1997 Labor Day Camp Meeting

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Tommy Cook
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97LHCD8-1 – Tommy Cook – SONS OF FRESH OIL
Do you desire to be filled, not just with oil, but with fresh oil? We must experience the anointing of God and be filled with the oil of the Spirit before we can pour it out as a blessing to others. This fresh oil will bring unity in the Spirit and enable us to separate the precious from the vile. The anointing brings liberty – don’t go back into bondage! The anointing brings life – don’t walk in death!

Miscellaneous Speakers
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97LHCD8-2 – Billy Shoffner – THY KINGDOM COME
We have been taught to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Do we understand what we are praying for? Do we believe that our prayers will be answered? God?s plan is to bring His kingdom back into this earth! In order to be part of the fulfillment of that plan we must receive the Word and the Spirit, walk in holiness, and do the works that Jesus did.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003 – Deliverance Ministry
Dr. William Null – 2004 to 2008 – Deliverance Ministry
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97LHCD8-3 – Dr. Bill Null – REJECTION
Dr. Null exposes the roots of rejection in the sins of the fathers and inherited curses. He then examines the connections between rejection, rebellion and mental illness and explains the remedy that God has provided through Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

Jack Harris
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God has a law to govern everything that He has created. The law that He has set in place for us as new creations in Christ is the perfect law of liberty. When we walk in disobedience to that law we forfeit God’s protection and reap death.

Miscellaneous Speakers
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97LHCD8-5 – Kyle Parmer – IN HIS PRESENCE
A call to move beyond a superficial relationship with God to walk in the light of His presence. Only as we come to that place can His kingdom be made manifest in us and through us. Then we will know the peace and joy that are to accompany righteousness. Don’t let fear hold you back!

Jim & Mildred Coffey
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Just as God established the nation of Israel by driving their enemies out of the land little by little, so His kingdom is established in us. The seven “ites” which stood against the Israelites parallel the enemies that we must eradicate with God’s help.

(Col. ) Speed & Ruth Wilson
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*Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING WORLD EVENTS 1-of-2
*Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING WORLD EVENTS 2-of-2
**Col. Jim Ammerman – THIS YOU SHOULD KNOW – *Covers the origins, organization, operation and objectives of the New World Order. **A tape provided to us by Col. Wilson of Col. Ammerman’s talk at a conference for clergy and national leaders given 8/24/97. A challenge to speak out against sin and Satan wherever you find them, with comments on various current situations and the ways in which God is raising up His people to use the enemy’s own plans to bring about their downfall and further God’s kingdom.

James Golden
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97LHCD8-8 – James & Murlene Golden – ADVENTURES IN MISSIONS
Praise God for His faithful workers! The Goldens shared with us concerning thirty years spent on the mission field in Mexico and Central America, focusing on the doors that have been opened recently for them to minister in Cuba. Listening to their testimonies will build your faith!

Jim & Mildred Coffey 
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97LHCD8-9 – Mildred Coffey – THE SPIRIT OF DELILAH
An excellent and timely teaching! Many have taught on the spirit of Jezebel, which seeks to destroy by manipulation, but this is the first full teaching we have heard on the spirit of Delilah, which tries to destroy by seduction. Sister Coffey shows how it begins with pride and ends in humiliation. Samson was overcome by Delilah, but Joseph overcame! Deliverance prayers are included on this message. 

Tommy Cook
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97LHCD8-10 – Tommy Cook – CLOTHED WITH HIM
A warning and a challenge to us all to make sure we are properly dressed for the wedding feast. Brother Cook expounds on many scriptures concerning images of garments available to God’s people and the need to take care of those garments.

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