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This teaching looks at the riches found in Matthew 5-7. The truths of the beatitudes should be demonstrated in our lives. We must acknowledge that we are in need of God and put our lives in his control. If we obey His principles our house will never fall. A great message for both the new convert and the seasoned Christian.

98LHCD7-13 – Dale Copeland – GOD SAID
Bro. Dale takes an honest look at the responsibility parents have to raise our children up in the Lord. “It’s hard to send your children down to the Philistines to be trained, and then expect them to act like Israelites.” An inspiring and faith-building message, including wonderful testimonies of his personal experiences of the healing power of Jesus.


99LHCD12-10 – Dale Copeland – THREE WORLDS (1 OF 3)
This is a profound teaching that deserves serious attention and time to digest. What does the Bible mean when the word “world” is used? What “world” is it? What is God’s purpose in creation? Have the traditions of man and the spirit of antichrist so blinded our eyes that we get comfortable with what Jesus came to destroy? These questions are well worth pondering, and Bro. Dale will most certainly provoke your thinking. This tape along with 99LH12-14A & B is needed to grasp the full import of what he wants to convey.


02LHCD7-2 – Dale Copeland – THE NATURE OF STEWARDSHIP (Part 1 of 2)
We are God’s stewards over time, talents, and treasures. Jesus showed us a proper steward, who did solely the will of the Father. God is the author of stewardship. When we make God the author, it will affect our attitude. The attitude of the steward does not forget its source. It is an attitude of gratitude. 

02LHCD7-4A – Dale Copeland – THE NATURE OF STEWARDSHIP (2 & 3 OF 3)
02LHCD7-4B – Dale Copeland – THE NATURE OF STEWARDSHIP (3 & 3 OF 3)
We are not owners, but stewards of His Kingdom. Knowing the truth that sets us free. The LORD wants to manifest who He is in another realm, through His people. The authority of stewardship is the Word of God. We are stewards of God to bring increase to God. We are going to have to be accountable for our stewardship.

02LHCD12-2A – Dale Copeland – THE PLAN IS BECAUSE OF PURPOSE 1-of-2
02LHCD12-2B – Dale Copeland – THE PLAN IS BECAUSE OF PURPOSE 2-of-2
There are many different storms through life, but there is only one God. The purpose of Jesus’ coming was to reacquaint us with His Spirit. The reason for the plan of God is how to accomplish His purpose – His reason for man. God is going to get what He started after – we cannot change God’s plan. Before we start planning, we need to consult God on His purpose. We need to make His plan our purpose!

Jesus came to redeem us, to bring us back to God’s purpose because man had gotten off track. We are buried with Him – we have to identify with Jesus’ death, (which is the sacrifice) and be dead with Him, or our physical death will mean nothing. Most people are serving God for themselves; they’re after their reward. We have a span of time that God has given us to lay hold of what God has provided for us, and to bring increase as stewards in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus came to redeem us, to bring us back to God’s purpose because man had gotten off track. We are buried with Him – we have to identify with Jesus’ death, (which is the sacrifice) and be dead with Him, or our physical death will mean nothing. Most people are serving God for themselves; they’re after their reward. We have a span of time that God has given us to lay hold of what God has provided for us, and to bring increase as stewards in the Kingdom of God.


03LCCD2-2A – Junie Copeland – YOU HAVE A PLACE IN GOD 1-OF-2
03LCCD2-2B – Junie Copeland – YOU HAVE A PLACE IN GOD 2-OF-2
God has a place for you and you can shape the world around you just as Esther and Deborah did. You have the power and authority, but you have to use it. Satan is going to set traps to get you to miss your place by attacking your mind, will and emotions. The LORD will deliver you from his snare if you abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

03LHCD9-1 – Dale Copeland – THE MERCY OF GOD
This message brings an understanding of God’s love and mercy to a level that most have never seen or experienced. He wants His people restored more than anything and we see how, especially in the life of David, God brought forth His purposes out of a mess of murder, adultery and disobedience. God spoke to Bro. Copeland and told him, “I never loved you more than when you were my worst enemy.” This message can transform lives and change the way you pray!

