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78LHCD12-9A – Frank Hammond – WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE 1-of-2
78LHCD12-9B – Frank Hammond – WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE 2-of-2
A deeper appreciation for the ministry of deliverance comes as our understanding of spiritual warfare is enlarged and we become better equipped to tear down Satan’s kingdom in the power and authority of the Name of Jesus.

78LHCD12-13 – Frank Hammond – Conditions For Deliverance
This message is a classic in its subject matter. It has been instrumental in setting hundreds of people free from the captivity of Satan. As a Christian you must know what former, and sometimes current, involvements have opened you to demonic influences.

78LHCD12-17 – Frank Hammond – SCHIZOPHRENIA
What is schizophrenia? How does the schizophrenic come out of his tangled mess? There is help available and God has given the Hammonds a specific revelation to aid the deliverance minister in dealing with this common, but oftentimes unsolved, problem. The three main areas to conquer are rejection, rebellion, and the root of bitterness.

78LHCD12-19 – Frank Hammond – The Family Unit
A very fierce battle is going on for the home. Every member of the family is involved, to some degree, in that battle. God wants families in His Kingdom and never before has Satan been so determined to destroy the family unit. Important guidelines are laid for a sturdy foundation whereby a strong family unit can be built.

78LHCD12-20 – Frank Hammond – Husband’s Headship
JOHN 17 – The family will never be truly effective and function as it ought to for God unless it is in God’s divine order. The husband must be the head and the wife in submission to him (but not dominated by him) and the children must honor the parents and be in obedience to them.

78LHCD12-21 – Frank Hammond – Not So Good Wife Relationship
New avenues of spiritual growth were discovered as they applied the principle that the husband sanctifies the wife with the washing of water by the Word.

78LHCD12-25 – Frank Hammond – Spiritual Growth & Warfare
Physical growth as well as spiritual growth becomes stronger with resistance. As greater maturity in the Lord comes, the more aggressive we become against Satan’s kingdom.


79LHCD9-1 – Frank Hammond – PREPARING FOR THE APPEARING OF THE LORD JESUS –  A look at the end-time Scriptures that directly refer to our behavior in relation to the coming of the Lord.

79LHCD9-3 – Frank Hammond – Cursing Or Blessing
A study that evolved out of this brother’s own desire to have a better Scriptural understanding of curses, how they operate, and the effects they have on the believer. He goes into the origin of curses in the Old Testament and reconciles them to the curse breaking power of the Lord Jesus in the New Testament.

79LHCD9-6 – Frank Hammond – Rejection
Destruction comes to many Christians due to rejection. Until they are delivered from this spirit, their lives are a merry-go-round of attempts to grasp for true love. Hidden deep within the Christian, this monster works on its prey, trying to gratify it with perversity, insanity, or whatever means it can use to block the victim from truly getting a hold of God’s love. Deliverance service concludes this message.

Pressures are stepping stones – God wants us to develop in ways to please Him. Moses was ALWAYS under pressure. He led more than three million murmuring, bellyaching people for forty years! Daniel was under pressure, but he trusted in God. Joseph came under pressure but he never broke under it and ended up with the biggest job in the land. Paul was shipwrecked, had to travel all the time, was in perils, dealt with false brethren, was thrown into jail, beaten, but he continued to press on! Do you?

79LHCD9-12 – Frank Hammond – SPIRITUAL WARFARE
Practical instruction to help us persevere in warfare to come into the inheritance that Jesus has purchased for us. We have spiritual enemies standing in our pathway, just as the children of Israel had natural enemies to conquer.


We have to get beyond our own personal needs for deliverance and begin to war against principalities and satanic powers over other individuals, areas, nations, governments, etc. It is a demonic system, a network of organized forces that we are contending against to put underfoot, that the Kingdom of God can be established. Deliverance service concludes this message.

