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Every day there will be personal ministry.
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86LHCD7-11 – James Golden – GOD’S NATURE
God’s will is being done in Heaven, decently and in order, with lots of shouting and loud thunderings of praise and worship to His Name. He wants to lift the inhibitions and hang-ups off us that we have received through brainwashing. Such cunning craftiness constitutes mind-control and witchcraft and causes us to try to maintain our starchy dignity. We disturb the devil the most when we lift our hands and are not afraid to be free in the spirit and really worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.




89LHCD9-5 – James Golden – THE PRODUCT AND THE PROCESS (2 OF 2)
The conclusion of this two-part series encourages the Christian to grasp for the “mentality of the present tense” as it pertains to what God has already done. The Scriptures tell us that “without a vision, the people perish” but often our minds are set on what God is going to do as opposed to what He has already done. Rejoice in the product God has already made and let Him inspire you to greater heights concerning the process He is doing.


The testimonies are unending of God’s many provisions for this pioneer missionary couple. They have faithfully endured the trials, endeavoring to seek the Lord for His purposes in all things. Bro. Golden’s many reflections upon God’s provisions, as well as his humble confessions, serve to glorify the great God we serve. His message ministers encouragement to each one that God has a plan for every life and He will fashion and tune us for our good and His glory.


92LHCD7-2 – James Golden – GOD’S PROVISION
Murlene Golden shares several examples of how God has answered prayers and miraculously provided for them. Bro. Golden then gives an anointed message of how they have established new works in hard places, hearing and obeying God. God said, “I will go with thee,” and He is faithful. This is marvelous teaching from God to each one of us. When there is no hope, wait on God.

Our God is great! There is nothing impossible with Him! Bro. Golden shares personal experiences of God’s miracle-working power. God is our protection! This is a greatly anointed testimony of miracles that will build your faith as you listen to it.


93LHCD9-8 – James Golden – GIVE GOD THE GLORY
This is a marvelous testimony of the works of God in the lives of the Goldens both through miracles and visions, and the support of other Christians.  In all life’s circumstances, they have learned to glorify God for His provision.


*James Golden – THE FIGHT IS ON **Jim Coffey – WHY DELIVERANCE?
*The fight is on! God’s purpose is to destroy the works of the evil one. Bro. Golden shares personal battle stories and encourages us all to stand in our authority and fight the good fight. **Why do we need deliverance? Because satan didn’t quit when we got saved! Teaching from the book of Genesis, Bro. Coffey shows how we repeat Adam’s actions and allow the enemy to work in our lives. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

95LHCD8-8 – James Golden – LIVELY HOPE
God knows what He is doing! He WILL bring His Word to pass. Weaving personal testimony, particularly with regard to ministry in Cuba, with Scripture, Bro. Golden encourages us to look beyond the chaos we see developing around us and see the glory of God revealed.

95LHCD8-11 – Murlene Golden – THE STORY OF THE RATS
(with other individual testimonies) – Sis. Golden shares the story of how God worked on the mission field in Belize to supply their financial need through rats that had taken up residence in their home. Others shared their testimonies of God’s provision for their finances, placing them in areas of ministry, and His power to heal and deliver.


97LHCD8-8 – James & Murlene Golden – ADVENTURES IN MISSIONS
Praise God for His faithful workers! The Goldens shared with us concerning thirty years spent on the mission field in Mexico and Central America, focusing on the doors that have been opened recently for them to minister in Cuba. Listening to their testimonies will build your faith!


Are you satisfied going your own way or hearing the voice of God? Yesterday’s manna is not good enough for today. God is bringing a new vision to His people for the work of the gospel. An encouraging word to those called even when everything seems to be in opposition. Includes personal testimony of overcoming and pressing onward to do the service of the Lord.

98LHCD9-8 – James Golden – HIS WORKMANSHIP
While God is shaking the church and the world, His body of believers should be standing in faith for God’s provisions. Many are in fear and trembling at the signs of the times. An encouraging message to fear not! Rejoice in the Lord! God is continuing His process in you.