03LHCD9-11A – Dale Copeland – THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM 1-of-2
03LHCD9-11B – Dale Copeland – THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM 2-of-2
The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit within you. This is manifested by the fruit produced in your life. The five fold ministry is given to equip the saints for the edifying of the body of Christ till all come to the unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Brother Copeland opens the scripture to encourage the saints to press in to the fullness of Christ and bear fruit of the Kingdom of God.


04LHCD4-1 – Dale Copeland – VOICE OF THE SON
Ephesians 4:11 And He gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some teachers and pastors. Brother Copeland begins with an exposition of Ephesians 4:11-16 to show the importance of following the Spirit of God. He then begins a comparison of the promises of the Old Covenant with what is available to us as we walk under the New Covenant. When we follow the voice of the Son as given by the Holy Spirit we are abiding in a closer walk with our heavenly Father.

04LHCD4-2A – Dale Copeland – WE ARE NOT ORPHANS 1-of-2
04LHCD4-2B – Dale Copeland – WE ARE NOT ORPHANS 2-of-2
John 14:18 I will not leave you comfortless (orphans): I will come to you. Brother Copeland continues his previous study “Voice of the Son” to show the necessity of communication with God. He compares the people’s expectation under the law which is the Old Covenant with what is promised under grace in the New Covenant. He explains the difference and how we as God’s people can claim the fullness of the Kingdom of God. Those who are crying out for more of God will want to hear these stirring messages more than once. If the substance of your spiritual relationship consists of simply attending church several hours a week, we challenge you to at least three and a half additional hours and hear Bro. Copeland’s messages.

04LHCD9-1 – Dale Copeland – CHRIST IN YOU
Brother Copeland expounds the riches of the knowledge that your body is the temple of God. The Holy of Holies exists in you so that God can present Himself to others through you. As we worship Him in the spirit, then we come into this realization that God has changed us into children of God, true sons and daughters for His glory. Jesus is the first born of many brethren. Brother Dale outlines a program to come into this realization.


05LHCD3-1 – Dale Copeland – SPIRIT
2 Cor 11:3 “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” Bro. Copeland points out that there is more than one kind of spirit and some are rotten. Many people still approach the Scriptures from an old covenant understanding. The Church should manifest the life of Jesus with the light He provided and the realization that Christ dwells within you in all things. 

Bro. Copeland reminds us we are more than accepted – we are elected. We are more than befriended – we are beloved. God’s perspective of us is much different than what we have of ourselves. We see ourselves as not being “quite good enough”. We need to be embracing the mind of God – “let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.” The enemy wants our negative, no good, poor self-esteem thoughts to never conform to the way God wants us thinking. Because once we wake up to the fact of who we are in Christ and the magnitude of how He see us, the press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus has truly begun.

Mt. 18:19-20 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Bro. Dale shows you that you are saved to express Jesus in your life – not to go to heaven. He then shows how the five fold ministry (Eph 4:11-16) is given to equip the saints to receive the gifts of God and then release them to others. By so doing then the church multiplies and the gospel is spread to all nations.


06LCCD2-1 – Junie Copeland – I AM HIS TRUE LOVE
“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” Sol 2:4 Junie demonstrates in the Song of Solomon how Jesus is wooing you. He loves you as an expectant bridegroom. He is passionate about you. (Ex. 34:14 NLT) You must arise out of lethargy and procrastination to accept yourself as the bride of Christ. Jesus defeated the enemy and now wishes to claim His bride. He has given His glory to you. (John 17:22) and all things that pertain to life and godliness and allowed you to become a partaker of the Divine nature (2 Peter 1:3-4) Junie then used special effects and visual aids to call all women to rise up and accept their calling in Jesus Christ. This is also a message for the men to hear as well.

