1994 Spring Camp Meeting

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The 1994 Spring Camp Meeting

Tommy Cook

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Romans 16:20. Do you need hope for today? You are God’s FEET COMPANY! Jesus is waiting for this end time Feet Company to rise up and put the enemy under their feet because of what He did for us and by His power. Satan wants to rob us of that power and authority. When the church is in strong travail you will know that the manchild (Jesus in a people) is ready to be born. You should listen to this message over and over.

Glen & Erma Miller

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94LHCD4-2 – Glen Miller – GOD’S CURSES
This is a complete teaching on the curses found in Deut. 27-28. They are God’s curses, which He places on those who disobey Him in a particular area, and they affect not only the disobedient, but also his or her descendants. Deliverance prayers to break these curses are included on the tape. This word brings life to the hearer.


Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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94LHCD4-3 – Dr. William Null – YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST
Dr. Null brings a wonderful teaching on how to eliminate blockages and receive your deliverance. He shares personal testimony and accounts of others to whom he has ministered, explaining step by step, starting with the basics. The foundation for all deliverance is being honest with yourself and with God about your problems.

Tommy Cook

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During this perilous end time of mockery in the land, the overcomer will be tried. It is very important to come into and walk in the third anointing in order to listen and obey the Holy Spirit. If you do not then you are being robbed of the best God has for you. This teaching covers important areas that will enable us to enter into the Zion realm.


Glen & Erma Miller

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94LHCD4-5 – Glen Miller – ARE YOU MARKED?
Jeremiah 5:1. This message gives specific instructions of your call to action – how, what, when, where.  God is calling you to stand on your feet NOW to become that sharp threshing instrument, that battle-ax of the Lord.  It is time to take authority over Satan for the deliverance of the Body of Christ and of the whole earth. There was also some words of the Lord at the end of Glen’s teaching.


Gene & Earline Moody

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How Not To Do DeliveranceA

Also Listed in this chapter in the Gen & Earline Moody – Deliverance Manual

Mark 16:17. When deliverance is done properly, you will succeed. If it is attempted in an improper manner, you may become the victim of satan. This is a practical, informative teaching to prepare workers to minister in wisdom, understanding, and carefulness. (Excellent teaching!)


Glen & Erma Miller

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94LHCD4-7A *Glen Miller **David Brogdon ***Tommy Cook – FEAST OF THE LORD 1of2
94LHCD4-7B *Glen Miller **David Brogdon ***Tommy Cook – FEAST OF THE LORD 2of2
*All the men are to appear before the Lord three times a year to offer themselves to Him. This includes a prayer of dedication and consecration to the Lord. **Continues with the message, looking at other parts of the Passover and five leavens in the New Testament. Includes exhortation to examine our lives for the leaven of sin and rid ourselves of it. ***God wants to remove the leaven from our lives. He’s raising up a temple filled with His glory. He desires to spread His tent over us.

Glen & Erma Miller

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This is a study of six things that Jesus accomplished for us as He went to Calvary, including instruction on how to appropriate and apply that provision. Much of what our tradition has taught us is incorrect. This teaching will help as you seek the Lord for correct understanding in these areas. 

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