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Shirley Smith

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Ministered here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

(I can’t find this cassette master)
98LCCD2-2 – Shirley Smith – HIS BANNER OVER ME – (not available)

Testimony of her healing from cancer precedes an interesting session on some of the things God has been teaching her to use as weapons of warfare in praise and worship.

99LCCD2-3 – Shirley Smith – VESSELS OF HONOR

Using many examples from her own life, Shirley brings to life the process our divine potter goes through to restore broken vessels and make them into vessels of honor, fit for the master’s use. Often we must go through repeated “breakings”, “moldings” and “firings” until the flesh man is totally brought to death. The key to our restoration is our willingness to submit to the brokenness, the reshapings and the firings until the vessel of beauty comes forth.



Judges speaks of rehearsing the righteous acts of the Lord,  and that is precisely what Shirley does in this session. Glorious testimony of what God is doing in the islands, as she and the team of young people God has raised up, go forth pulling down ruling principalities and powers over villages, governments and nations. It’s a new day and we must move with the cloud! God gave her a mandate many years ago to take the youth to the nations, teaching them and letting them learn how to minister the Kingdom of God. He is setting up His Kingdom in places where witchcraft and idolatry has ruled for centuries. These young people are waging spiritual warfare at levels the majority of Christians aren’t even aware exist. Why are they winning against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places? Because Shirley has taught them they MUST KEEP THEIR HEARTS CLEAN and PURE, entertaining no resentment, unforgiveness or animosity towards each other or others on the team. Being engaged in this kind of spiritual warfare demands unity among the group. Be inspired, encouraged and most of all, challenged by these miracles.

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