to accuse others, while the fundamental nature of Jesus Christ is to be an intercessor. We have to choose which ministry we will be a part of. Deliverance ministry is included on this message.

LHBC Camp Meeting – Coming

Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
Call and reserve a bed: 501-525-8204 – CSTime.

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