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Ministry of Deliverance – Questions & Answers, Taken from many years of our own minister’s camps here at LHBC. Also a priceless one below of Derek Prince back in 1971 recorded by Glen Miller. Glen Miller was also authorized by Derek Prince Ministries to record their meetings in the 1960s & 1970s. Glen also recorded many hundreds of reel tapes for The Full Gospel Business Mans Fellowship USA, and one Internationally through the London Airlift.


71CFODPCD.mp3 – By Derek Prince – Questions and Answers on Deliverance
This excellent message includes over 50 questions and answers such as, How can you tell if the devil is counterfeiting the work of the Holy Spirit in your life particularly in speaking in tongues? Derek believes some people receive this falsely. It is not a normal thing or common but he says we will encounter it and gives an example. He tells us fasting is a part of spiritual discipline for every believer. No person is walking in the fullness of God without it. Fasting, properly done, builds faith. There are things in the Christian life we cannot handle unless we fast. He answered questions of how to deal with physical diseases and spirits of infirmities. The great weapon against the devil in all circumstances is the Word of God. Derek said he almost always has the person to pray, Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses, and with His wounds I am healed. On the basis of that confession, he gets them to renounce the spirit of infirmity. The same power that heals also drives out evil spirits. The devil chooses your weakest moment and weakest place. He gives responses to questions on guidelines for small children. He tells of an interesting experience he had concerning a woman with 72 evil spirits that each named themselves when they came out. One, the seducing spirit, was the root of 37 different deceiving spirits for example eternal security, Jesus only, forbidding to marry, etc. He says the most dangerous spirits are religious spirits. They are twice as dangerous as all the rest put together. He gives a warning that there is a very narrow dividing line between the real thing and the wrong thing. Many more questions and answers concerning demons are addressed. Can demons inhabit furniture, is there a demon of sleep, etc. He recommends his booklet Expelling Demons which gives a list. In a question, are there families of spirits, he said yes, and gave examples of a few such as resentment, hatred, rebellion in one family. How do we know what is the root spirit? It is usually the first one in and the last one out. Derek says faith is the real thing, not a label. He tells us healing of memories is not taught in these meetings and he does not think this scriptural. This teaching is full of information through questions and answers. He dismissed in prayer.


00DELTRCD-5 – 8 Ministers on Panel – QUESTIONS TO PANEL
This message contains questions and answers on the deliverance ministry to a panel of 8 ministers including Jack Duran, AZ, Frank Marzullo, FL, Monte Mulkey, CA, Geri McGhee, TX, Jim & Alberta Landry, TX, Mildred Coffey, TN, and Dr. Bill Null as narrator. Some topics covered include; diabetes, asthma, allergies, curses from divorce, deliverance for heavily medicated people, insomnia, oral sex in married couples, and ancestral curses.


A question and answer session. Questions from the audience are taken by the panel of eight ministers, Mildred Coffey, Frank Marzullo, Geri McGhee, Monty Mulkey, Dr. Bill Null, Chris Simpson, and hosted by Norman Parish. Topics covered include, why can Christians possess demons, what to do if a demon won’t come out, how curses can affect Christians, and how to keep the balance between your ministry and keeping your energy and enthusiasm.


Various Ministers – Questions to Panel – This session consisted of questions from the audience, addressed to a panel of ministers. It is very informative and serves to clarify some of the common questions that the deliverance ministry faces. One of the highlights of this dialogue concerned the topic of tattoos.


Various Ministers – A panel of pastors and teachers answers questions submitted by the audience. Some of the topics discussed are pictures of Jesus, fear, and trauma, how to take thoughts captive. Col.2: 8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” – How “Inner Healing” psychology can be deceptive and a harmful substitute for repentance and deliverance. Genuine healing usually follows deliverance.


This year’s PANEL DISCUSSION  Speakers: Dario Parish, Carla Butaud, Bo Fisher, Tom Stone, Jackie Pasko, and was moderated by Dr. William Null. Questions raised to the panel were 1) Would you expound on the issue of talking to demons during deliverance. 2) How do spirits transfer from one person to another. 3) How do you honor your father who raped your mother? 4) How do you pray concerning the bastard curse when the parents later marry? 5) Should Christians be cremated? 6) Is there any difference in how you pray between possession and oppression? 7) Can a pedophile be saved? 8) Why are some more gifted than others to overcome pain? 9) Expound on how you get spirits from dead things, i.e. animals, people, etc. 10) Describe and interpret, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” 11) What is love? 12) People do not believe what I say. Is it a demon? Lack of love? 13) What about suicide? 14) Discussion concerning a vagabond. This is one of the best panel questions/discussions in years!