In the introduction to this teaching, Dale tells us we are debtors to one another and nobody stands alone. But it is easy for us to have our own agenda. Dale says he doesn’t have an agenda of his own in this teaching. God’s grace and mercy are new every morning and get sweeter and sweeter every day. He says perhaps another title would be “Growing into our calling”. The substance of his text is taken from Genesis 37:2-22, depicting the young calling on Joseph’s life and what he went through to get to it. Joseph was a spoiled brat, an arrogant prideful young man. Dale tells us one of the most dangerous things is to get something you desire before your maturity level comes – particularly when the gift is good but our passion for God is not so great. God chastens those He loves, sometimes for training and not for punishment. There are two kinds of chastening; internal chastening and if that doesn’t work, external chastening. We cannot operate in a gift without love. The character and nature of God is love. Dale explains each of the verses on Genesis showing how Joseph was growing in his calling. In closing, he summarizes by saying Joseph was in a learning process and went from most favored all the way through other trials to abandonment. A seed was planted in him as a young man and his character grew into his calling. Don’t try to push in front of your brother. Grow in your passion for Jesus. Our calling is to be mature sons and daughters of God. Don’t ever put anything above Jesus. Dale said, When I’m loving you, I’m loving Jesus?

06LHCD12-5 – Dale Copeland –  HE’S MY EVERYTHING
God is not here for us, we are here for Him. God judged the world 2000 years ago. Something ended then. God changed the whole world when Jesus came. We have a new wine, new temple, new heart. Then Dale asked the congregation to describe how big God is? After responses he asked, “Now, how big is God in you?” He is the same. Jesus prayed and God moved. Dale said he didn’t come to find God, he brought God with him. He said he came to fellowship with God in us. II Corinthians 3:16 & 17 is a radical statement for Apostle Paul – you can’t repay all He did for you; you just need to receive it. II Corinthians 6:16 – I will dwell in them. We haven’t made the transition in our hearts and minds that He lives in us. He has taken His abode in us. We are the temple of the living God. God didn’t live in people before He moved on them. Dale gives many interesting scriptures and analogies about our walk with God and our image of who God is and different levels of growth to maturity in Him. In closing he says to look up worship in the Bible. Not one time is it men-tioned when the church comes together. It literally means adorers! Adore Him all the time. Dale said he has come to a place in his life that even if there wasn’t a heaven or hell, he would still love Him and serve Him as a true worshipper. The church is stuck in early church traditions. This teaching is very informative on being a Son and a Servant.


07LHCD5-1 – Dale Copeland – TRUE WORSHIPPERS
Do not listen to this message unless you want to see more of the Lord! The Scriptures tell us to “magnify” the Lord. How can we make Him, who is already bigger than the entire universe, any more magnified? To magnify Him is not to make Him bigger. it is for us to see Him bigger. Using a magnifying glass does not make the image any bigger, it allows you to see the image in a greater dimension! Dale presents a different view of worship the church has made it something other than what the Bible says it is. Even our concept of praise needs to be reevaluated praise is not connected to what He has done, it’s for who He is. You’ve never expressed the love of God until you are willing to express it if He didn’t give you anything! Worship (intimacy) should be disconnected from our circumstances. Worship causes you to look at circumstances completely different, you discern divine needs then obey. Worship is obedience – Gen 22:5, And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you. A message that will feed your hungry soul, water your dry ground, and cause you to come to love God more than ever!

What incentive did Jesus give His disciples to serve Him? Was it fame, fortune, etc? Jesus enticed the twelve with just God! The question is, are we serving self or are we serving God? One test of whether it is the “Big I”, is, Can you put a folded hundred dollar bill in the offering and conceal it completely with a dollar bill?  Using Scriptures in Titus 2:14; Matt 6:24 and Mark 12:30, along with many, many down to earth examples. Dale shows how iniquity is more than can be told about in one sentence. Ask yourself the question, Why do I serve God? It’s all about motive. Dale points out that we must really KNOW GOD to be able to recognize evil. There are way too many nuggets uncovered in this session to point out in this short synopsis.

