2007 Passover Camp Meeting

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The 2007 Passover Camp Meeting

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Ish Payne

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07LHCD4-1 – Ish Payne – FIGHT OR FLIGHT
Ish brings this excellent teaching with very informative, true life, examples. He begins by saying he doesn’t want us to believe anything he says unless 2 conditions are met. 1) It has to line up with the Word and 2) Make sure it lines up with your spirit. In this hour God is trying to equip an army of men, women and children to rip chains off people. Is God for you or against you? Probably 80% of the church doesn’t believe that He is for us. And God does want us to know what He thinks. Do we have an enemy? Can we know how he thinks? Absolutely, we can know from John 10:10. It says the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy you and your family. Ish tells us a lot of what he is going to minister is in his book “Life in the Red Zone” which you can order from LHBC. Ministry is about relationships. Relational problems bring on other problems. The first thing the devil does is he deceives you. He does this by making you listen. You’ve got to hear something. Second, after he got us deceived, he wants to get a foot hold in our life. When the foot hold is established you are not just hearing what is going on, you are listening. Third, you are living it; it has become a part of you and your lifestyle. Deliverance is a lifelong process. We are always only as free as our next choice. If you live in fear you’ve made satan bigger than our God and he is NOT. In his book, “Life in the Red Zone”, Ish and his wife have created a Red Zone Chart he says is copyrighted, which means you have the right to copy it. He explains a quick synopsis of this chart showing us peace or homeostasis in the green zone, where God designed you and me to live before the foundation of the world. At the top of the chart is Fight or Flight – the thing that God designed for you so that you can run and fight in times of trouble. The minute you lose your peace you are in fight or flight. On the middle of the chart is the Red Zone. He says this chart can affect your life and also a lot of other people. Living in the Red Zone is resisting the Holy Ghost. Through personal testimony he shows that comparison and competition put you in the Red Zone because you might never measure up. It is all about relationships. He shares a deep truth with us – “you better learn to love yourself” because “wherever you go, there you are”. He says he is trying to learn to be his own best friend. There are only 3 ways you can be broken: with God, with someone else or with yourself. Each story he has shared, in each case there is a broken relationship. If your relationship is broken between you and you, or you and someone else, it is automatically broken with God. If you don’t forgive yourself you are saying our sin is bigger than Jesus. Repentance is agreeing with God. God said it and that’s what I need to do about it. Ish closes this teaching with prayer and deliverance recitation with the congregation.


Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2017

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Geri nails Scripture after Scripture to lay the groundwork for possible roots to diseases. The spiritual root to a disease is the sin that causes the disease. The sin can be your own personal sin, a sin committed against you, or it can be a generational iniquity of the forefathers. For some people it is hard for them to understand or believe that sin and sickness could be related. This message will do more for you than any prescription drug, any trip to the doctor, any surgery, or treatment plan. The Holy Spirit is sending a message to the body of Christ that the Word of God is the solution for every ailment, every disease, every affliction or symptom. It is the way of healing, the way of divine health and we have to be willing to let the Master Surgeon operate on us using His Precious Word. His death on the cross was not a religious experience for Him. Neither is what Geri talks about in this message, intended to be a religious experience for us. We must be willing to have everything exposed by the Holy Spirit so that cleansing, healing and restoration can be fulfilled. Ministry concludes this teaching. 


Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

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Dr. Null traces the steps of evil spirits working in the lives of believers through both the Old and New Testaments. Lam 5:7, “Our fathers have sinned and are not; and we have borne their iniquities.” Gal. 3:1, “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?” We still are plagued with false teachers and spirits that will bewitch. The teaching culminates with prayers of deliverance.

Bill Smith

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Bill begins his message with the words, God, bring me to the place you can trust me. I Sam 2:35 – God wants a faithful priest, a sure house. He can dwell in forever. God is on the move! From the flickering candlestick to the light of His presence, from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to divine health, from those who were on the wrong side of the tracks to Main Street, from fresh oil, to anointing, to His presence. He relates the process God has taken him through in learning: to trust and obey, repent and believe, to rebuild after a storm, to witness miracles that only God could do in Mexico and Fort Worth, Texas. This message is a demonstration of kingdom living with signs, wonders and miracles following those who believe.

Bill Smith

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07LHCD4-5 – Bill Smith – GOD IS MAKING A MAN
You are in training for reigning. Bill’s opening remark provokes both questions and understanding. Psalms 17:15 summarizes the message. I will make the choice to behold His face in righteousness. I will not be satisfied until I awake in His likeness. God is purifying His body. Through the refiner’s fire, pure gold will reflect His image. As yeast is comingled with flour and loses its identity, so will God’s creation become one with the Creator. The question is posed, Why can’t I enter this destiny with my grandchildren like Joshua and Caleb entered the promised land. The question deserves an answer why not? Bill walks through the Word of God and paints the picture of an overcoming body who takes back what the enemy stole and lives to see His kingdom come on earth.


