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The Lord has given Bro. Wes a powerful anointing. His hands and feet burn with Holy Ghost Fire. In this service, he shares how he preached for many years without realizing a Christian could have a demon and the tragic event involving one of his church members which opened his eyes. He teaches how sin multiplies in the flesh, generation after generation, and gives the keys to winning battles. This is an excellent teaching, listing the five cornerstones of deliverance.

92LHCD7-6A 1-of-2
92LHCD7-6B 2-of-2
In order to have complete, lasting deliverance we must get to the roots of the problem, not just lop off the branches. We must repent of the sins of our fathers before we have the weapons to achieve freedom. Destruction comes when we don’t repent. Specific instructions on how to conduct a “sneak attack” on the enemy and extensive deliverance prayers are included.


93LHCD5-1A  – Wes Daughenbaugh – LOVE ONE ANOTHER 1-OF-2
93LHCD5-1B – Wes Daughenbaugh – LOVE ONE ANOTHER 2-OF-2
The first 12 minutes Jack Harris shares. Then Wes Daughenbaugh comes to minister afterwards. God’s command is that we love one another.  We need to have the attitude of Elijah – rejoicing and giving God the glory for someone else’s anointing instead of being jealous of them.  A critical, complaining spirit has no place in a child of God.  Learn how to function in a cycle of success, not a cycle of hardness of heart as you listen to these anointed messages.

93LHCD5-3 – Wes Daughenbaugh – WHAT GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU
We do not have to attain spirituality by our own efforts. Indeed, we cannot. It comes by the promises of God. He has already provided all that we need for life and godliness. All we have to do is ask for it and receive it. The Holy Spirit wants to give us the fruits and gifts of the Spirit not because we are strong, but to make us strong. Many times, praying in the positive things makes casting out the evil much easier. Deliverance prayer, addressing primarily the areas of anger and sorrow, conclude the service.

93LHCD5-9 – Wes Daughenbaugh – LOVE GOD
Everything that we do can be done from the wrong motives. The golden motive is to glorify God. We will not want to glorify Him unless we love Him. We need to ask God to put an all-consuming love for Him within us. We cannot love him out of our own power, because self opposes loving God. Self must die.

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