Tommy Cook

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It was 1985 Tommy Cook started coming to minister here.

85LHCD4-8 Tommy Cook – IN THAT DAY
Bro. Cook brings a wonderful message that ties together beautifully where we are going and how we are to get there. If we are going to be able to stand after we come out of the wilderness, it will have to be with the mind of Christ. That only comes as we seek the Lord with all our might. The in-Christed ones will be bringing forth the coming of the Lord.

85LHCD7-1 – Tommy Cook – TAKE MY YOKE
A much needed message on soul submission – getting our mind, will and emotions under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. “Bring my soul out of prison that I may praise Thy name,” the Bible says. Ministry and prayer for all who desired it at the conclusion of the service.

Tremendous teaching on the operation of the Holy Spirit and his function in our lives today. Ministry for healing concludes this message.

85LHCD7-6 – Tommy Cook – MATURITY IN GOD
Living in these end times, we need to know what God is saying. “He that hath an ear, let him hear.” This is not “just another message” on the overcomer. Within this sermon are true gems to be captures for those who want to be faithful. Many prophecies came forth at the close of this service. 

85LHCD7-9 – Tommy Cook – THE LIE
“The Lord said unto me, the prophets prophesy lies in My name.” Jer. 4:14. An expose of the “ministry” of falsehoods and lies within the church. It is imperative that we learn to discern! Receive ministry yourself during this message.

85LHCD9-1 – *Tommy Cook – THE FRUIT OF ZION **Howard Pittman – SPIRITUAL WARFARE- *”The Fruit of Zion”
is a brief exploration into today’s travailing within the church and God’s purposes in cleaning the filth out of the daughters of Zion. God is endeavoring to bring forth the fruit of holiness in His many membered Son. **Bro. Pittman lays the groundwork for a series of teachings that every Christian should hear. Emphasis is placed on the last day attack by the enemy. This strategy has been so cleverly designed that even the elect are in danger! Spiritual warfare is learning to resist the devil.

85LHCD9-8 – Tommy Cook – THE ENEMY WITHIN
You’ll find the enemy among the evangelists, teachers, pastors, prophets, and apostles, but there are true, anointed men of God in these offices and God has provided them for the perfecting of the church. Woe unto the church or pastor who does not allow the 5-fold ministry to come in – that body will never be perfected. Another area of expertise the enemy is using is with gimmicks. Zech. 14:21 states, “There shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord.” The word “Canaanite” means “peddler, trafficker, and merchant.” The enemy within will come to you in sheep’s clothing, but in reality is a wolf. Interesting to note is the fact that the wolf won’t attack the leader – he’ll bite the sheep and give them rabies. The sheep will then in turn attack the shepherd! Be admonished as you partake of this wise counsel.

Important for today are these gifts and ministries, to glorify God and build up the Body of Christ. Visitations of this nature from the Lord are to be cherished add respected. Praying in the Spirit, God begins to reveal Christ in you! “God has set” – not man. If you haven’t been set, don’t try to make something happen! Skilled instructions with “how-to’s” of operating in the Holy Spirit make this a classic for your library.


*Jack Harris – and **Tommy Cook – BRINGING FORTH THE CHRIST
*Hear, O house of the Lord, and know of a truth that you are a privileged people this night.” The messages that came forth in this camp meeting will never be heard in most churches around the country. Even now He is raising up a company of people that shall bind the strongman and plunder his goods, until there is a remnant of people that are brought forth into the fullness of the manifested Christ. It is unfortunate to get entangled with various concepts that bring no life, says Bro. Harris. What matters are the mechanics that make the concepts work! **Benjamin was “the son of the right hand,” and Rachel was said to be in hard labor bringing him forth. The Christ who is coming forth within us will be wrought with much “hard labor” in the Spirit. There are obstacles at every turn. The enemy is roaring in our midst. He’s done damage within the sanctuary. However, there is a visitation of God coming forth upon the land. His anger and wrath will be evidenced and the bad fruit will be cast into the fire, but He’ll bring forth a mighty and strong people in His image and his likeness and His Kingdom shall be established.

86LHCD3-2 – *Jack Harris – ON TO DELIVERANCE
(Also on this service is – **Tommy Cook – 5 WAYS WE ARE TESTED)
(Jack) – *And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come. Not just the gospel of salvation, but the gospel of the kingdom! The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. We are in a period of gestation, a time of preparation and screening, awaiting the time of full birth being truly born again, no longer sinning. (Tommy) – **God allows many things to happen in our lives to mature us. Testing is part of our growth as a Christian. He gauges our reactions to failures, successes, furnaces of affliction, temporary feelings of loss of his presence, and His allowing the enemy to operate in our land. This last testing is the focus of this CD. God will permit the enemy to try and influence you to see what your response will be. You choose whether to learn from it or be defeated by it.

Hear the prophets! They are the voice of God in the land today. The true prophet knows the Lord, spends time in His throne room, and speaks in His nature, character and authority. Beware! Many claim to be sent of the Lord but in actuality are of the flesh. You’ll know them by their fruits. II Chron. 36:16 says the people could not be healed because they mocked, despised and misused the prophets of God. The church that rejects the prophets rejects fresh revelation from God. The Lord will do nothing before He reveals His secrets to His prophets. Don’t miss the visitation of God!

86LH12-16 – Tommy Cook – SANCTIFY YOURSELF
The trumpet is sounding – BE YE READY! He is coming in an hour that we do not expect Him. Sanctify yourselves, dip your garments in the blood of Jesus, and be full of oil. God is calling a people UP HIGHER. It is the hour for God to be seen, not man. The Day of the Lord is at hand. We will go into the midst of the cloud of His glory! It will happen only to a SANCTIFIED and HOLY people! His bride is making herself ready. Excellent teaching.


87LHCD7-4 – Tommy Cook – A WOUNDED SPIRIT
Reproach, disappointments, divorce, death of a loved one, rejection, betrayal, and many other experiences will break the heart of man. Many were set free from the hurts on the inside. We need God’s peace. Stay with God (don’t give up) until the joy of the Lord comes.

87LHCD7-10 – *Tommy Cook – A NEW WINESKIN **Jack Harris – A GOODLY HORSE
*God doesn’t want the wineskin destroyed, neither does He want the wine spilled. He is the joy of our strength and the source of our supply. **Some would look at the giant and say, “He’s too big to try and hit.” The Goodly Horse Company looks at the giant and says, “He’s too big to miss!” They are not afraid of what stands between them and their God.

There is an Elijah ministry coming forth in the earth. It is an army that will come against the Ahab and Jezebel spirit in the church. Do you know why there is no remedy for the sickness in the Body of Christ? The answer: There is no respect and response to anointed ministry. Bro. Cook takes us through many Scriptures that show us how God’s order has always been to have mature ministries available to the Body of Christ. If you are hungry for a move of God in your life or church, the Lord will send ministries your way that will be trustworthy and respected.

