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 The 2018 Spring Camp Meeting.

Also this whole camp is available on DVD Video  

Are available on CD quality audio. ORDER MP3 # – 18LHMP3CD3.
The 2018 Spring Camp Meeting
All 8 messages on 1 MP3 CD – Donation $10.00
The retail MP3 format is: 128 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, MP3.

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The 2018 Spring Camp Meeting

Randy & Callie Richey 

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18LHCD3-1A – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF OFFENCE 1-of-2
18LHCD3-1B – Randy Richey – THE SPIRIT OF OFFENCE 2-of-2
The enemy uses offences as bait to lure us into a lifetime of bitterness, resentment, failure to forgive and even hatred. When we allow the spirit of offence to come in it becomes a hindrance and a stumbling block to us. It causes us to stumble in our walk with God. You can start to be offended over the littlest things and when you’re not healed, those little things that should mean nothing turn into mountains. There is a place in God’s kingdom where we can walk and not be offended. Randy examines different aspects of offence. If you’re easily offended there’s a good chance selfishness is involved. There can be insecurities. David is a good example of one not easily offended – so was Jesus. We have to be determined to not be offended. Pray for those who offend you the most! It’s good to say, “Lord, if I’m offended, show me where.” Extensive deliverance ministry concludes this very practical teaching.  

Deborah Vails

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18LHCD3-2 – Deborah Vails – THE PURPOSE OF PRAYER
The gathering in the upper room found them all in one accord, waiting on the Holy Spirit. They needed this helper and we, as Christians today, continue to need the Holy Spirit to help us. We all have a responsibility to pray. The purpose of prayer is to determine God’s will in a matter. He’s calling the church to pray, to wait on Him to give us direction to know what to do. Without the direction of God, who is really leading? When we get connected in the Holy Ghost He will show us how to pray. Prayer should be our priority and our lifestyle. Jesus is our example: He came not to do His own will but that of the Father’s. Additionally, He ever liveth to make intercession for us. Stay in the pocket of prayer and watch God move! Prayer is ministry to the Lord. Prayer causes your spiritual eyes to be open so you can see in the spiritual realm. Birthed in prayer, this message reveals twelve different purposes of prayer and is a call for ALL believers to be stirred to a deeper life of prayer.

Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2018

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18LHCD3-3A – Geri McGhee – BEING BORN AGAIN 1-of-2
18LHCD3-3B – Geri McGhee – BEING BORN AGAIN 2-of-2
From the time you accept the Lord, if your life has not changed, if there has not been a heart change in your life, you need to be born again. A religious person is only concerned about things on the outside. A born again Christian wants God to deal with heart issues, things on the inside that are not pleasing to Him. God wants us to be born again. He wants us to overcome, to forgive and be conformed into His image and likeness. Jesus said we cannot even see (know, be acquainted with, and experience) the kingdom of God unless we are born again. Geri clarifies that no one has yet to reach perfection – we are all a work in progress. When we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us to produce the fruit of the Spirit – the nature of Jesus becomes more evident. 1 John 3:9 in the Amplified says, “No one born (begotten) of God [deliberately, knowingly, and habitually] practices sin, for God’s nature abides in him [His principle of life, the divine sperm, remains permanently within him]; and he cannot practice sinning because he is born (begotten) of God. We are all sinners but this is talking about practicing sin. And even when we have a problem with a particular sin, we are seeking God for His truth so we can be set free to no longer commit that disobedience to His Word. Extensive ministry takes place at the conclusion of this message. If you have any doubt regarding being born again, either yourself or someone close to you, please get this message.  


Nickie Pinson

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18LHCD3-4A – Nickie Pinson – THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER 1-of-2
18LHCD3-4B – Nickie Pinson – THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER 2-of-2
Nickie illustrates multiple types of authority as he lays the groundwork for this message on spiritual authority. Any and all true authority comes from God alone. Any authority that comes from God has a purpose and one of the greatest purposes is edification. The devil knows who has real authority with God. Nickie explains how you get authority from God and keep that authority. Jesus had authority because He obeyed His heavenly Father in all things. He did nothing to promote Himself. We have to be under the authority of the Holy Spirit or we have no authority. To be under authority means to be obedient to, or under another one’s authority that’s over you. If we are doing our own will, there will be no authority. Jesus came not to do His own will but the will of His Father in heaven. If we’ll let go of our life, and the time comes that our life will be taken, it won’t be an issue! Nickie prays, asking God to give us a heart to do His will, to be under His authority and to let us be like Christ and die to ourselves.  

.Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013

Geri McGhee 3-of-32014 to 2018..

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18LHCD3-5 – Geri McGhee – THE FEAR OF MAN
When a person fears man it brings a plethora of accompanying fears. When the Bible talks about fear of man it means to have more concern for mankind than for God. A person is actually under a curse from God when he trusts in man (Jer. 17:5). When you allow someone to control you, you become conformed into their image instead of the image of Christ. Geri shares many Scriptural benefits to fearing the Lord. She profiles extensively through Scripture, the horrific consequences to hanging on to the fear of man. Fear is faith in what the devil tells you. Faith is faith in what God tells you. Also included in the message are many of the ways that fear of man enters into us. It’s important to remember that God wants us to be completely set free of ALL fears that come from the dark side. Many were set free during the time of prayer and ministry and you can too, as you participate listening to this on CD, DVD or MP3. This message helps you to understand as you minister to others, how crippling fear of man can be in the life of the believer.

Randy & Callie Richey

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Randy speaks for the first 20 minutes on the door of hope and ministers to the people on hope deferred. Jehovah Witness and Latter Day Saints is a continuation of his series on “Many Will Come”. Randy states the root of Jehovah Witness is buried in Freemasonry. And though one has no knowledge of any Jehovah Witness in their lives or their bloodline, there is a great possibility the line contains Freemasonry. The falsehoods of Jehovah Witness and how it compares to the Bible are revealed in this message. Many people think Jehovah Witness is just another Christian group. But they have a totally different character they put the name of Jesus on. Discerning of spirits is what we need to know the difference between what is God and what calls itself God. Mormons lure people in by claiming to be a Christian organization and family oriented. Their friendly masquerade is one of kindness and love. The Mormons are very powerful in the world today because of their wealth. Be watchful about sending your DNA in for ancestry testing. Extensive prayer for renunciation and deliverance of both Jehovah Witness and Latter Day Saints is included with this message.

(This message is a continuation of what Randy Richey taught at Labor Day Camp when the subject matter centered on Catholicism (17LHCD9-5 or DVD # 17LHDVD 9-5

Deborah Vails – Deliverance Ministry.

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18LHCD3-7 – Deborah Vails – DIMENSIONS OF PRAYER
Deborah give seven points concerning the dimensions of prayer. They are the prayer of confession, thanksgiving, worship, meditation, petition, intercession and persistence. God does not look at the length of our prayers but at the sincerity. In order for us to be victorious in our Christian walk we must stay built up. This comes by us praying in the Holy Ghost. If you are baptized in the Holy Ghost you should pray in tongues because the Holy Ghost knows how to pray when we don’t. (Rom 8:26 & Eph. 6:18) Only the Holy Ghost knows God’s thoughts. When we flow in the Holy Ghost we will know the mind of God. It is important for us to walk in the Spirit daily so we don’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Keep communication with your Heavenly Father and most of all, keep a fervent prayer life. In doing this you will be able to minister to those in need and God will be glorified in your life. Be inspired by this message on prayer.

Nickie Pinson

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The thread that ties this message together is that we humble ourselves before God. The reason the Father always heard Jesus and gave Him what He asked for is because Jesus always prayed according to the will of His Father. 1 John 5:14-15 “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He heareth us: And if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” Instead of us telling God what He needs to do, let us learn to say, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Many times it is our fears that keep us from praying that prayer. It’s time to trust God that His will be done in our lives and the lives of those that concern us most. 

The 2018 Spring Camp Meeting.

Also this whole camp is available on DVD Video  

Are available on CD quality audio. ORDER MP3 # – 18LHMP3CD3.
The 2018 Spring Camp Meeting
All 8 messages on 1 MP3 CD – Donation $10.00
The retail MP3 format is: 128 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, MP3.

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