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Ken & Annie Schisler

99LHCD9-4 – Ken & Annie Schisler – THE COMING STORM
Sister Annie (with Bro. Ken translating) shares a vision given to her in 1989 of a terrible storm of darkness to come upon the earth. From the beginning its greatest purpose was against the people of God. This is an hour requiring great carefulness of the people of God, as the enemy will operate with great subtlety and guile. Through it all there are two positions available to the people of God in relation to the storm – above it or below it. NOW is the time to establish our position, and it is critical that we do so. How? Listen to this message and be instructed and encouraged!

Where is the place of His glory? God wishes to adorn His sanctuary with His glory – His light and splendor. His sanctuary is where there is honor and worship – at His feet in His presence! Using several beautiful examples from Scripture, Ken reveals to us those who are privileged to experience that glory. Let us cry out with Moses, “I beseech thee, show me thy glory!”

99LHCD9-11 – Ken & Annie Schisler – THE PLACE OF INTIMACY
The love of Jesus – who can know it? Demons can’t understand it and can’t endure it. They must flee. It is like a fire. This intimate love for God is the one means of access to that secret place of protection from the storm – a place where hearts melt and flow together – a place so few ever find. The door is open. Will we enter in? A special time at the altar concludes this service.sages.

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