Those that God is leading into the end-time are a people whom He will preserve and grant immunity from the coming destruction. He is calling us to the prayer chambers to be renewed in our minds, sealed in our foreheads, and hid in the Holy of Holies.

God is raising a people up who refuse to do anything of themselves. They are being led by the Spirit, by the anointed Word, and by the seven spirits of God. Spiritual eunuchs are being raised up that cannot reproduce out of themselves, but only by the Holy Ghost. Two companies are coming forth with a double portion ministry – the Spirit and the Word. In the Hebrew, they are called the “sons of oil.” Trumpets are blowing, and we shall be changed at the seventh or last trump. There is great testing ahead. Are you able to stand? Learning to overcome the wicked one is a realm that all must pass through to enter in. Jezebel is in full operation in both men and women to control, to prophesy “nice” things in order to control. She is after the prophets and the ministry. She is the head of the harlot system. Can you pay the price to overcome and press into God’s new day?

87LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – IN THE LAST DAYS
Words cannot express the seriousness of the times in which we are living. The Spirit is calling us to cry out to see Jesus. He is bringing forth deep repentance and purging beyond our understanding. The man of sin, the carnal self-nature, is being revealed in these last days before the coming of the Lord. Amalek (the flesh) rises up against the move of God and warfare accelerates! God is saying to the Church, to us and to the world, that in the midst of all the tribulation, to turn to the Lord God in these later days lest we be consumed.

87LHCD12-7 – Tommy Cook – THE COMING OF THE LORD
Come, Lord Jesus! This expectant looking for His appearing is already reigning in the hearts of many. John the Baptist was the messenger sent to prepare the way for His first coming. Heralding His second coming will be those He is raising up as sons, His overcomers who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Now is the time for submission to the refining process of God as it comes into our lives. It is He who is bringing forth the Christ. Man will not be able to take credit for the coming of the Lord!

Jesus is our hiding place as the floods of the enemy attempt to swallow us up. Count it all joy when satan’s harassment intensifies. God is dealing with His sons in a measure of violence, eradicating iniquities as never before and at the same time the beast is coming forth in all his strength. It’s difficult at times to know which one we are reacting to. We desperately need discernment to be led of the Spirit and yielded unto God! The admonition is to dig deeper into Jesus for He is the only provision by which we will survive what is coming! 



We must embrace change if we want to flow with God. The heart of God is seeking after those who are willing to lay down their lives for His purposes. This message deals with God’s end-time company of intercessors. They are a people that will stand strong in these last days because they “know their God.” They will be hid in Him, sanctified, and made worthy to be an overcomer. As Jesus was sealed by the Father, so this people will be sealed by the Father.

A warning to the Church! The man of sin is being revealed. Satan is right in the midst of the earthly, spiritual and heavenly temple and there he is being exposed. He will do all he can to cause you to fall because of sin and iniquity. Satan fell from heaven (the presence of the Lord) because iniquity was found in him. He is causing an apostasy and raising up his own company of those who oppose God. Let it not happen to us. We must press towards that mark – in Him – where satan can find nothing in us. The Holy Spirit is calling us to repentance towards the things in us which are not of God. His will is to forgive and deliver us from that which is displeasing to Him.

88LHCD4-7 – Tommy Cook – CROSSING JORDAN
God is bringing us across Jordan into a new order, a new land, a new generation, and a closer walk with Him. The method He used yesterday isn’t necessarily going to be the way He does it today or tomorrow. It’s out with the old wineskins and in with the new! There is a people arising on the earth that are going to cross Jordan – a people hearing the beckoning call to come up higher and see Jesus. They are those whom God has given the desire to press out of the natural into the supernatural; out of death into life; out of doubt and unbelief into the fullness of God. It’s time to move out of the carnal into the spiritual, to be hid with Christ in God. Don’t be afraid of what is ahead! Let go and let God have His way.

Excellent anointed teaching on the gifts and fruits of the Spirit and their purposes. Many believers lag behind in actively pursuing the operation of these gifts because they do not comprehend the purpose of them. God has placed these gifts within us that we might minister one to another as vessels of His love to bring glory to Him. For every gift of the Spirit there is a fruit to complement that gift. The gifts of the Spirit are of vital necessity to the Christian desiring to be used of God to fulfill his commission of Mark 16:15-18. A release to move into greater liberties on spiritual gifts can come as you are ministered to by this message.

*Tommy Cook – A NEW SONG **Jack Harris – UNDER THE ROD 1-OF-2
*Tommy Cook – A NEW SONG **Jack Harris – UNDER THE ROD 2-OF-2
*Those that will sing the “new song” as proclaimed in Revelation 14 will be blood washed, yoked to Jesus, and sealed by the Father in their souls. They will be abiding in the rest of God. **”Have you passed under the rod of God?” is the question repeatedly asked, and it deals with dedication and discipline. Whatever passes under God’s rod is considered holy unto Him. The rod is not always a corrective device. In Psalm 23 it is our comfort. The rod commands submission to every chain of command and with that comes divine protection. Those who pass under the rod are welded to His covenant and come out having the life of God! On your way to the throne room there is a cross, and it is going to cancel out all humanity. A wonderful spirit of revelation was upon this service.

88LHCD5-7 – Tommy Cook – MIDNIGHT
We are not called to run from Satan or his tactics. Throughout the Scriptures, God had purposed for man to be aggressive against the enemies of their land. The people of God are experiencing great distress and storms, but God is allowing it for preparation, to train and equip his saints to move into His more excellent ministry. In the midst of the darkness, His glory will shine through a people that have yielded to His grooming. Jezebel and Ahab are controlling spirits in the church, the family, and the land. God is bringing them to naught. Excellent expose on these two spirits. When midnight comes there will be a people that will stand against whatever confronts them because they will have His mark.

In this study the portrait of the sons of God is painted by the majestic hand of God, using a variety of scriptural analogies. The precious sons of Zion are the work of the hand of the Potter, and the work is being done that He may be glorified. Requirements and restrictions are being handed out from the throne of God and the results of His screening process will produce sons made into His image and likeness. The Word of God came through this prophet as fire in his mount!

Helpful admonitions to pave the way for walking in victory after you have been delivered. Always keep in mind that when you are doing spiritual warfare it is against the demonic spirits and not the individuals. A sure sign of deliverance in your life is that you want to be where Jesus is and you desire to obey Him. Position yourself to be holy. Whatever direction the Lord launches you into deliverance you can expect opposition from the enemy, but rest assured that when God calls you into a ministry He will equip you for that ministry.

