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David Bunch Sr.

79LHCD6-3 – David Bunch, Sr. – MANCHILD COMPANY
The Jews missed the Messiah because of tradition. In these last days of separation, we must remain tender before the Lord, willing to hear and follow His voice, leaving traditions behind.

79LHCD6-4 – David Bunch, Sr. – PETER, CALLED OUT
Beautiful description of Peter getting out of the boat as it relates to the Manchild company. A picture of what deliverance is bringing us into!

79LHCD6-27 – David Bunch, Sr. – GOD HAS COMMANDED
In our lives God has appointed circumstances to come our way to fulfill His purposes and plan for our lives. Learn to rest in the assurance He is in control.

79LHCD12-10 – David Bunch, Sr. – HIERARCHY OF SATAN
We are called out to possess the “Promised Land” and to put to death the enemy inhabitants of that land. These obstacles keep us from being a free-flowing channel to be used for the Glory of God. Special deliverance for problems of obesity included.

79LHCD12-14 – David Bunch, Sr. – OUR WALK WITH GOD
Exhortation on Psalm 133. There are things ahead so glorious – but we must continue on to possess and conquer the land.

79LHCD12-20 – David Bunch, Sr. – ON TO MATURITY
He’s coming for a church without spot or wrinkle, so be careful not to let “your experiences” become to wrinkled up. Move with the cloud! Go on with God.. 

79LHCD12-23 – David Bunch, Sr. – A HIGHER PRAISE
We dare not be satisfied with the current realm of praise. There is a higher realm that we must press into. Praise is the door into the throne room of God..

The message of deliverance is for the Church. Understanding of how Satan operates helps you to learn and apply the tactics for defeating him.

There is nothing lacking in God?s provision for us. His “goods” are to be used to do what He has called us to and expects us to do, not to be used for our own self-gain. 


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