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Geri McGhee – Abiding Life Ministries 
Deborah Vails –
Kernaa & Jean Williams –
Randy and Callie Richey –
Howard Pittman Ministries – Howard Pittman
Gene Moody Deliverance Ministries – Gene Moody
Christian Covenant Fellowship Inc – Frank Marzullo, Jr
OmegaMan Radio
Healing and Deliverance – Carla Butaud
RVICS – Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service – Retired RV’rs in the ministry of helps
Recovering the Church and Deliverance Ministries – Nickie Pinson
Christ Outreach Oklahoma – Randy Richey
Spiritual Warfare Team – Jim Landry
Fire and Glory Endtime Deliverance Ministires – Kernaa & Jean Williams
Pastor Chris Simpson Web Library – Chris Simpson
WRW Publications – Win Worley & Michael Thierer
Hegewisch Baptist Church
Chick Publications – Jack Chick – Chick Tracts
The Online Bible – Free Bible Software


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Published on: August 19, 2015

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