88LHCD9-1 – *Col. Speed Wilson – TESTIMONY **Tommy Cook – PLEASING GOD
*Col. Speed Wilson is a retired World War II, Korean, and Viet Nam hero, ex-fighter pilot turned ambassador for Christ. Well trained in Marine tactics to destroy the enemy, he now is fulfilling the commission to do his part in the army of God. Through many series of events, he was apprehended and reconciled to God during a tour of duty in Japan. God has had this servant in many leadership positions, giving him tremendous insight and opportunities to bear fruit in these end-times for the kingdom of God. **Enoch’s testimony was that he “walked with God” and “pleased God.” How can two walk together except they be agreed? God is inviting an “Enoch company” to come and fellowship with Him. To please God is to have His approval upon your life. When a man’s ways please God, even his enemies are at peace with him! There is a people arising who will walk into life and not see death.

88LHCD9-10 – Tommy Cook – THE ZION COMPANY
There’s a Zion people arising, and when they attain to Zion they’ll have the nature of God within them! The enemy would have us fight against God’s government and authority, but there is a people being separated unto God, standing with Him, willing to submit to His ways. If you’re pressing towards Zion you won’t be fighting deliverance. He wants to drive us out of our plans into His plans. He wants us to be on the offering plate! Whatever struggles occur in the flesh during this processing of the Lord are nothing compared to the joy awaiting us in Zion! (This tape also includes the entire individual ministry that took place at the end of the message.)

Many are the requirements of the overcomers. Those who are found worthy will know the Lord and have a union with their King. These are days of preparation, separation, trials and testings for the people of God. After we are called and chosen we must allow Him to sanctify us. With separation comes revelation. Faithfulness and obedience are being worked into those who are willing to stay humble, waiting upon the Lord for promotion. The anointing of God comes from a lifestyle of obedience before Him. This message is truly a treasure.

God is clothing his people with holy garments, purging their iniquities, cleansing their hearts and putting within them the mind of Christ. We are to be clothed entirely with the Lord Jesus Christ – body, soul and spirit. When we are properly attired with His garments our names will not be blotted out, we will walk with Him and judge His house. This study reveals the garments required such as the garment of vengeance against the enemy, the garment of righteousness, the garment of salvation, the garment of praise and others. We are presented with seven ways to obtain these garments. Clean garments come as iniquity is purged from us. Without deliverance we cannot overcome.

88LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – KINGDOM WARFARE (1 of 2)
God is raising up a strong people, a company of overcomers, those with another spirit (the spirit of God), who see the enemy defeated and are wholly following the Lord. The Lord is a Man of war, and He is equipping His saints with that part of his nature to enable them to stand in the day of battle that is yet on the horizon. “Thou art My battle axe and weapons of war; for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.” (Jer. 51:20) “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.” (Dan. 2:44). Bro. Tommy states there is an antichrist spirit that is determined to wear you out if you let it, but without a battle you’ll not be an overcomer! If you’re going to be a warrior and enter into battle, Bro. Tommy gives the following principles to help bring us to victory. We must understand what time frame we are in today; we need to know what the church must do in this hour; we must be at a place in God where we can give some commands by the Holy Ghost; we must go forth into battle; we must become an expert in war; we must know our weapons and know how to exercise them against the enemy; we must be able to keep rank one with another; we’re to kill the enemy, not each other, with the sword; we’re to be single-eyed toward the Lord; and we must march in war only by the voice of God.

88LHCD12-6 – Tommy Cook – KINGDOM WARFARE (2 OF 2)
Glen briefly expounds on the calling of an intercessor: the responsibilities and rewards that are involved. Tommy continues where he left off on #88LH12-4, sharing valuable principles that will bring forth the Kingdom of God in your life. Emphasis is placed upon the need to deal with iniquities and the sins of our fathers. This is a vital key, one which satan is endeavoring to keep hidden from the company of overcomers because he knows the application of this truth is one of the final factors God is using to bring forth his Kingdom. “And the remnant that has survived of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward. For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and a band of survivors out of Mount Zion. The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall perform this.” (2 Kings 19:30 Amp.) This surviving remnant is experiencing tremendous adversities, trials, and storms that are making them fit for battle. These wards are of God and the enemy will be defeated! The victory is the Lord’s! We’re not to turn back in the time of battle. The admonition is to deal with those enemies in your land, because if you don’t they will raise their heads somewhere down the road either in your life or the lives of your children and grandchildren.

88LHCD12-12 – Tommy Cook – JEZEBEL
Within the contents of this message is an excellent profile of the spirit of Jezebel. Her many avenues of control reach deep into the religious, economical and political systems. Her manipulations work in the ministry to control congregations. She masquerades as a prophetess and is disguised in a doctrine. She is after the prophets because they expose her! Submission to that spirit (either in yourself or others) can put you in a sickbed, bring sadness and torment to your soul, cause you to believe a lie and come under deception. Her witchcrafts are many and she is a seducer of God’s people. God promises to deliver His people from Jezebel. He is going to judge and burn her with His fire! The Spirit of the Lord is rising up to destroy this lethal spirit and release the people of God for His Kingdom plan and purposes. Deliverance ministry concludes this message with signs following. A classic message.

88LHCD12-13 – Tommy Cook & Deorham Bholan – FASTING
These two messages on fasting were given prior to the noon time of prayer. Has God been dealing with your heart to fast? These admonitions on fasting will benefit you. Part of being a disciple of Christ is to live a life of discipline, and fasting is a part of that lifestyle. Fasting without prayer is just a diet. It takes both prayer and fasting to bring spiritual change. The Word of God calls us to fast, but we need wisdom to know the type, duration and purposes of fasting. It is also important to have the correct motive for fasting. We should be doing it to please God and in obedience to Him. Your flesh will fight this denial of self, but fasting will turn your heart to God and produce much spiritual fruit. God uses our fasts to bring cleansing to us: body, soul and spirit. Fasting afflicts the soul and does a work in us that cannot be duplicated by any other means. Many want the tabernacle experience but are not interested in God’s prerequisite of cleansing. As we humble ourselves in fasting, God will give us food to eat that man doesn’t know about. This is another classic message. One of the best teaching on fasting that we’ve heard.

88LHCD12-17 – Tommy Cook – THE ANOINTING
This is an in-depth look at what the Bible refers to as “the anointing.” It is the Holy Ghost that gives the power and it’s not the flesh that He anoints! When the breath of the Spirit is upon the individual, authority and power are on the words that are spoken. Seven ways the anointing comes are 1) Fasting and prayer, 2) Hating sin, 3) Unity, 4) Obedience, 5) Giving, 6) Worship, 7) Submission to the discipline, correction and reproof of God. The anointing begins to slip in our lives when we: 1) Quit praying, 2) The Word of God quits speaking to us like it used to, 3) We quit fellowshipping with one another as we should. The enemy is defeated by the anointing of God. The people of God are coming into a time when a greater anointing is needful. Several passages of Scripture speaking of “fat” deal with the anointing of God. Excellent study!