Cheryl Batts

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07LHCD4-6 – Cheryl Batts – FEAR NOT
Cheryl delivers a powerful message on being prepared for war. “Are you packed?” is the question we need to explore. What do you have in your backpack? 2 Cor 10:1-6 is the text from which an outline is drawn. Know the Commander-in-Chief – train to use the weapons – know what the weapons are – learn to be disciplined and obedient – discover the land mines in our lives. This teaching can mean the difference between life and death.


Camp Meeting Music

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Songs include My Eyes Have Seen the Glory; Oh, How I Love Jesus; Jesus Loves Me; Oh, How He Loves You & Me; The Old Rugged Cross; There is Power (in the Blood); Oh, The Blood of Jesus; What Can Wash Away My Sin; God’s Got An Army; The Weapons of our Warfare; I Hear the Sound of the Army of the Lord; Victory Today is Mine; Because He Lives; Glory, Glory I Praise You Oh Lord.


Ish Payne

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07LHCD4-7A – Ish Payne – THE KINGDOM AND SIN 1-of-2
07LHCD4-7B – Ish Payne – THE KINGDOM AND SIN 2-of-2
Ish tells of an open vision he had from the Lord. He tells us there are 3 Kingdoms to deal with: God’s Kingdom, the devil’s Kingdom and our Kingdom. Ours is the hardest to deal with as we serve it and not God’s Kingdom and He will not give His glory to another. Matthew 4:23 – what we are looking at is the Kingdom of God. Salvation, to Ish, is taking on the new Kingdom of the Lord Jesus and laying down your life and your kingdom and following Him. Spiritual warfare is simply determining who is in control. Is Jesus Lord or am I? May of us are determined to live unto ourselves. If you are going to be in authority, you have to be under authority. He asked the question why do we die? Because of Adam and sin. It is because of sin that man dies. The minute you are born, you start dying because of sin. He shows 3 types of sin that can inflict you. He says there is probably more but he likes to teach it this way but reserves the right to change. When we were born, we were born into a sin cursed world. So we understand things happen that are unexplainable. Examples: 911, children dying, miscarriages, bad wrecks, and plane crashes. He gives examples of when he was a policeman. The second part of the sin issue is that we can become victims of someone else’s sin. He gives more examples. The third issue of sin is your own sin – personal sin. Sin separates us from God. Matthew 18 shows the difference between a captive and a prisoner. Anything controlling us that is not the Holy Spirit is from another Kingdom. This Part A teaching CD ends with Proverbs 1 – Is God sovereign? Yes. Are you sovereign? Yes. But not like God. God in His sovereignty gave us the right to choose. This CD continues the teaching on “The Kingdom and Sin” with a true story from Charlotte NC that Ish tells us about. This illustrates Proverbs 1:28 – We have all made bad choices. We reap what we sow. See Psalms 81:11-12. Ish then gives everyone present the opportunity to vocalize repentance by responsive recitation. He warns us to guard our heart and set boundaries for ourselves. At this time he allows people from the audience to share real life experiences of repentance brought to them during this service. He then gives us 3 important principles: 1. You are not responsible for someone else’s sin, sickness or torment. This includes your children, your husband or your wife. 2. You are not responsible to get that person saved, healed or delivered. You are not the Savior. When you try to become their savior, you are in idolatry and you’re not helping them, you are hurting them. 3. The only thing you are responsible for is to hear the Word of the Lord and do it. Don’t let tradition or your neighbor tell you what to do. Listen for the Word of the Lord. And God doesn’t get in a hurry. He prays for healing, deliverance and restoration over the congregation, and takes authority over specific evil spirits, and curses.


Clement Humbard

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07LHCD4-8 – Clement Humbard – CHRIST IS RESURRECTION
Clement fires off Scriptures like a rapid-fire machine gun with pin point accuracy, exposing wrong beliefs held by the church. Fear of touching something God has forbidden has held the church back from walking in the realm God provided. Luke 12-? “for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Can we then say, “Mine is the kingdom?” – “Mine is the power?” – Acts 1:8 “Mine is the glory?” God will not share His glory with heathens but His glory is risen upon me. The answer is yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes Lord! This is a powerful message for the church today to walk in victory. The final question is “who have you been mistaken for lately, Jesus or satan?”


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