Various Ministers – An esteemed panel consisting of Jim Landry, Bo Fisher, Angelo Rosario, and Ed Johnson was asked 10 questions pertaining to deliverance. Each panel member was given the opportunity to respond to each question. A few of the questions and responses will be shared here. Why can’t we cast out demons with a word like Jesus did? We can! God’s Word will not come back void. Pray and Fast. What is the difference between casting out and binding a demon? Binding is stopping and freezing them in their tracks. They have to respect the Word of God. Why do spirits get into things? They are territorial spirits and they stay in objects they feel comfortable in. How can I help my son who is saved but full of evil spirits and not open to deliverance as I see results in my grandchildren? You can take authority over your bloodline. You don’t have to see it, just believe it. With regard to territorial spirits that rule over businesses, how can we pray against them without backlash? You can’t take legal rights for a territory that is not yours. You can bind but not cast them out. Luke 9, 10:1. Many other helpful answers are given to these questions and all of the remaining questions which you can hear on the CD or DVD available from LHBC.


Various Speakers – A panel of ministers endeavored to answer various questions submitted by those present at our conference who were also ministers.  We all have dilemmas at times and it was interesting to get different input from our panel.  Sometimes it’s good to get a look from another angle.


Various Speakers – An opportunity is given for ministers to answer questions from the attendees of the conference. How can you tell MPD from a mental disorder? How old is ‘too old” to sleep with w/parents? What about oral sex? Can we safely have ‘hands laid on”? How do we deal with Jezebel? Are demons in flesh or mind-or both? How do we begin deliverance with children and teens? What about churches that are not doing deliverance? – or are celebrating pagan holidays? Plead the blood? Transference of demons during deliverance sessions? These and other questions are addressed during this session. NOTE: This was not a good quality in places. We apologize – also there was some audio difficulty on the DVD too.


Various Speakers – Panel Discussion – Topics: Binding Spirits, broken heart, trauma, competitive spirit, false tongues, sin – a cause of illness, attention-seeking spirits, burned out in the ministry, multiple personalities, deliverance and psychology, ruling principalities, spirits in a molested person, lesbian spirits, schizophrenia, and bi-polar is the same thing? how to stay balanced in this ministry. (Note – Gene Moody was also one of the ministers attending that seemed to answer most of the questions).


12DELTRCD-6P – Various Ministers – QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON DELIVERANCE Panel Discussion – Questions addressed include: Is the gift of visions one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit? In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus told them to depart from Him. Where did they go? Was it because of a wrong motive to serve themselves first? When is it boldness and when is the independent spirit in operation? Are tares and wheat growing together for this time, too? Why do some spirits come out better with oil and some with laying on of hands? Doing deliverance ? one on one? is effective, but how can we be successful in group deliverance? When you are ministering deliverance to those new to you, what do you do first? Would you lead them to repentance and renunciations first or bring them to Christ and salvation and after that, minister deliverance? How do you discern when a familiar spirit is operating? Is it scriptural for women to be pastors and ministers of deliverance? Can a woman who wants to stay a Mormon get free? When do you call the spirit of Jezebel what it is and cast it out? How do you confront a minister who has a spirit of Jezebel? Is drumming evil? To break a hex or vex, why is it not enough just to apply the blood of Jesus? Is there a lot of competition among ministers? Is it Biblical to ask the Holy Spirit to come if He already lives in us? How do you deal with a man-hating spirit in a woman minister?


Jim Landry is the moderator of this panel discussion.  The other participants are Frank Marzullo, Jr., and his wife, Jill, Carla Butaud, and Geri McGhee.  1) Is there a connection between the full moon and the behavior of children, the birth of a baby, PMS and dysfunctional behavior of the general public?  2) How do you bring the flesh under submission to the Holy Spirit?  3) How do you know if it is a demon attack on the flesh?  4) In the process of getting deliverance, how do you keep a demon from returning when someone says to you, “It’s all gone”?   5) Can you remove a demon if the person does not want it out?  6) Is it alright to get a tattoo after salvation?  7) How do you deal with the oppression of epilepsy? 8) If an alcoholic backslides does he become worse than before?  9) Can we be guided by demons while ministering deliverance?  10) Can a grandparent ask for deliverance for their grandchild? 11) Why are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit not operating in the churches of today?  12) What are the root spirits which bring about the disease of Alzheimer’s?  We need to continue to trust the Our Great High Priest Jesus Christ for His miracle-working power to save, heal and deliver us.

Note: For deliverance ministry books, DVDs, or a better quality audio CD of these exact messages, visit our online media store Use our “Quick Find” to search for these media numbers. The example above for the last one: # 13DELTRCD-6P, or by “person”, or by “book/CD title” you interested in. DVDs are for 2006 and up only. Below the year 2006 then it’s CD’s or MP3 sets of camp meetings, by speaker name.

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