89LHCD3-1 – Tommy Cook – THAT WOMAN – JEZEBEL
Glen Miller shares a little first, then he invites some of the speakers to come up before Tommy Cook comes as the main speaker of this service: The very core of the Jezebel nature is exposed in this teaching. She is loud, stubborn, subtle of heart, and seduces the young and immature. She is an adulteress, manipulative, and ultimately wants to destroy men’s souls. God’s people need to know and recognize the Jezebel spirit. It’s in the government, the church (positioned on street corners around the nation), the family, and in us. If you are in any way controlling another individual or being controlled by someone else, chances are the Jezebel spirit needs to be dealt with. The Lord has purposed for the Church to be as a virtuous woman and this Jezebel spirit hinders the fulfillment of that. The service ends with prayer for deliverance from the influence of Jezebel.

We are approaching the third day, when God will pour out his Spirit on His people. This outpouring is hindered by our iniquities. Revival is the purifying and cleansing fire of God that prepares us for the glory that He desires to send. He is raising up a people who are prepared to go into battle, willing to follow the Lamb from the cross to the Holy of Holies. We must be careful not to get ahead of the Lord and become involved in battles where He is not there. The sign that precedes the raising of this army is the outpouring of the latter rain.

89LHCD5-1 – *Jack Harris – PROPHECY **Tommy Cook – REBELLION
*Prophetic word through Jack Harris precedes the message. **God is dealing with the Absalom spirit in His people. This message gives a profound characterization of that spirit and its rebellious, anti-Christ nature. Rebellion opens you up to demonic forces and breeds destruction. It drives people to promote their own name and build individual kingdoms instead of being primarily interested in seeing the purposes and plans of God come into being. It fights the authority of God, not only as established in the leadership, but also the supremacy of His Spirit and His Word. Rebellious people become enemies of God. We are warned of the dangers of coming against anointed servants of the Lord. Deliverance ministry concludes this service with prayers of repentance for our many sins of rebellion.

89LHCD5-10 – Tommy Cook – TAIL OF THE DRAGON
The focus of this message centers on the fine line between true and false prophets. There is a “tail ministry” slithering through the church, teaching lies and causing people to err. Bro. Cook presents a checklist identifying many characteristics of false ministries that will allow the listeners to see for themselves if they are sitting under the true or false ministry. We have the assurance that God has placed His true ministries in the body, but Christians must have discernment.


90LHCD6-17 – Tommy Cook – THE GREAT GLORY
At the present time we reflect the glory of God, but the day is coming when His glory will be in His people. Bro. Tommy shows how the prophecy concerning God’s glory was fulfilled in the life of Jesus and cites many Scriptures which give examples for us or show us parallels to the process by which we become worthy to receive the glory of God. Prophecy to individuals, praise, and prayer for the nation conclude the service.

90LHCD6-22 – Tommy Cook – THE TWO WITNESSES
Bro. Tommy’s message is two-fold. First, it is an exhortation to the church to be as the five wise virgins – to wake up, hear the watchman, and go out to meet the bridegroom. Secondly, it is a prophetic teaching regarding the call of the Spirit to a people who will minister in the anointing of Jesus in the end time.


A “stiff” message to the Church concerning from whom we take our advice and to whom we give our money.  True counsel will lead you to repentance and godliness and will cause you to turn to the Lord.  The wicked counselor will lead you to destruction.  Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, represents the Jezebel spirit that is in the land today.  Following her leads to death.  Bro. Tommy presents 7 ways to overcome Jezebel.  This truly is an excellent expose on the spirit of Jezebel and how she operates in our lives, our homes, and our churches.  Prayer for deliverance concludes this mighty message.

*Walter Fletcher – SORROWFUL **Tommy Cook – A CRY AT MIDNIGHT
*In I Chronicles 4, we find an account of a man named Jabez, whose name means “one who causes sorrow or pain.”  Jabez did not want to be like his name, so he asked God for 5 things, which God granted him.  **It is at midnight, the darkest hour, that the woman will travail and bring forth the manchild, that God’s power will be poured out and souls will be unlocked.  At one minute past midnight we are traveling towards dawn.

91LHCD5-10 – *Tommy Cook – SONS OF OIL  **Glen Miller – CURSES
*Sons of oil are those who have the Word and the Spirit within.  Unless there is something in us, nothing can flow out of us.  The sons of oil have the double portion ministry, the right to minister on both sides of the veil.  Before we are entitled to this ministry we must cross Jordan.  **Bro. Glen Miller concludes this service by praying to break the curses that he taught about on messages 91LH5-9A & B.

91LHCD7-4 – Tommy Cook – TRUE OR FALSE FIRE
Satan’s counterfeits can be found even in the holy place. When we become proud, when we push ourselves into ministries other than those to which God calls us, we destroy ourselves and others. It’s time to quit compromising and throw the counterfeit out! God’s judgment is coming.

Satan is coming against the church with 5 things, or in 5 areas. If we don’t conquer our enemies they will show up again. We are deceived if we think that Satan is not operating in the church.

God walks in the midst of our camp, therefore it should be holy, so that He will not turn away. Many things bring defilement. One of them is shepherds who do not feed the flock, but fleece them instead.

91LHCD7-14 – Tommy Cook – 7 WAYS TO OVERCOME
There’s more to being an overcomer than just saying that you want to be one. The Bible gives us 7 ways in which we overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The revelation of Jesus Christ is coming to God’s servants who bear record to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. As He is revealed to them, He will be revealed through them. Before He can come with the saints, He must come in the saints. There must be a people prepared for His coming.

91LHCD11-4 – Tommy Cook – THE LAW OF THE HOUSE
God enters the house, fills the house, and speaks out of the house. The law of the house is holiness. God has a most holy people, serving the Most Holy God, moving toward the most holy place. The mission of this people is to praise God and destroy the enemy. They walk in the law of the Word, keep the testimonies of God, and seek Him with their whole heart.

91LHCD11-8 – Tommy Cook – GOD’S GIFTS
We need to be filled with the Word and the gifts of God so that no poison can abide within us. We need to desire the gift of prophecy because through it all the other gifts of the Spirit can operate. The gifts of God bring energy, love and harmony within the church. They glorify God and edify the body. We must not neglect the gift that God has put in us. We must not follow signs, signs must follow us; and signs will follow the Word.


92LHCD5-7 – Tommy Cook – THE SEVEN “ITES”
Ps. 11:3, “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Bro. Tommy deals with the sin in the church. He explains the seven “ites” of Deut. 7:1, the meaning of each, and how to deal with them. David had three anointings: prayer, praise, and power. The higher you go in the anointing, the more enemies you will have, but the more power you will have to overcome. In order to overcome, we must be men and women after God’s own heart who will fulfill all of God’s will. Praise and an ear to hear the Holy Spirit’s instructions will rout the enemy. This is a powerful “how-to” teaching.

