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John Boney


Saints of God, the door has been opened by the Blood of the Lord Jesus for you to press in beyond the veil. Understand that the time is upon us to enter into His fullness, to behold the Beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His Temple.


“God’s purpose preserves you” was John’s opening statement. God has a purpose and a plan that is on schedule. God determines the seasons and He changes the seasons in line with His plan. So many people are rejoicing in what God used to do. There is a progressive unveiling of God to man. John tells his version of what Moses saw, that God called His back parts. He says that heaven is bugged! The Holy Spirit sits in a corner and listens to the Father talking to the Son. Revelation is the hearing of the Father talking to the Son. Reference is made to Deut 8:2. God already knows what is in your heart but He wants you to know what is in your heart. We learn about the principle of corruption that God put in the manna which is angel food. In II Kings 17:32-34, John explains that some things God gave us for a season don’t work anymore. II Kings 18:1-4, he explains the Nehushtan and that it means a worthless piece of brass. He speaks of 2 religious spirits parading themselves in the House of God referencing Isaiah 65:11. John “drops a bee in your bonnet” concerning Ezekiel. A new ministry is going to invade the House of God in this new season. What good is revelation if it doesn’t bring transformation? Flee Babylon and save your own soul! The old is the biggest enemy of the new. This is an excellent teaching explicitly from the Word of God with Scriptural examples of how things given for a season may not work anymore. John closes with prayer thanking God for this new season and new day.  

06LHCD11-7 – John Boney – GOD’S KINGDOM
Beginning with a chorus of “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”, John teaches an awesome correlation of “the third day”. God has one distinct purpose and has permitted 7 days or 7,000 years for the fulfillment. Since Jesus came to earth it has been 2,000 years or 2 days. We are now at the beginning of the third day. He gives three Scriptures concerning God’s plan made before the foundation of the world; Eph 1:3, Rev 17:8 and 14:8. God does not have a plan B. His plan is right on schedule. Matthew 17:1 shows us God is taking some people into a new realm of experience with Him but not everyone. He only took 3 of the disciples here. John 17:3 is a classic Scripture that describes eternal life. Matthew 7:21 tells us there are different levels of relationships with God. You can do religious works but not have a relationship with Him. The price you have to pay is everything. Genesis 1:2 is not about God’s purpose for heaven but about God’s purpose for the earth. The blessed hope is not the going of the church but the coming of the Lord. The biggest hindrance to revelation is traditional doctrine. John tells us the movement of the Spirit by itself doesn’t change anything. The elements of change are the Spirit, the Word and man. We are either the problem or the solution. He teaches many more interesting thoughts on the 7 days of God’s plan from the Scriptures. Then John fast forwards to the restoration of the church from Ezekiel and he declares prophetically that the “church is changing”. He finishes with the chorus “This is the day”, and gives us these pointers; everywhere you go declare the Kingdom of God is here, submit yourself to the Word, bless and prophesy over your children, and make preparation for your seed to be prepared and equipped. John closes with prayer. 

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