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Audio Ministry


John Fletcher

Ministered here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

Our mp3 podcast format is, “16 Kbps at 16Hz single track mono.”

These are full messages with all the ministry left on at the end too.

They are clear enough, so we can conserve hosting space while growing. 


01LHCD9-1 – John Fletcher – KEEPING HOPE ALIVE
Using three stories from the Bible, we are shown how not only faith, but hope, is necessary for fulfillment of our needs. If we don’t have hope, then we don’t have faith. Faith is the tangible substance of hope. The devil has distorted the meaning of hope to mean to most people “I don’t know if this will happen.” God’s hope is the expectation of what we ask being fulfilled. This is an inspirational and important message!

01LHCD9-4 – John Fletcher – NO LONGER A CRIPPLE
Some, if not all of us will be crippled in an area of our lives. Bro. Fletcher uses the story of Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9:1 to show how being crippled will not stop the inheritance we are entitled to. Mephibosheth was easily talked into the fact that he was a cripple, but King David restored to him his father’s house and he ate at the King’s table. The Son of David will heal any crippling thing in your life if you ask Him to.

You receive and become what people have spoken over you over the years. You come to believe it. It becomes your identity. We can speak things onto people. We can speak death into areas of people’s lives, but we can also speak life. The power of life and death are in the tongue. You must take the authority to break these spoken words over you.

John Fletcher, spoke here about 25 tines.

I’m just starting to run into his messages.

These above is part of the 2001 Labor Day Camp Meeting.


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