God has a virgin coming forth, chaste, pure, mature, holy, the Lamb’s wife – not married to the minister, but married to Jesus Christ. This remnant seed will be humble and walk softly before God in order to be used by the Lord. Jesus, stronger than the strongman, has come and lives in us and gives us power over all the power of the enemy. We clear out the old by deliverance to make room for the new from heaven. Rev. 12:11 tells us how to overcome the enemy. Don’t get discouraged – there is a healing ministry coming through ordinary people. God wants to use you. Fight the good fight. Walk humbly and holy before God.

Citing numerous Scriptures, Bro. Tommy gives a “crash course” on the importance of the gift of prophecy and some of the reasons that not all prophecies come to pass. This teaching will answer many questions concerning true and false prophets and the responsibilities of those to whom the prophecies are directed. Prayers for deliverance from the lies of false prophets and related spirits are included on this tape along with the prophecies to individuals in attendance.

God is sealing a people in their foreheads today, a Holy of Holies people, the sons of God, having the Father’s Name and nature written on their foreheads, those who will be able to minister here and yet be there at the same time. There’s a famine in the land today, and in the midst of famine God sends the prophets. God is raising up prophets in this hour that we’ve never heard of. Also included on this tape are Bro. Glen’s remarks on false teachings and traditions, promises to the believer, and intercession. (One of the best teachings Bro. Cook has ever given here.)

92LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – OLD ORDER – NEW ORDER
The struggle between what God has done and what He is doing in this hour is pictured in the history of Eli and Samuel, and Saul and David. We must learn to recognize, accept, and embrace the new order, or we will be like Jonathan and die with the old order.

92LHCD12-5 – Tommy Cook – HOLY GARMENTS
God is clothing His people with righteousness. There are many Scriptures that speak of the garments He desires for us to have. However, there are some who are wearing dirty garments, and some who are naked. Which clothes do you have on?

92LHCD12-11 – Tommy Cook – THE OVERCOMER
An excellent foundational teaching which answers such questions as, “Who are the overcomers?”  What does God promise them?  How do they do it?  A good basic tape for everyone’s library.

There is a manchild in a woman coming forth, and after he is brought forth he will minister back to her. The Lord wants to fill us with His glory, His light, and His power, and to catch us up to Him in the Spirit.


At the beginning of this service, Dr. William Null speaks briefly about praying for your children.  Citing numerous Scriptures, Bro. Cook outlines how believers will go through the tribulation. But those who overcome will become rulers and the earth will see the ministry of Jesus again.

93LHCD5-10 – Tommy Cook – CHRIST IN YOU
God is raising up a great army, a people great and strong, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  These are a Holy of Holies people, and in their mouths are found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God.  They are a people who are going to keep in step with God Almighty.  Are you a part of this people? (Bro. Glen’s comments concerning the overcomers are included at the beginning of this message.)

Do you want the nature, character, and image of Jesus? When we are filled with and pray in the Holy Ghost, the love of God fills us and flows out to others. God’s sons reflect His glory. They are sealed because they seek God, and God is sealing a people for the end time.

Scripture warns us in various places to be careful in choosing our companions. Association with those who are in error will eventually affect both our behavior and our doctrine. We need to learn increased submission to God’s discipline, increased self-discipline, and godly discipline in our homes, churches, and government. The Holy Spirit will teach us to distinguish truth from error if we will listen.

93LHCD7-16 – Tommy Cook – SPIRIT OF ERROR
Matthew 24:2. There is a spirit of deception and seduction working in the church. Beware that the enemy does not seduce you into passivity. This is a thorough teaching on discerning the true from the false.

Proverbs 29:18. What is blocking our vision today? This message will teach you how to remove those things, how to receive visions from God, and what to expect and how to move in the vision God has given you.

Covering the first 14 chapters of the book of Acts, this teaching outlines the experience, expression, and expansion of the Holy Spirit. Obedience to God brings the flow of the anointing. Disobedience blocks the flow.

93LHCD9-4A 1-of-2
93LHCD9-4B 2-of-2
God has a divine order for the body of Christ as a whole and for every member of that body. This teaching examines various aspects of that order with application to both individuals and the local church, with particular explanation of the office and function of the apostle.

93LHCD11-4 – Tommy Cook – FAITHFULNESS
God is looking for faithful servants.  Very few are faithful to Him, not to an organization or system.  When we lose our expectancy in Christ’s return to earth and His coming in us, we become unfaithful.  Matthew 24, along with many other Scriptures, provides a description of the faithful and unfaithful servants. Is faithfulness being manifested in your life?

We need a positive word in a negative world. Before we can speak the prophetic word we must have a vision. An excellent teaching on the vision God has for each of us, God’s timing in bringing it to pass, and the dangers of operating under our own visions instead of God’s.

93LHCD12-8 – Tommy Cook – GOD’S GOT AN ARMY
When Ahab and Jezebel were in power, God raised up Elijah to oppose them. In the same way, He is raising up a company of people to oppose the political and religious systems. They will be His army, the overcomers, to accomplish His purposes in the end time.


Romans 16:20. Do you need hope for today? You are God’s FEET COMPANY! Jesus is waiting for this end time Feet Company to rise up and put the enemy under their feet because of what He did for us and by His power. Satan wants to rob us of that power and authority. When the church is in strong travail you will know that the manchild (Jesus in a people) is ready to be born. You should listen to this message over and over.

During this perilous end time of mockery in the land, the overcomer will be tried. It is very important to come into and walk in the third anointing in order to listen and obey the Holy Spirit. If you do not then you are being robbed of the best God has for you. This teaching covers important areas that will enable us to enter into the Zion realm.

*Glen Miller **David Brogdon ***Tommy Cook – FEAST OF THE LORD 1-of-2

*Glen Miller **David Brogdon ***Tommy Cook – FEAST OF THE LORD 2-of-2

*All the men are to appear before the Lord three times a year to offer themselves to Him. This includes a prayer of dedication and consecration to the Lord. **Continues with the message, looking at other parts of the Passover and five leavens in the New Testament. Includes exhortation to examine our lives for the leaven of sin and rid ourselves of it. ***God wants to remove the leaven from our lives. He’s raising up a temple filled with His glory. He desires to spread His tent over us.

94LHCD7-19A – *Tommy Cook – FROM MILK TO MEAT
**Art Johnson – EAGLE SAINTS 1-of-2
94LHCD7-19B – *Tommy Cook – FROM MILK TO MEAT
**Art Johnson – EAGLE SAINTS 2-of-2
*Psalm 119:62. God’s judgment is coming on the land. God is raising up a mighty “Feet Company” to walk through the land as overcomers. These overcomers will praise the Lord because of His righteous judgment. Are you a part of this company? **Isaiah 40:31. As the eagle hides away for 40 days of renewal, so the Eagle Saint learns to hide away in the springs of Living Water for cleansing, deliverance, and healing. The eagle saint feeds on honey in the Rock, while resting in the cleft of the Rock and thereby is enabled to fly in the heavenlies.

