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Melvin Creason



95LHCD5-4 – Melvin Creason – THE TWO SEEDS
After sharing his testimony, Bro. Creason begins with Adam and shows that from the beginning God had a plan for man to inherit the kingdom of God. Through the examples of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he shows how God is bringing forth an incorruptible seed that will fulfill that plan.


98LHCD7-14 – Melvin Creason – POSSESSING THE KINGDOM
God has given us the kingdom, but how much of the kingdom are we possessing? Thank God for what you have, but never stop reaching for more! Stop looking for a way out and start looking for a way in! The war won’t be won today, but we can win today’s battle and overcome something that’s been overcoming us.

98LHCD7-16 – Melvin Creason – GOD IS CHANGING US
God didn’t save you to take you to heaven; He saved you to change you. As we partake of the Word of God He changes us from glory to glory. He wants us for a peculiar treasure to glorify Him. An encouraging message of hope in Christ Jesus.


01LHCD7-9 – Melvin Creason – A LAMB FOR A HOUSE
We have to be led by the Spirit of God. He is building His house. We must line up with the desires of the LORD. He sent Jesus as our Lamb, He saved us, yet not Himself. Pilate yielded to the pressure of the people, who wanted Jesus crucified. Our nation today is ruled by these same pressure groups, in our Congress and Senate. Today, we are receiving a subtle pressure, which is aimed at stopping the things that God intended to accomplish. We must be overcomvers and build a solid foundation for the House of the Lord!.

God has a plan, and He’s going to fulfill it. He is moving by His Spirit, whether we see it or not. Sometimes our good intentions are not in line with God’s Plan. The Kingdom doesn’t depend on us; we’re privileged to have a part in it. As we begin to follow God, we will face opposition. We have to learn that God’s doing the work. Our help comes from the Lord! 


02LHCD7-1 – Melvin Creason – THE LIGHT OF GOD (1 of 2)
God said, let there be light, and there was light, and He separated the light from the darkness. Because Adam loved the darkness more than light, man was put out of the light. But even in the darkness, the LORD never left man without a light. We have to have a clear understanding of what “saith the LORD”.

02LHCD7-5 – Melvin Creason – THE LIGHT OF GOD (2 of 2)
A continuation of the study of the light God spoke into existence in Genesis chapter 21, verses 1-5, from 02LHCD7-1. It is God’s desire to enlighten us, to give us light. He has never left man without a light. The light is the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ. 

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