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Audio Ministry of
Charles Trombley
 who spoke here at LHBC

It looks like he spoke here about 20 times according to our hard copy cassette catalog I’m going by. More of his will be coming. Kevin, LHBC staff.


86LHCD12-4 – Charles Trombley – AN AGE THAT DEMANDS REALITY
People are increasingly becoming fed up with religion and are seeking to find the true and the living God. Never in history has this nation been so consumed by abominations unto God. Unless we as a nation turn and repent this country will fall. Jesus asked, “When I come, will I find faith on the earth?” All across the land the Holy Spirit is calling men and women to intercession, to intensity and purpose in prayer, to repentance and fasting. Each of us is responsible to heed that call.

86LHCD12-10A – Charles Trombley – COMMITMENT 1-of-2
86LHCD12-10B – Charles Trombley – COMMITMENT 2-of-2
What is God saying? He wants commitment from you. Let His Word get down in you and change you. Faith is not something you use to manipulate God, it is merely a ladder that you set upon the ground to start climbing into the presence of God. We must come to the place where we can say, “God, I want You” not “God, I want what you can do for me.” He’s looking for those who will demonstrate perseverance to pray without ceasing.

86LHCD12-15 – Charles Trombley – PRAISE
If the cry of your heart is to be a worshiper, then be encouraged. That is what God desires for you. He also wants to develop an “attitude of gratitude” in us. He says, “You put on the garment (by faith) and I’ll give you the mantle of praise.” David said all that happened to him was done to make his soul praise the Lord. The pressures on him were to “squeeze out” the joy of the Lord. One of the greatest avenues of deliverance yet to be developed is praise.


Charles Trombley – MIRACLES FROM MARK’S GOSPEL 2-of-2
Bro. Trombley begins this teaching by testifying to miracles in his own family and his recovery from a heart attack. The miracles in Mark’s gospel provide us with a number of principles that apply to us today. Prayers for healing for individuals are included on this message. This teaching is continued on 91LH12-5.

91LHCD12-5 – Charles Trombley – MIRACLES FROM MARK’S GOSPEL II
(This message continues from messages #91LHCD12-4A & 4B).
More principles from the accounts of the miracles recorded in Mark are expounded. Many people rely on man’s books about how to get answers to prayer. Then, when the formula doesn’t work, Satan moves in with doubt. God rarely does things the same way twice.

91LHCD12-11 – Charles Trombley – THE UNFOLDING REVELATION
God had a plan before the foundation of the world and He is working out the plan. Five foundational principles of Christianity begin in Genesis 3:15. The covenants God made with Noah and with Abraham revealed more about these principles. In the fullness of time, Jesus completed the revelation. This teaching is continued on tape 91LH12-17.

91LHCD12-14 – Charles Trombley – MINISTRY TO THE HOUSE
The things that happened to Israel are recorded for our example. The principles remain the same even though the application differs. The instructions and qualifications for the Aaronic priesthood given in Leviticus 21 are given to the Levitical priesthood in Ezekiel 44. They also have application as we aspire to minister to the Lord today.

91LHCD12-17 – Charles Trombley – MANNA FROM HEAVEN: JESUS
This continues the teaching from 91LHCD12-11, beginning with the Davidic covenant. David saw only his own dynasty in the covenant, but God was looking to the Messiah. Jesus, the seed of the woman, was the son of David. He preached the kingdom of God and offered a new covenant with God.


92LHCD12-1 – Charles Trombley – SHALL HE FIND FAITH?
“When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?” Bro. Trombley expounds on this question, dealing with the apathy which has settled on the church and the nature of true faith. When the early church strayed from the truth a vacuum was created, allowing deception and error to come in. As God has been restoring the church, deception and error have been forced out. However, for many Christians elementary faith has never grown into mature, conforming faith. God is looking for a committed people.

92LHCD12-2 – Charles Trombley – TESTIMONY
Bro. Trombley shares how he got into and out of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the physical healings of his children, and the healing of family relationships. A wonderful, faith-building message.

Everything that God planned from before the foundation of the earth was like a road map pointing toward one event – the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The revelation begins in Genesis 3. It continues to unfold through God’s covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham and David, as well as the institutions of the Passover, the Levitical priesthood, and the sacrificial system. All of these point to Christ, in whom we have all things that pertain to life and godliness.

92LHCD12-8 – Charles Trombley – THE SPIRIT OF ADOPTION
Most Christians believe what the Bible says about the spirit of adoption, but it hasn’t taken root in their lives. Bro. Trombley goes into great detail, describing the legal concept of adoption that Paul uses in Romans 8, showing its spiritual application. He also discusses the Hebrew term Paul uses in Galatians 3. This is a marvelous teaching that will encourage you to take your rightful place as a child of God!

92LHCD12-17 – Charles Trombley – THE SONS OF ZADOK
When God stated in the book of Ezekiel that the Levites had lost the right to minister to Him, one family was granted an exception. They were the sons of Zadok. Today, God has two companies of priests, one to minister to the people and one to minister to Him. If we want to move from the outer court into the Holy of Holies, we must follow the example of the sons of Zadok.

92LHCD12-19A 1-of-2
92LHCD12-19B 2-of-2
*Col. Speed Wilson – BLINDING DOCTRINES **Charles Trombley
MINE HOUR IS NOT YET COME ***Walter Fletcher – THE TABLE OF THE LORD – *Are you on the road to Emmaus? Have your eyes been blinded by false (although popular) doctrines? This teaching covers the rebuilding of the temple, the 70th week of Daniel, the rapture, and many end time events. **The miracle at the wedding in Cana establishes the precedent and the purpose for the ministry of Jesus. It also challenges us to renew our commitment to be filled to the brim and continue that ministry. **Bro. Fletcher’s comments on the institution of the Lord’s Supper should be heard by all.


93LHCD11-1 – Charles Trombley – A FRESH ATTACK ON THE LORD JESUS
It’s time to look up!  What we’ve been praying for is beginning to take place.  It is time to take possession, and that will not happen just by confession.  He must possess us.  Although a fresh attack is being made on the Lord Jesus, nothing we face as Christians is new.  Revival is coming and it will not come from the head or the ears, but through the heart.

93LHCD11-2 – Charles Trombley – KNOWING JESUS
One of the greatest needs of the western church is an encounter with the Head of the Church.  This is an excellent teaching which shows how Jesus manifested the names by which god was known in the Old Testament and brought them to fulfillment.  T he covenant Name that God used with the children of Israel in Egypt was to be to all  generations, but it is not found in Scripture after the birth of Christ.

93LHCD11-8 – Charles Trombley – COMMUNION
Christianity’s roots are in Judaism.  The New Testament/covenant is an extension of the old.  This teaching examines the roots of Communion in the Passover.  With the Passover, God delivered His people out of Egypt and birthed a new nation.  Also covered is the “communion chaos” which divides the church today.

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