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2001 Deliverance Ministers Camp

Norman Parish

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01DELTRCD-1 – Norman Parish – 2 Natures of The Believer
We are sinners from birth, we are sinful by nature. We are sinners saved by Grace. There is in each of us an old man, and a new man. The old man leads us away from the desires of God, he is corrupt and cannot be saved or cast out. The new man is implanted in us, it is the divine nature. We are the ones who determine daily if we’re going to put the old man off and the new man on.


Chris Simpson

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The greatest commandment is that we love each other. God wants to mature us into unconditional love – where we love in spite of everything. The power of love can deactivate curses. Love is the only law you need – it fulfills all His other requirements. His law must be kept!

Monty & Sharon Mulkey

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01DELTRCD-3 – Monty Mulkey – Breaking The Bondages Of Gluttony
Why do we eat more than our body needs? The Scriptures are full of information on how to approach food. Spiritual issues can cause weight problems. An undisciplined and rebellious spirit is involved with gluttony. Food is often used as a source of false comfort for grief or worry. Although gluttony is a sin, it is often not taught in churches. It is a sin that affects a wide number of Americans today.


Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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01DELTRCD-4 – Dr. William Null – FRAGMENTED SOUL
We have a soulish body and a spiritual body. Demons work by stealing part of our mind and replacing it with a demon. The conscience is the window of the soul, through which the Spirit speaks to us. The LORD wants us to use the parts of the soul as He leads us..

Frank Marzullo Sr.

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Deception exists throughout this world, it is even in our own nature. Deception is the way the devil works. Frank shares with us seven points to win the battle over deception. Some examples include: singleness of mind, using praise and worship as a weapon, prayer and knowing that you are joined to the body of Christ.


Geri McGhee 1-of-3 – 2000 to 2008

Geri McGhee 2-of-3 – 2009 to 2013

Geri McGhee 3-of-3 – 2014 to 2017

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Deliverance is a life-long process. We are all involved in this process. Deliverance is not a one-time process it is continuous. Deliverance is basically giving ourselves to God and resisting the devil – he will flee. We must look for the spiritual roots for why we are the way we are. We are all in a process of walking out our salvation.


Monty & Sharon Mulkey

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In Judges 6, Israel was greatly impoverished by the Midianites, because they disobeyed the LORD. The spirit of the Midianites still has influence today. They encamp around us just far enough out that they don’t really bother us, but they are just waiting for their time. The spirit is deceptive – it will cause you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for nothing to go right for you. God wants to use us to destroy these spirits – tell them to get out of our land!


Deliverance – Questions & Answers

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A question and answer session. Questions from the audience are taken by the panel of eight ministers, Mildred Coffey, Frank Marzullo, Geri McGhee, Monty Mulkey, Dr. Bill Null, Chris Simpson, and hosted by Norman Parish. Topics covered include, why can Christians possess demons, what to do if a demon won’t come out, how curses can effect Christians, and how to keep the balance between your ministry and keeping your energy and enthusiasm.

Frank Marzullo Sr.

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01DELTRCD-9 – Frank Marzullo, Sr.
You have to know who you are in Christ when you enter spiritual warfare- you have to know you have the authority and power! We need to break the covenants with spirits such as anger, pride, and resentment. If we don’t obey the Word of the LORD, we open ourselves up to curses. God wants us to conquer all the giants in our land!

Norman Parish

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The spirit of deception is the most rampant spirit in the body of Christ today. Deception can be in the form of self-deception, or we can be deceived by others. Some ways we open ourselves to deception are through sexual immorality and greed. Deception will lead us astray, we will fall from grace, and doubt will enter. The Word is our protection. We must walk in holiness and the Anointing to protect ourselves from deception. He also discusses characteristics of cults..


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