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80LHCD12-1 – Frank Mendolia – ORDER IN THE HOME
True maturity is becoming the essence of Jesus Christ. Children look to their fathers as an example, and so are we to behold Christ in a mirror and become that which we see. Frank charges the fathers to establish and maintain order in their homes that they may hold their deliverance. God’s divine order is Christ-Man-Woman-Child. When the woman steps out of that order, she is subject to demonic attack. Esther’s submissiveness and obedience to King Ahasuerus brought deliverance to her entire people. Why can’t a woman’s submissiveness and obedience to her own husband bring deliverance to her children?

Frank believes that in order to maintain your deliverance, you must have your home in order. In this message, he further details how to bring that to pass. For a Christian desiring to move on with God, this tape is an excellent foundational material

80LHCD12-4 – Frank Mendolia – THE GOLIATHS IN YOUR LIFE
Christians are fighting too many defensive battles and not enough offensive ones. IT TAKES THE OFFENSE TO WIN! Many examples are given concerning our Goliaths (problems) that were bred in childhood. Frank introduced numerous corresponding opposite areas of oppression. Example: If an inferiority is there, superiority is likely there also. Many people were delivered as he called out these corresponding spirits. God’s anointing is upon this message so strongly that you can listen and be delivered yourself at home.

A Christian must repent of sin, crucify the flesh, and cast out the demon behind the sin. Many people want to get rid of their demons, but don’t want to crucify the flesh. Frank speaks of “leaven hunts” – getting rid of abominable things in your house. God says, “Bring no abominable thing into your house, lest you be accursed like it.” Mass deliverance with this message.

80LHCD12-11A – Frank Mendolia – WHY A RENUNCIATION PRAYER? 1-of-2
80LHCD12-11B – Frank Mendolia – WHY A RENUNCIATION PRAYER? 2-of-2
You need a renunciation prayer to set your will in action against the demon spirits. UFOs and the occult are connected. Extensive mass deliverance is performed on these two tapes. Excellent for people in areas where there are no deliverance ministries close at hand.

80LHCD12-16 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (1 of 2)
What is contained in these two tapes holds the key to many problems in families? It is one of the most thorough teachings on curses. Many people say, “Don’t worry about curses. Jesus did away with them when He was made a curse for us.” TRUE! But He also came to save the world, and is the whole world saved? NO! And neither are we free from curses. We have to move into that realm by experience. God says He puts some curses on us because of our disobedience. People put curses on us by their words. Christians can even pronounce curses. Frank takes us through the Word, giving examples. There is a curse of being overweight; generation curses from our forefathers’ sins; curses of death, mental illness, sickness; and a curse of unbalance.

80LHCD12-19 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (2 of 2)
Frank continues to teach what God has revealed to him about curses. Remember, if you have the curse there is a spirit that goes with it. Example: With the curse of rejection goes a spirit of rejection. A warning to pray over gifts you receive and the items you buy and bring into your home. If they were made in heathen nations, they likely were dedicated to heathen gods and carry curses with them. Anything God says is an abomination to Him also becomes a curse to His people. Prov. 11:1 says, “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord.” If a false balance is an abomination, it can be said that unbalanced teaching brings a curse.


81LHCD6-6 – Frank Mendolia – WHAT IS DELIVERANCE?
It is necessary to recognize the need for deliverance in the Body of Christ today, and be able to share that ministry with those whom the Lord brings your way. This is an excellent Scriptural survey on the topic of what deliverance is and would be a great teaching tool for someone expressing an interest in learning about deliverance.

81LHCD6-9 – Frank Mendolia – THE GOLIATHS IN YOUR LIFE
(This cassette is missing.
(Notice # 80LHCD12-4 above has this same title, just an older camp date.)
Many Christians want to defeat Goliath but nobody wants to fight the lions and the bears! It is by being faithful to carry out the daily warfare against Satan that we spoil his goods. Then we are in a position to believe for bigger giants to pull down in our prayer closets.

The strategy of the evil one with respect to families is examined in this message. The enemy uses circumstances and decisions in everyday life to affect our responses to one another. Especially consider this teaching as one to help get families in order.

Mass deliverance for all to participate in.

81LHCD6-18 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (1 of 2)
Very good foundational teaching on Biblical curses.

81LHCD6-21 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (2 of 2)
This is a continuation of the teaching on # 81LHCD6-18 concerning curses, their origin, effect, and abolishment. Deliverance ministry for breaking of many types of curses concludes this message.

81LHCD6-23 – Frank Mendolia – A FALSE BALANCE
God doesn’t want His children to get extreme with anything. This is an interesting study based on the Scripture that a false balance is an abomination to God, and brings a curse.

More of his coming

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