1999 Ladies Convention


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The 1999 Ladies Convention

The following is this camp meeting, only in podcast format.

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Linda Sutter

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Linda starts the Ladies’ Conference with a timely reminder to never let the sun go down on our wrath. This is a door opener for the root of bitterness. After over fifty years of being single, Linda recently married for the first time. She had to learn to work out problems in her marriage and ministry to prevent bitterness from taking root and stopping the move of God and the anointing in her home and church. Bitterness means to be “rung out, pressed down and dried out.” You cannot talk about overcoming and be complaining at the same time, for “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Let us put away all murmuring and bitterness, repent, and rejoice in the Lord as Linda did during the conference with her leadership in song and praise.

(Col. ) Speed & Ruth Wilson

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99LCCD2-2 – Ruth Wilson – ON TO MATURITY
Using sketches of the Tabernacle as a reference, Ruth explains to us how the layout of the Tabernacle is a picture of our relationship to God and demonstrates the phases of God’s dealings with His people, culminating in the return of Jesus for His glorious, perfected Church. It does not matter how much you know. How much of what you know are you walking in? The enemy wants to hinder and, if possible, altogether prevent our growth into maturity. We must choose to move on to experience the fullness of God’s purposes for the church in this hour.

Shirley Smith

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99LCCD2-3 – Shirley Smith – VESSELS OF HONOR
Using many examples from her own life, Shirley brings to life the process our divine potter goes through to restore broken vessels and make them into vessels of honor, fit for the master’s use. Often we must go through repeated “breakings”, “moldings” and “firings” until the flesh man is totally brought to death. The key to our restoration is our willingness to submit to the brokenness, the reshapings and the firings until the vessel of beauty comes forth.

Jim & Mildred Coffey

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Mildred paints a picture of the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross to bring out the spiritual and the physical healing and deliverance that was provided for us through the stripes of Jesus and His blood. God wants to build His kingdom in our spiritual man; the devil wants to build his kingdom in our flesh man. If the devil cannot succeed in causing us to serve him, he would like to have us die from our infirmities rather than to minister for the Lord Jesus. Partaking of the body and blood of Jesus in communion causes His life to spring forth within us as we speak, believe, obey and walk in His Word. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

Jack & Carol Cannada

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In the story of Hosea we see a picture of the extravagant love of God for His bride, the church (Israel), and how His endless, unconditional love can conquer even the most wayward of sinners. Just as Hosea pursued Gomer even when she was mired in the depths of depravity and rescued her from slavery to bring her back into relationship with him, so God is calling us back to our first love that He might fully restore us to Himself. Prayer and ministry follow.

Jack & Carol Cannada

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99LCCD2-6 – Carol Cannada – SEIZE THE MOMENT
Carol in her gentle and loving way exhorts us, as Paul did Timothy, to stir up the gifts that are within us and to seize every moment to be used of God and minister to others. As Paul exhorted Timothy against timidity, likewise we also must refuse to allow fear to control our lives. Carol’s personal testimony of deliverance from fear inspires us to rise up in holy boldness to possess our inheritance in Christ. 



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