07LHCD11-5 – Dale Copeland – GET A LIFE WITH JESUS
Don’t shy away from adversity, that’s the place where you are needed. The glory of God is the brightest in adversity – those darkest places we go through. Most of us don’t want to serve and wash another’s feet. We want the water brought to us. Why? Because we are basically self-serving! Our soul is not really saved unless the engrafted Word is ruling it. If somebody cusses you out today, it is your opportunity to let the Light shine through you. Kings have vacated thrones because of love. That’s what Jesus did for us, and we are to love Him like that. Living not for ourselves but for each other. God has never changed His plan. He still wants trees fit to eat fruit of. Quit worrying about what’s going to come and enjoy God’s presence today. We have Jesus who loves us no matter what, and we better learn how to love Him. Mt 6:25, we seek what we value. Value first the dominion of God in your life. The value of the love of Christ is to win you over.  


Junie begins by telling us a deeper walk with God comes by a deeper commitment. We learn from what comes across our life and we go on. Moses looked at the Red Sea and thought “What am I going to do?” God said, “Stretch forth your hand.” Do you sometimes question, “Maybe that’s not what God really said.” If Moses had thought, “Maybe that’s not God who said, “Stretch forth your hand”, there would have been no deliverance for the children of Israel. Ex 14:16-23 – “the waters closed over the enemy and all he had.” What is your enemy today? There is a deliverance in God we have not yet experienced. Stretch forth your hand! 1 Cor 10:13, Pro 28:1 – the righteous are bold as a lion. I Sam 17:3-11, 41 – David quickly ran to meet Goliath. David had spent time with and had a commitment with God. It is important to know what to do when you get to the giant. Whatever is big to you right now is the giant you are facing. Matt 14:18-28 – Jesus said come. What has Jesus told you to do? Step out of the boat. We read in Acts 2 that the Holy Spirit gives you boldness. They were all filled. Peter was never the same; he was consumed by the Holy Spirit. It is time to stretch out your hand and do what God is telling you to do. Junie closes with prayer for a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit for all who desire it.

08LCCD2-5 – Junie Copeland – SISTER LUCY
Junie portrays the character of “Sister Lucy” in her dress and demeanor. This teaching creates lots of laughter, “which doeth good like a medicine.” (NOTE: The DVD video would be better to watch then just listen). She begins in II Cor 5. Sister Lucy says let the righteous be glad – Ps 68:3. Exceedingly rejoice. The Lord spoke to her and told her, “You are a helper of My joy” – II Cor 1:24. So many of God’s people really look dreadful. There is deliverance from depression when you laugh. II Cor 10 – joy is a mighty weapon. The Bible says think on good things. You have to exercise to think on good things. Junie shares the testimony of how “Sister Lucy” came into being. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength and when you remember Sister Lucy, laugh. This is a great teaching on CD, but to get the full effects of the character you will need to get the DVD. Call LHBC 501-525-8204

08LHCD12-1 – Dale Copeland – You Can Trust God
The whole thing about the Kingdom of God is duplication. God is after a maximum multiplication. Dale shares a personal miracle testimony about when he recently suffered a massive stroke. He says it is his destiny to be fully restored, with God’s help. The Kingdom of God is within us. Let Him rule and reign from His throne. Man fell from right relationship with God. God has never got to see what He created man for. Jesus came to bring us back into right relationship with God. We need to start and end our day with gratitude. We need to get our eyes off our problems. Our spirit produces things from God, our soul practices what God puts in our spirit and our body manifests what God put there. So often we get into trouble and don’t know the voice of our Father. People are not being taught to hear the voice of God. Praying is not hard; if you beg it is hard. Prayer is communicating with the Father. He said I’ll sup with you and you sup with Me. Prayer has got to be a phone conversation; you have to hear as well as talk. We can’t do anything more to be a child of God but we can become a better child of God. If you are going to have to trust God sometime, why not do it now? When you are in the middle of a mud pit you still have to walk through mud when you decide to get out. You are never committed until you can’t catch yourself. Dale encourages us that God is trustworthy and will do what He says. You can believe and obey. Keep valuing your beloved. His name is Jesus. Rest in Him..

