2001 Passover Camp Meeting

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2001 Passover Camp Meeting

Howard Pittman

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01LHCD4-1 –

Bro. Pittman shares his knowledge that he received from the LORD while being declared technically dead in 1979. He was allowed to see 5 orders of demons with warfare plans against the world. Violating any of God’s sanitary, sexual, or dietary laws, or denying God is, or worshipping false gods are the five ways that you open the door to allow the curse of the LORD to manifest. Jesus saved us from the curse of the law, (Gal 3:13) but the curse of the LORD can come upon us if we don’t follow His statutes.

Miscellaneous Speakers 

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01LHCD4-2 – Jon Nelson – THERE
“There” is the place of God’s purpose, provision and plan for your life. The place where God promises, and fulfills His promises. God will let us go through the fire, but we have a promise from Him, that we will not be tempted above what we can handle. He does it to let us know how strong we are, and the tests get harder all the time because we’re growing. And we can take the same test over and over again until we learn that God will provide.


Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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Magic is an outward manifestation of rejection. There are three main types of magic; sorcery, such as talismans, witchcraft/wizardry, and divination. Witchcraft is made up of intimidation, manipulation, and domination. Rebellion is also as the sin of witchcraft. Things as seemingly harmless as horoscopes and fortune cookies can allow demons to manifest in yours and your family’s lives. Learn how to recognize and break it’s curse!

Tommy Cook

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01LHCD4-4- Tommy Cook – OVERCOMERS
To be an overcomer is to be victorious. Scripture describes overcomers as sealed by God, the First Fruits, and pillars in the temple of God. We must be overcomers, or be overcome, for only those who overcome will reign with Jesus. Bro. Cook gives us examples in scripture of overcomers, such as Elijah. God wants us all to overcome, for there are many promise for those that succeed.


Howard Pittman

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01LHCD4-5 – Howard Pittman – WHERE IS GOD?
To be in His presence, we have to know where God is. God is in the present, here and now. The present is where the spirit meets the physical, it is where He is. Bro. Pittman reveals his personal testimony of God’s plan for his life, which was revealed while being declared dead in 1979. Do not miss this miraculous testimony!

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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01LHCD4-6 – Dr. William Null – FAMILY CURSES
The sins of your fathers can bring curses onto your life! Worshipping other gods, whoredom and other sins practiced by previous generations of your bloodline may bring curses of perversion and rebellion onto you. The curse of poverty can be handed down this way, usually from returning evil for good. Dr. Null looks at the sources for many ancestral curses and helps us to receive deliverance from them.


Tommy Cook

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The revelation of Jesus is a gift. It was given to John, of things which must shortly come to pass, by His angel. The revelation of Jesus is first within, yet there will be a revelation of Christ in the air, with His return. We need a revelation of the revelation of Jesus Christ in our hearts of who He is. We must watch and hold onto our garment of Jesus Christ.


Clement Humbard 

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01LHCD4-8 – Clement Humbard – AS HE IS IN THIS WORLD – SO ARE WE
“As He is so are we in this present world.” 1John 4:17. We often think about what Jesus Christ has done, but not so much about who He is. In this present world we are partakers in the divine nature. We are identified in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We’re not going to be resurrected, we are the resurrection! As He is the Son of God, we are sons of God, as He is the light of the world, we are lights in the world! 

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