The battle with satan takes place primarily in our souls. We must submit our mind, will, emotions, and desires to God. We must repent of idolatry, iniquity, and submitting to familiar spirits. Satan wants to tear and fragment our souls. What God does in your spirit must filter up into your soul and change it.

94LHCD9-5 – Tommy Cook – TAIL OF THE DRAGON
A true prophet points people to Jesus, not to himself. This teaching stresses the need for discernment, the results of the operation of a false prophet in a congregation, ways to overcome Satan, and the need to pray for the fallen, the falling, and those who will fall.

94LHCD11-4 – Tommy Cook – INTIMACY WITH GOD
There is a place of intimacy with God that goes beyond the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Song of Solomon provides a picture of the process by which the woman is prepared to give birth to the manchild.  The enemy will do everything in his power to keep the manchild from being born.  He attacks in the religious, political and economic realms.  The only safeguard against deception is intimacy with God. Prayers of deliverance from deception and seducing spirits are included on this message.

94LHCD11-7 – Tommy Cook – TAKING THE THRONE
The throne is both the government, authority and rulership of God and the place reserved for the overcomer.  To sit on the throne with Christ will cost you everything.  The higher you go the greater the testing but the more of the power of God you have to overcome your enemies.  Satan will throw all of his power against the overcomers in the end time, but they WILL be caught up to God and to the throne.

94LHCD12-6 – Tommy Cook – THE ELECT OF GOD
“When the Son of Man returns shall He find faith on the earth?” Yes! The faith of a people who are believing God to give them the victory over the adversary and his kingdom, trusting God to bring the elect body of His chosen ones into their full inheritance, crying out in faith day and night to be avenged of God. God calls us out, but we must overcome. Not seeking God is the equivalent of forsaking Him.

94LHCD12-13 – Tommy Cook – TWO NATURES
The war is now and it is taking place between the two natures that reside in us.  The beast nature tries to set up the antichrist spirit within us to take the place of Christ and war against Him.  But the Holy Spirit residing in us raises up a warrior spirit which allows us to overcome the beast nature in us and fight against the political, economic and religious system which Satan is trying to establish.  All Christians need to hear this.


95LHCD3-4A – Tommy Cook THE TRAVAILING CHURCH 1-of-2
95LHCD3-4B – Tommy Cook THE TRAVAILING CHURCH 2-of-2
Testimony by Jack Harris at the beginning of the service is included on the tapes. Using numerous Scriptures, this teaching shows us a picture of the church today. It calls for a stand for righteousness, a dedication to God, and a determination to travail until the manchild is brought forth. Satan would love to abort this pregnancy.

95LHCD5-1 – Tommy Cook – A GREAT WONDER IN HEAVEN 1-OF-2
This is the first part of Bro. Cook’s exposition of Revelation 12. Christians today are living in the fulfillment of this chapter. We see that the church needs to be set in order and try to do it in our own way and strength. Invariably, we fail. But through God’s power and glory the end-time church will come into line with His plan and purpose. This teaching is continued on 95LHCD5-5 below.

95LHCD5-5 – Tommy Cook – A GREAT WONDER IN HEAVEN 2-of-2
A continuation of the teaching begun on 95LHCD5-1. Christians today are a part either of the sun-clothed woman, the moon, or the manchild. Where are you? God is manifesting Himself in the world through a seven-step progression.


96LHCD4-4 – Tommy Cook – THE SEAL OF GOD
Answers questions such as: What is the seal? Who brings it? How does it come? Who is sealed? How many are sealed?  

The account of Paul’s shipwreck, found in Acts 27, provides an interesting picture of what is taking place in these last days. Bro. Cook outlines five principles regarding the overcomer from this passage. When the heat is on, the snakes come out!

96LHCD5-1 – Tommy Cook – THE GLORY OF GOD
Entering the kingdom means entering into the glory of God. God’s glory will be manifest as His divine nature is expressed in His people. In order to enter the glory we must first pass through the suffering. Numerous Scriptures are cited which explain different aspects of God’s glory.

The church has brought forth Ishmael, but God wants Isaac! Teaching on the Old Testament types of the manchild, followed by exposition from Revelation 6 and 12, and a warning that just as God is bringing forth a people in His image, a people is also emerging in the image of the beast. 

96LHCD7-1 – Tommy Cook – THE DAY OF THE LORD
Challenges traditional teachings while examining three aspects of the Day of the Lord as found in Scripture: the return of Jesus Christ, the resurrection, and the rewarding of men according to their works. Abundant Scripture references make this a good study message.

96LHCD7-4 – Tommy Cook – APOSTASY
Tommy examines numerous Scriptures regarding the falling away that will precede the Day of the Lord. Understanding the biblical time frame is key to proper interpretation and understanding. Don’t become a part of the apostasy through ignorance!

96LHCD7-14 – Tommy Cook – DON’T BE DECEIVED
One of the signs of the end of the age is the rise of many false prophets. The Scripture is clear in its description of them and their methods of operation. We need a hunger and a love for the truth so we will recognize the enemy at work. We also need to cleanse ourselves so that the enemy will not have a foothold in our lives through which he can attack. Knowledge applied prevents deception!

(The ministers for the camp meeting all spoke briefly at the beginning of the service.) As we approach the last days we must increase our vigilance against the wiles of satan. This teaching contrasts some of the deceptions we can expect to see and those who succumb to them with the blessings promised to those who hold to the truth and are faithful to the end.

95LHCD8-2 – Tommy Cook – TWO SERVANTS
The parable of the two servants, found in Matthew 24, provides a warning for the Church today. The characteristics of the evil servant are manifested by many in positions of leadership. The Body of Christ has been wounded by those who have listened to the lie. God is looking for faithful and wise servants who will exercise power in love. Ministry to those who have been wounded by leaders concludes the service.

Revelation 12 provides a picture of God’s ultimate deliverance for His people. This teaching expounds in this critical and often misinterpreted chapter, both challenging and encouraging the body of Christ.

96LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – THE ARMY OF GOD
A message that will build your faith and courage to take your place in the army of God! We are living the overlapping time between the age of grace and the kingdom of God. The battle rages, but God and His army will be victorious!

96LHCD12-7 – Tommy Cook – THROUGH THE VEIL
God wants us to offer up everything to Him, including our souls. As in the earthly tabernacle, there is a pattern that must be followed before we can enter through the veil into the Holy of Holies. You will enter into God only as much as you allow God to enter into you!

Without the love of God we are nothing and we have nothing. Only as God’s love is made manifest in us can we receive the seal of God promised to the intercessor and be overcomers. This message should be heard by all that are serious about going on with God.


“Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy,” I Cor. 14:1. All the gifts of the Spirit can operate through the gift of prophecy. Using many Scriptures, this teaching focuses primarily on the relationship between the gift of prophecy and the gifts of tongues and interpretation. Fear stops the flow of the gifts and prayer for deliverance from fear is included on this message.

97LHCD3-5 – Tommy Cook – THE WEDDING FEAST
The wedding feast is happening now, as we develop greater intimacy with Jesus! This teaching focuses on our need to prepare ourselves to participate in the feast as we await the literal coming of the Bridegroom.

97LHCD3-8 – *Bob Trench – COMMUNION and **Tommy Cook –
*Bro. Trench links communion with the toasts given at the Passover celebration and reminds us that it is a time of anticipation as well as remembrance. **Taken primarily from the Song of Solomon, this teaching explores the significance of the image of the garden as it relates to our intimacy with Jesus.

Jesus first appeared as a prophet – proclaiming God’s Word. He now appears in heaven as our high priest – making intercession for us. He will appear as King of kings – reigning in all His splendor. We must look for His appearing, love His appearing, and be like Him when He appears.

97LHCD7-1 – Tommy Cook – APOSTASY
A strong warning to the church, including warning signs to help identify false prophets. We must learn to separate the precious from the vile! Prayers of repentance and deliverance from following false prophets are included on this message.

97LHCD7-13 – Tommy Cook – COME CLOSER
“Come closer,” is God’s call to His people. Using numerous Scriptures, but focusing primarily on the book of Revelation, Bro. Cook covers a wide range of topics in encouraging us to press on in God.

97LHCD7-13 – Tommy Cook – COME CLOSER
“Come closer,” is God’s call to His people. Using numerous Scriptures, but focusing primarily on the book of Revelation, Bro. Cook covers a wide range of topics in encouraging us to press on in God.

97LHCD8-1 – Tommy Cook – SONS OF FRESH OIL
Do you desire to be filled, not just with oil, but with fresh oil? We must experience the anointing of God and be filled with the oil of the Spirit before we can pour it out as a blessing to others. This fresh oil will bring unity in the Spirit and enable us to separate the precious from the vile. The anointing brings liberty – don’t go back into bondage! The anointing brings life – don’t walk in death!

97LHCD8-1 – Tommy Cook – SONS OF FRESH OIL
Do you desire to be filled, not just with oil, but with fresh oil? We must experience the anointing of God and be filled with the oil of the Spirit before we can pour it out as a blessing to others. This fresh oil will bring unity in the Spirit and enable us to separate the precious from the vile. The anointing brings liberty – don’t go back into bondage! The anointing brings life – don’t walk in death!

97LHCD8-10 – Tommy Cook – CLOTHED WITH HIM A warning and a challenge to us all to make sure we are properly dressed for the wedding feast. Brother Cook expounds on many scriptures concerning images of garments available to God’s people and the need to take care of those garments.

97LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – CHANGE IS COMING
Man is a triune being, made up of body, soul and spirit. In Christ, change comes in all three. Only as we submit to Him are we conformed to His image, made into a people who will be a part of the first fruits.

97LHCD12-7 – Tommy Cook – SONG OF SOLOMON
If we are going to be overcomers we must come into an intimate relationship with the Lord. The Song of Solomon provides many glimpses of various aspects of that intimacy. He will not force us into intimacy with Him; we must desire it.

Examines each of the five-fold ministries individually, with special emphasis on the character, nature and calling of the apostle. An excellent teaching for up-coming leaders and those in the ministry. Prayer for godly government to be established in churches concludes the teaching.


The Amorites, one of the nations the Israelites were to drive out of the land God gave them, speak to us of the pride in our lives. We are in a time when Jesus is bringing all pride and haughtiness down so He can be exalted! Covers seven ways to deal with the Amorite, encouraging us to destroy his fruit from above and his roots from below. Deliverance prayers are included on this message..

98LHCD3-7 – Tommy Cook – THE LITTLE BOOK
In these last days we are seeing and will see increased demonic activity and power. But we have hope! In the midst of the darkness, light is coming forth. In the midst of chaos, God is bringing order and government. In the midst of lawlessness, judgment and authority will be exercised. These will all be manifested through the overcomers, the feet company!

98LHCD5-1 – Tommy Cook – MANCHILD
God is raising up a company of overcomers. His plan is fulfilled in them and His purpose rests upon them. They will walk through warfare; and their weapons are the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and that they love not their lives to the death. Bro. Cook expounds on their characteristics and their rewards as well as their battle with the enemy.

98LHCD5-7 – Tommy Cook – THE DAY OF THE LORD
If you are in the Spirit, the day of the Lord is at hand. Don’t lose your expectancy. Bro. Tommy brings an excellent teaching, expounding on the contrasting aspects of the day of the Lord: The fury of satan and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the glorification of God in His saints and His wrath visited on the disobedient, the natural and the spiritual.

Every day God is speaking something new. Bro. Tommy challenges us not to miss the visitation of God, examining some of the times and ways He speaks, as well as some of the things which will hinder is from hearing and recognizing His voice. Learn to hear God for yourself! Ministry prayers are included on this message.

Using numerous Scriptures, Bro. Tommy defines the tail of the dragon, shows that it is in operation now but will continue to increase at the beginning of the great tribulation, and comments on the various ways God has given us to overcome the enemy in this area.

In these last days we are as the seventh church walking toward spiritual perfection (maturity). There are many who are lovers of money, self and treasures, more than lovers of God. In the Day of the Lord and His Wrath, even silver and gold will not save you. The Lord is our source and a spirit of lust for riches must be broken. We must deny ourselves and submit to Christ. Deliverance ministry concludes the service.

98LHCD9-7 – Tommy Cook – THE HOLY CITY
Further exposes the operation of the “beast” in the world. Discusses the false trinity and the coming judgment on the beast system. In contrast he expounds on the descent of the Holy City, the bride, soon to be revealed in all her beauty. Interprets the typology of the various aspects of the city described in the book of Revelation as revealing the character and nature of the bride who is being prepared and perfected in this hour.

98LHCD11-4 – Tommy Cook – THE RESURRECTION (1 of 2)
In this two-part message on the resurrection of the saints, Tommy lays the scriptural foundation for the two steps of the resurrection: inward and outward, spiritual and physical. Part 1 deals primarily with the inward resurrection, the one Paul refers to in Phil. 3:11 as the “prize of the high calling” that must be “attained” by “pressing toward the mark.” This is for the “generals”, not the “privates.” It is the fullness of God manifested while in the flesh, typified in Revelation by the “manchild” and the 144,000 sealed overcomers on Mt. Zion, among others. This is one of the most thorough expositions of this subject yet delivered here at Lake Hamilton..