08LHCD12-2 – Dale Copeland – The Age That Is Now
You don’t have to have the last word. To get revenge, love your enemies. Bless them that curse you and pray for them that despitefully use you. A sheep has no defense – the shepherd is his defense. Without conflict there is very little change in our life. Don’t look at what you are facing look at the glory God will get when you get through it. God is faithful to always be there. When you are in the pit, mine for gold. Jesus said humble yourself, learn of Me. You know you have learned when you can give it away. It is one thing to know you are supposed to do something but it is another thing to do it. Dale gives some word seed you can take home and make bread with. Scripture references concerning world – Heb. 1:1, 2 – there is more than one world (cosmos), John 3:16, I John 2:15, Gal. 6:14, Heb. 9:25. Don’t ever deceive yourself and think that where you are at is where God wants you to be. Anywhere there is an end – there will be another beginning. Dale explains the perishing worlds from II Peter 3. In vs. 10 ‘elements’ means the procedures under the law. Verse 13 – we are looking for a new heaven and a new earth. To be spiritually minded is peace; carnal minded is death. Anytime something comes from God it is coming down because Spirit is higher than natural.

Dale Copeland – Everything That Happened to Jesus, Happens to Us
You have choices in your life but you are not in charge of the outcome of your life. It is ok to disagree but not to be disagreeable. Enjoy where you are at with God. Dale uses verses in Romans 5 and 6 for this teaching. It is not your actions that make you holy, it’s Jesus. Dale shares example of a brother who has the gift of healing and miracles happened. Jesus healed all who came to Him whether they deserved it or not. When Jesus said “It is finished” He meant it. Man was appointed to die because of sin. Jesus met an appointment Heb. 9:27, 28. Gal.2:20 – we were crucified with Him. Romans 5:8 – we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. Romans 6:11-14. Romans 8:1. Do your part and believe God for His part. He met the appointment for us. Dale shares an illustration of a child growing up. Col. 2:13 – we were quickened together with Him. We are built to occupy both heaven and earth. We are a new species; a new creation designed to live in the natural and the spiritual. II Cor. 5:14, 15, II Tim. 2:11, Col.3:3, 4 – notice ‘with’. In summary Dale says “I was crucified, buried, raised, quickened, glorified and seated with Him”.

08LHCD12-1L – Junie Copeland – Hearing the Voice of God
Junie begins by saying this will be “girl time”, a sharing time. How many feel deficient in their walk with the Lord? He doesn’t want us to. Relationship with Him and each other is the answer. John 14:1 – let not your heart be troubled, perfect love cast out all fear. Junie shares personal experience of her reaction to Dale’s recent stroke. She received a Rhema word from God. “I am your peace, I am his healer”. All panic left her. II Cor 10:5 tells us to take every thought captive. Matt 4:4, John 5:39 God wants to talk to us every day. A lot of times people can’t receive healing because of doubt. A wonderful definition of faith – action based upon belief sustained by confidence in the character of God. What shuts off faith? Unbelief, fear, disobedience does. Example of a Rhema word from God is given in Luke 1:26-31. Junie asks the women present to share experiences they have had with hearing the audible voice of God. Remember, God is after some prophetess’s in the land. How do we listen to Him? Psalms 46:10 – stop talking, build up yourself with the Word, Is. 53:5 speak the Word of God to yourself – II Cor 9:8. Junie shares a demonstration of what happens when you confess the Word of God; it will cause an explosion in the spirit realm. Our words are important; they activate the good angels and the bad angels depending on what we speak. She closes with group prayer.

New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day there will be personal ministry.

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