1997 Spring Camp Meeting


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Miscellaneous Speakers 

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One of the best teachings we’ve heard! There is a wealth of teaching on the crucifixion and the significance of what was accomplished there. A great deal of attention is also focused on the resurrection. But between those two events lies a span of three days, which is almost totally neglected by most students of the Word. Bro. Frech gives a vivid description of the two sections of Hades, the growing anticipation of those in its upper chamber as they waited for the promise to be fulfilled, the despair when it seemed that satan had overcome, and the glorious celebration of deliverance as Jesus ascended, leading captivity captive. Are you being held in a place of limitation? He can and will deliver! This is a message you will want to hear repeatedly and share with your friends! The ministry at the end of the service is included on this message.

Tommy Cook

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“Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy,” I Cor. 14:1. All the gifts of the Spirit can operate through the gift of prophecy. Using many Scriptures, this teaching focuses primarily on the relationship between the gift of prophecy and the gifts of tongues and interpretation. Fear stops the flow of the gifts and prayer for deliverance from fear is included on this message.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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Detailed teaching on the characteristics of these three divisions of magic with scriptural references and accounts of his experiences in deliverance. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

Bob Trench

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Using personal testimony and humorous stories, Bro. Trench offers instruction on living as an overcomer. The joy of the Lord in your life will attract others to Christ!

Tommy Cook

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97LHCD3-5 – Tommy Cook – THE WEDDING FEAST
The wedding feast is happening now, as we develop greater intimacy with Jesus! This teaching focuses on our need to prepare ourselves to participate in the feast as we await the literal coming of the Bridegroom.

Jim & Mildred Coffey

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97LHCD3-6 – Mildred Coffey – THE NATIONS WITHIN US
The authority over the nations promised to the overcomer in Rev. 2:26 includes authority over the nations that war within us. We need to stop being intimidated, listen to God, and obey Him! Specifically we need to take authority and cast out the false prophet within us, who prevents us from following the Holy Spirit, feeds us lies, and leads us into disobedience. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

Miscellaneous Speakers 

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97LHCD3-7 – David Frech – OFFENDED
Scripture tells us that offenses will come, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they do. However, most of us become offended and hurt when offenses come. Many Christians even become offended at God. This teaching examines some of the ways in which we become offended with God and admonishes us to let go of those offenses. Failure to do so blocks deliverance and holds us back in our walk with Him. Ministry for release is included on this message.

Bob Trench

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Tommy Cook

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97LHCD3-8 – *Bob Trench – COMMUNION and **Tommy Cook –

*Bro. Trench links communion with the toasts given at the Passover celebration and reminds us that it is a time of anticipation as well as remembrance. **Taken primarily from the Song of Solomon, this teaching explores the significance of the image of the garden as it relates to our intimacy with Jesus.


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