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1. Discerning of Spirits, Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom: three gifts of the Holy Spirit.

2. Names claimed by demons which describe their work: such as anger – to make angry.

3. Counterfeiting and imitating spirits of God (spirit of divination for Word of Knowledge).

4. Synonyms for evil spirits (Roget’s Thesaurus).

5. Personality of demon (soul – mind, will and emotions); just like you are except it does not have a physical body.

6. Cause demons to manifest and identify their names and characteristics (spiritual warfare).

7. Detection by common symptoms or problems: emotional, mental, speech, sex, addictions, physical and religious (false religions, Christian cults, occult and spiritism, false doctrine).

8. The Bible contains many names of demons and angels.

9. Dictionaries, encyclopedias and medical books are a good source of names of demons.

10. Study false religions, carnal worldly practices, and effects of drugs, sex and power to identify demonic practices.

The Spirits Of God And Satan (Excerpts)

1. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God…” (I John 4:1).

2. We can bind and loose spirits.

3. Therefore, we are safe in assuming that for every ministering spirit of the Lord, there will be one, and often many satanic counter spirits.

4. Loosing spirits from the Lord.


1. We bind the spirits (demons) of Satan and loose the spirits (angels) of God. We cast the demons out of people, and God directs the angels to minister to our needs.

2. Godly spirits commonly mentioned are spirit, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord, Holy Spirit (human spirit, angels and Holy Spirit).

3. Ungodly spirits commonly mentioned are evil spirits, demons and devils. There is actually only one Devil, Satan; demons are the correct terminology. There are millions of fallen angels and billions of demons.

4. Ungodly spirits generally are found grouped in families. Where you find one demon, you frequently find a family of demons with the same characteristics.

Dictionary Of Classical Mythology (Excerpts And Comments) – “A knowledge of the classics and an acquaintance with the imaginary characters, places, and incidents of ancient mythology which have been such an inspiring influence to writers of all ages adds greatly to ones enjoyment of literature, art and conversation. The people outside literary and educational pursuits have sufficient opportunity or leisure to acquire or keep up a knowledge of this popular branch of learning. It is important, therefore, to present in dictionary form the story of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines of the old Grecian and Roman literature. It will lead to a better understanding of the countless references which are made from time to time in the literature of the day to classic subjects. It is a great wonderland of posy and romance, and forms a realm all its own, the realm of antiquity’s gods and demons and of prehistoric heroes.”

Notice the underlining and what it says to you. It is talking about gods, goddesses and demons. There is a demon behind every god and goddess worshiped by man!

You are seeing products with these names more and more today. Is this innocent or deliberate? The definitions of these names can be found in unabridged dictionaries. We recommend that you purchase one for spiritual research.

Idols Worshipped By Countries – The names of idols are the same as names of demons. There is a demon behind every idol that is worshipped by man. There are male and female gods and goddesses. Satan has something for everyone. Temple prostitutes included male homosexuals, female lesbians and female prostitutes.

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Excerpts And Comments) – The following is Taber’s definition of multiple sclerosis: “A chronic, slowly progressive disease of the central nervous system characterized by development of disseminated demyelinated glial patches called plaques. Symptoms and signs are numerous, but in later stages those of Charcot’s triad (nystagmus, scanning speech, and intention tremor) are common. Occurs in the form of many clinical syndromes, the most common being the cerebral, brain stem-cerebellar, and spinal. A history of remissions and exacerbations is diagnostic. Etiology is unknown and there is no specific therapy.”

Notice the highlighted words. They tell you the symptoms of the disease and where it is located in the body. With this information, you can pray more effectively. The symptoms can be called out as names of demons such as plaques, Charcot’s triad, nystagmus, scanning speech and intention tremor. Demons will answer to their medical names, common names, symptoms or names they are given in the spiritual world.

We worked with a woman in deliverance who had this disease by using the above method. We would get manifestations as we called out the demons by their medical names. She was delivered and healed.

Neurotic And Abnormal Personalities (The 3 P’s – Psychoneurosis, Psychoneurotic And Psychopsychosis) – A study of psychology and psychiatry can be very helpful in deliverance. The method of treatment can also open the door to demons.

Phobias – Phobias are fears. There are 210 phobias recognized by psychiatrists.

Using A Thesaurus In Deliverance (Excerpts)

1. Because demons tend to “cluster” in family groupings, the thesaurus can be an amazingly helpful instrument to identify demons within a specific category.

2. When the spirit is forced to manifest, his name, located in the thesaurus, becomes a tool to uncover his supportive network of demons.

3. This method has been tried in the laboratory of experience and many times has been the key to a breakthrough in cases where the demons have a particularly stronghold on the individual.

Source And Branches Of False Religions – Diagram:

Catholic Masonic Occult

(Religious) (Business Success) (Drugs, Sex, Power)


(Tammuz & Semiramus)

The first false religion in the Bible can be traced back to Nimrod, his wife, Semiramus, and her child, Tammuz. From this source branched out other false religions. The Catholic religion is for those who want to be religious. The Masonic religion is for those who want business success. The Occult religion is for those who want power, sex and drugs. This is true of anyone who follows a bloodless religion without the Blood of Jesus Christ and has not had a born-again experience with Jesus Christ, our Lord, Master and Savior.


1. Pigs In The Parlor – 3 R’s (Root of Bitterness, Rebellion and Rejection) and 53 Common Demon Groupings.

2. Demolishing The Hosts Of Hell, “Names Claimed By Demons” – pages 51-59 (1300 Demons) and “Using a Thesaurus in Deliverance” – page 61.

3. Roget’s Thesaurus – Synonyms (names of demons).

4. Battling The Hosts Of Hell – “Names of Demons”, pages 233-235

5. Conquering The Hosts Of Hell – “The Spirits of God and Evil Spirits Mentioned or Implied in Scripture”, pages 61-62.

6. Education Book Of Essential Knowledge, An Addition Of Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, Consolidated Book Publishers, U.S.A.

7. Unger’s Bible Dictionary by Merril F. Unger, Moody Press, Chicago

8. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, F.A. Davis, Co., Philadelphia, PA

9. Psychology Made Simple, by Abraham P. Sperling, Made Simple Books, Double Day and Company, Inc., Garden City, New York

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Deliverance Books, CD’s, MP3′s, DVD’s & Tapes

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