98LHCD11-5 – Tommy Cook – THE RESURRECTION (2 of 2)

Part 2 of this teaching deals with the resurrection that is to occur at the second coming of Christ whereby our physical bodies will be transformed into the likeness of His glorious body. As in all of Bro. Tommy’s teachings, many Scriptures are used to establish the framework for a solid, biblical exposition of the topic. Particularly interesting are the parallels he draws between the life and experience of Jesus with the “two witnesses” of Revelation: natural life, supernatural ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension.

98LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – THE KINGDOM OF GOD
This is an excellent study on the government of God as it is to function in the church body. Bro. Tommy discusses the Scriptural admonitions regarding eldership and spiritual leadership, comparing it to worldly concepts of authority. This message can be a real help to those struggling to gain a proper understanding of authority and rulership in the Kingdom of God, to discern between the false and the true.

Tribulation is coming! Bro. Tommy leaves us no room for doubt about what is about to come upon the earth and those who will be affected by it. Only those marked in their foreheads with the seal of God will be protected. The call is going forth to be part of this elect group who will be prepared to Arise, shine – when the glory “arises upon them.” That “explosion from within to without” is the transfiguration of the Manchild Company who will feed the woman, the rest of the bride, in the “wilderness” where she will be protected (Rev. 12). The “outer court” will be trampled by the heathen. Pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape – God will preserve a people during this time. Will you be a part of this elect group?


This message is in truth “food for thought” and “meat for the soul.” The “revelation of Jesus Christ” in the earth is the manifestation of the sons of God. This study of the sons of God, who are the overcomers of the end-time, provides yet a deeper understanding than what we have previously received of who they are and how they will be used to fulfill God’s purposes at the end of this age.
A wonderful study for the serious Bible student and for those who long for a deeper understanding of end-time events. Tommy zeroes in on Revelation 12, expounding on the woman in travail, the manchild caught up to heaven, the red dragon, the flight of the woman into the wilderness, the flood out of the dragon’s mouth, the two wings of the eagle, etc. Each of these carries different facets of truth that we need to understand in this hour.

Are we hungering for a place of intimacy with God – that place of spiritual communion typified in the Old Testament by the High Priest when he entered the Holy of Holies each year? To qualify for this awesome responsibility, a priest had to be free of certain blemishes. Bro. Tommy identifies these for us and draws application to spiritual blemishes that hinder intimacy with God.

“Take heed to the ministry – that thou fulfil it (Col. 4:17). Using scriptural examples, Tommy shows us ministers who fulfilled their calling and those who didn’t. He lays out godly patterns for ministry, challenges us to manifest the supernatural and warns us of opposition and apostasy. He concludes with an interesting study of the four faces of the cherubim-representing manifestations of the beast nature in man that must be overcome with God’s nature.

Is there witchcraft in the church? Jezebel, a type of the harlot church, is probably more powerful than we are aware, and is determined to snuff out the true anointing, replacing it with dullness and apathy, and ultimately, apostasy. Beware of the tares coming up with the wheat! Tommy identifies several symptoms of psychic attack. Watch, lest we are ensnared by the subtleties of satan’s wiles.

Who or what is the church in the Book of Revelation? Bro. Tommy finds four churches in Rev. 12! This book is full of word pictures illustrating different perspectives of the overall view God wants us to see. Tommy excels in comparing Scripture with Scripture so we “get the picture.”

This message is a wonderful study of these two brothers whose lives reveal a picture of God’s preparation of the overcomer. Walk through the Word with Tommy as he shares how their experiences, illuminated by Jacob’s prophecies in Genesis 49, look forward to an end-time people whom God is raising up to be deliverers and preservers of life. Will we be a part of this remnant?

This is a most remarkable teaching, one of the most illuminating we have heard on this subject! If you desire to understand the first resurrection (not rapture!) and how to prepare for it, get this tape. We could not recommend it more highly. Transfiguration – inward resurrection of the soul while yet in the body – is the key. Jesus is knocking. Are we responding to His call?.

99LHCD11-6 – Tommy Cook – THE KINGDOM
What is the “kingdom” that we talk about so much? Using much Scripture, Tommy systematically covers what the Word says the kingdom is and how we can in truth be a part of it. Jesus, John the Baptist and all of the apostles came teaching and preaching the Kingdom of God, so our understanding of this doctrine is fundamental to our understanding of the gospel!

98LHCD12-4 – Tommy Cook – THE KINGDOM OF GOD
This is an excellent study on the government of God as it is to function in the church body. Bro. Tommy discusses the Scriptural admonitions regarding eldership and spiritual leadership, comparing it to worldly concepts of authority. This message can be a real help to those struggling to gain a proper understanding of authority and rulership in the Kingdom of God, to discern between the false and the true..

There are many pictures throughout the Scriptures of the warfare between light and darkness. God promises the complete overthrow of evil, but He will use His people to accomplish it. Engaging and defeating the enemy is mandatory – God means business. He has given us supernatural weapons of deliverance, and these we must use to destroy the works of the devil and rid creation of his influence. 


At midnight God smote the first born of Egypt. God is now preparing a mighty army to execute judgment on the antichrist system. These are His “holy (sanctified) ones,” the overcomers who are His battle-ax, who will “break in pieces the nations.” The midnight hour is upon us. The door is open; it soon will be shut. A few will make it in; most will not. The opportunity is there. Will we heed the call?

00LHCD5-1B – Various Ministers – after Tommy Cook finished speaking.
We believe this is a critical message to the church for this hour. “Babylon” is comprised of three parts: religious, economic and political. God will bring down all three. The “great whore” of Revelation symbolizes the religious system. This Jezebel system exalts man and his “ministry” rather than Jesus, such that many are “married” to a church rather than to Him. This system wants to rob us of our souls and destroy our personal intimacy with Jesus. It hates the true Church. “Come out of her, my people, that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4). Powerful teaching!

This is a remarkable study for those who have ears to hear, especially those who desire to be part of the Manchild company. Bro. Tommy explores the rich typology of the Scriptures relating to this topic and presents a glorious picture of the sons of God that are being prepared and will soon be revealed in the earth.

00LHCD5-10 – Tommy Cook – ARMAGEDDON
In this teaching, Bro. Tommy expounds the “supper of the great God” presented in Rev. 19. There are three reaping’s of the earth presented in Rev. 14, the third being that of the wicked – “the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” God must rid the earth of evil in order to establish His kingdom “which shall never be destroyed” (Dan. 2). God says, “I have commanded my sanctified ones, I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger” (Isa. 13). He is raising up this army even now to execute His judgments in the earth. Will we be a part of that army?


The revelation of Jesus is a gift. It was given to John, of things which must shortly come to pass, by His angel. The revelation of Jesus is first within, yet there will be a revelation of Christ in the air, with His return. We need a revelation of the revelation of Jesus Christ in our hearts of who He is. We must watch and hold onto our garment of Jesus Christ.

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