98LHCD11-2 – James & Murlene Golden – GLORYING IN TRIBULATION
Sis. Murlene opens by giving testimony to God’s gracious provision during times of tribulation in their lives, telling us the story of how the rats provided twenty dollar bills (unchewed!) and how God miraculously healed their son of paralysis after a terrible automobile accident. Bro. James goes on to exhort us to rejoice in times of trial because it is through tribulation that we may experience the resurrection power of God, and see the strengthening and expansion of the church. “Don’t get down and boohoo; get up and boogey!”


We were blessed to have James and his wife Murlene, missionaries in Belize join us and share stories and testimony of Jesus’ workings there. God is love, and He so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son to save us. We must learn to love with this kind of mega-love. The more we love the poor, the addicted and all others, the more faith we will receive. He will empower you with mega-faith, for faith works though love.

01LHCD7-8 – James Golden – 2 KINDS OF TRAVELING
There are two types of traveling; traveling in mileage – more people are traveling more places than ever before, and spiritual traveling. The LORD provides us the power to cover spiritual distances, to advance in things of the Spirit of the LORD. Whenever we travel, we have to manage certain situations. Brother Golden shares his experiences traveling physically and spiritually in Belize.

01LHCD7-14 – James Golden – A MINISTRY’S EXPENSES
James and his wife, Murlene, missionaries in Belize, share the experiences and hardships they’ve shared together on the missionary field. They are a testimony to the provision and protection for the spreading of His Glory! Share in their experiences as missionaries, and Bro. Golden’s fiddle playing!.


Listen to the testimonies of James and Murlene Golden as they share how God has and is bringing them through from beginning to end. Murlene shares how God used rats to fill a financial need on the mission field. James shares that God knew the conclusion (the ending) from the beginning of time. The Conclusion being God would bring forth a church without spot or wrinkle, a people that would praise him. In order to be spotless we must be where there is life, and growth. Always remembering that He who began a good work in you will also finish it. It is our responsibility to be clean vessels, ready for the masters use.

Brother Golden shares the trials and tribulations of mission ministry and God’s gracious provision to meet their needs and give HIS mighty protection. He quotes the promises of Scripture for protection, healing and promise and encourages the reading and studying of God’s Word to know God better and claim HIS promises.


06LHCD12-3L – Murlene Golden –  TESTIMONY
Murlene begins with delightful stories and a miracle that happened to them concerning rats in Belize. She tells of experiences with her grandsons. Then she opens up a question and answer session concerning missionary life in Belize. Murlene’s life depicts that she is a very dedicated woman of God.

06LHCD12-11 – James Golden – VICTORY IN JESUS
Brother James and Sister Murlene are missionaries from Belize who we were honored to have in this camp meeting. He said God is a “raght” now God! He gave victory to Shadrack, Paul, blind Bartemaus, the naked demon possessed man and others. James is looking forward to God doing more exploits in his life. He tells the story of his fiddle he plays that his Dad made. Then he plays and sings “Isn’t it grand to be a Christian”. James gives an awesome testimony of his life attesting to school, work, how he met Murlene, his lovely wife and his dreams of the mission field, how God prepared him for the ministry and other interesting experiences in Belize. James is looking forward to seeing what God is going to do. He told of God’s preparation for Peter. He closes advising us that God is teaching us to be steadfast and unmoving and always abounding in His work.


09LHCD11-4 – James Golden – TRUST THE LORD
Bro Golden says, “Give it all you’ve got.” Then he sings – I Love My Jesus” in English and Spanish. Poses the question – “Who is God to you?” God melts hearts together and give you strength in that unity. He continues to build the work that He began before the world began. We hear testimony of mighty deliverance, salvation and God’s provision in time of need. God promises to take care of us. Is 41:10


10LHCD12-18 – James Golden – TESTIMONY
As is his custom, Bro Golden was a blessing even at this time when he has so very recently lost his wife of many years. He shared on their courtship and their desire to serve God on the mission field which they did for many years. We heard how they met Glen and Erma in Calif. and how an angel told him when to go to Mexico. He married Murline in 1961 and that began a long stint on the mission field. We heard of dreams and visions; he sang songs and played his fiddle and saw. No matter, what the subject, he gave mighty praise to God. Even his description of his dear wife’s home-going was uplifting. We were reminded to forget the things that are behind and reach forth unto those things that are before. Phil 3:13. There’s a great day coming! Will we be found praising the LORD?


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LHBC Camp Meeting – Coming 

Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
Call and reserve a bed: 501-525-8204 – CSTime.

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