1988 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting

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The 1988 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting

Miscellaneous Speakers
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88LHCD11-1 – Jerry Garner – THOSE IN CHRIST
Jesus’ prayer for us is that we may be one with him and the Father, and that the world may believe that the Father sent Jesus. God wants to tailor His salvation to you as an individual. His desire is that you know Him and know him intimately. Church, wake up! The Spirit of the living God is alive and He wants to make his eternal abode in you! He desires to process you and separate the precious from the vile, conforming you into His image and likeness. It’s time for the religious facades to be removed so we will be prepared to see him face to face.

Miscellaneous Speakers
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88LHCD11-2 – Jerry Garner – THE BRIDE OF CHRIST (1 of 2)
2 Peter 1:5-7 gives us seven steps we can take, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to make ourselves ready for the marriage of the Lamb. This excellent study of types of the Bride examines the lives of seven women of the Old Testament and one woman of the New Testament who show these characteristics. On this tape, Rebekah shows us the bride of faith; Abishag is an example of the bride of virtue; Deborah personifies the bride of knowledge; Rahab and Mary Magdalene exemplify the bride of self-control. They challenge and encourage us as we prepare ourselves for the marriage of the Lamb. This teaching is continued on message 88LHCD11-5.

Gene & Earline Moody
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Basic Deliverance – A
Also listed in the Deliverance Manual for this chapter

Can A Christian Have A Demon? – A
Also listed in the Deliverance Manual for this chapters

This message begins with the question, “Can a Christian have a demon?” The answer is demonstrated numerous times throughout the Old and New Testament as Gene shares Scriptures that the Lord has given him for this particular study. Deliverance is for the believer – not the unbeliever! God has always been interested in setting His people free from their enemies, and this generation has the authority and provision of the Name of Jesus Christ to cast out devils! Believers will do this but first you must believe! Satan has twisted the truth, either convincing Christians they can’t have evil spirits or deceiving them to believe Satan only operates in their lives externally. This message comes in the Spirit of truth, helping Christians to realize that deliverance from evil spirits is an extension of God’s love to His people. Deliverance ministry concludes this teaching.

Tommy Cook
Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry
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Many are the requirements of the overcomers. Those who are found worthy will know the Lord and have a union with their King. These are days of preparation, separation, trials and testings for the people of God. After we are called and chosen we must allow Him to sanctify us. With separation comes revelation. Faithfulness and obedience are being worked into those who are willing to stay humble, waiting upon the Lord for promotion. The anointing of God comes from a lifestyle of obedience before Him. This message is truly a treasure.

Miscellaneous Speakers
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88LHCD11-5 – Jerry Garner – THE BRIDE OF CHRIST (2 of 2)
This message continues the teaching begun on 88LH11-2. On this tape, Ruth is an example of the bride of perseverance; Esther shows us the bride of godliness; Abigail portrays the bride of brotherly kindness and love.

Glen & Erma Miller 1-of-2
Glen & Erma Miller 2-of-2
Founders of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp
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88LHCD11-6A 1-of-2
88LHCD11-6B 2-of-2
*Glen & **Erma Miller
Some come from disobedience to God’s Word. Others come from our forefathers’ sins. These are called familiar to a family and they are handed down from generation to generation. Examples: drunkenness, diabetes, anger, etc. Poverty comes from a curse put on us by God for not paying our tithes. **Erma took her text from Prov. 13:18, “Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction, but he that regardeth reproof (correction) shall be honored.” John 16:7-8 reads, “And when He (the Comforter) is come, He will reprove (convince or convict) the world of sin….” After much instruction, evil spirits of various sicknesses were bound and called out, and curses were broken over many who had been unwanted children. Also, those who had followed astrology, psychics, studied Scientology, belonged to the Masons or Eastern Star and other ungodly organizations, repented and were set free and the curses were broken. God’s Word contains the instruction and the Holy Spirit is the One Who reproves. Signs followed in this service with evil spirits crying out in loud voices as they were commanded to leave and the curses broken. Results: a greater flow of the Holy Spirit.

Tommy Cook
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Gospel of The Kingdom & Deliverance Ministry

God is clothing his people with holy garments, purging their iniquities, cleansing their hearts and putting within them the mind of Christ. We are to be clothed entirely with the Lord Jesus Christ – body, soul and spirit. When we are properly attired with His garments our names will not be blotted out, we will walk with Him and judge His house. This study reveals the garments required such as the garment of vengeance against the enemy, the garment of righteousness, the garment of salvation, the garment of praise and others. We are presented with seven ways to obtain these garments. Clean garments come as iniquity is purged from us. Without deliverance we cannot overcome.

Mary Die is listed in
Miscellaneous Speakers

James Golden
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88LHCD11-8 – *Mary Die – GOD & PEOPLE
**James Golden – GO FORWARD!
*Seasoned with years of experience as a schoolteacher, Mary Die, developed the talent of teaching truth by presenting it simply so it could be easily understood. That same ability is evident as she relates principles of the Kingdom of God. Originally intended for children, her teachings have reached deeply into the hearts of scores of adults, challenging them to know God in His fullness. If people want God, He is there for them. He will show His love towards them and be merciful to them, but He won’t come into your heart unless you ask Him to. It’s sad that so many people choose the world and the destruction it gives them and refuse to choose God, Who wants to give them all of His love. **The Spirit of the Lord moves through Bro. Golden, revealing that God wants his people to be sensitive to one another’s needs. Not everyone has been called to the mission field, as have the Goldens, but every child of God is placed in situations where they have opportunity to faithfully display the love and compassion of Jesus to those around them. Satan sets up many obstacles to hinder the flow of the Spirit of the Lord in our lives, but God wants us to be dedicated to go forward, being willing to b e poured out to minister to other’s needs. If you have committed yourself to love God you are commended to feed His sheep.

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Audio by Camp Meetings Main Menu

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