82LHCD6-9 – Frank Hammond – THE MIND
As we understand ourselves, we begin to see how evil spirits are able to work their way into our lives. We are a people made up of body, soul, and spirit; so if we are to function as a spiritual person, the spirit man in us must be the ruler in our lives. We must be led by God’s Holy Spirit. We cannot be controlled by our mind.

82LHCD6-12A – Frank Hammond – EMOTIONS 1-of-2
82LHCD6-12B – Frank Hammond – EMOTIONS 2-of-2
(THE MIND Continuation from 82LHCD6-9.mp3), with emphasis on bringing the emotions under subjection to the ruler ship of the Holy Spirit.

82LHCD6-13 – Frank Hammond – Discerning of Spirits
Especially in the ministry of deliverance we need the gift of discerning of spirits to be in operation. But never should our thoughts be so centered on the devil and evil spirits that we lose sight of Jesus. Our minds are to be set upon Him. Excellent message!

82LHCD6-16 – Frank Hammond – Spiritual Disciplines
Everything about our spiritual lives requires discipline. We will never be able to go into our full inheritance and appropriate all of the blessings Jesus provided for us unless we are disciplined.

82LHCD6-18A  Frank & Ida Mae Hammond – Disciplining The Physical Man 1of2
82LHCD6-18B  Frank & Ida Mae Hammond – Disciplining The Physical Man 2of2
If our bodies are not disciplined and obedient to the Spirit of God they will not serve the purposes of God. We will be out of balance, serving the flesh rather than God. Our vessels are to be set aside unto Him.

82LHCD6-22A – Frank Hammond – Schizophrenia 1-of-2
82LHCD6-22B – Frank Hammond – Schizophrenia 2-of-2
So much of the personality of the schizophrenic is not his real self, but a nest of demonic behaviors that have flourished, having been cultivated from the birth of rejection within the individual. As deliverance begins, the “real self” must have Jesus and He must begin to form His personality in them. Deliverance is the only answer for the schizophrenic.

82LHCD6-24 – Frank Hammond – Keeping Your Deliverance
One of your strongest weapons against Satan is for you to “love not your life unto death.” Has your life truly been given over to the Lord? More and more we need to rejoice in what we have in the Lord and what He has done for us.


In this session of the ministers’ conference, Bro. Frank shares his experiences in becoming involved with this type of warfare as well as some Scriptural principles and definitions. Following his comments, other ministers in attendance shared their experiences and insights for quite a few minutes at the last half of the meeting.


The definition of schizophrenia that the Lord gave the Hammonds is a disturbance or a distortion or a disintegration of one’s personality. This definition shows the differing degrees of severity with this demonic affliction. Bro. Frank shares the revelation they received of the network of spirits in operation in these cases and how the real self has to be liberated. Deliverance ministry is included on this message.


98DELTRCD-10 – Frank Hammond – Gates of The Soul
Frank starts this powerful teaching by stressing the urgency of ministering in the love of Jesus. This is one of the most powerful weapons in a minister’s arsenal. Wounded people are often difficult to love; but without love, we can do more harm than good. Using Nehemiah as a scriptural basis, Frank goes on to teach on the gates of the soul. In deliverance, we cast out intruders; we must then rebuild the walls and close the gates to stay free. An extensive list of common gates through which demons enter is addressed, followed by an exhortation to deal with double mindedness — one of the great hindrances to faith. Frank closes his teaching with a father’s prayer of blessing to bless all who never had the blessing of a father, without which we can never be whole.

LHBC Camp Meeting Coming
Every day there will be personal ministry.
Come & get the help you want & need!
Jesus is Your Deliverer !
Call and reserve a bed: 501-525-8204 – CSTime.


A Manual For Children’s Deliverance – by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
This is Volume VI of the Spiritual Warfare Series.  Learn how to help your child.  Deliverance methods and helpful examples are given as well as listing demons common in the child’s world. The authors include a special section covering dangers inherent in the evil influences of toys, games, music and television which bombard children today and contend for their imaginations and souls.  Learn the basics of how to effectively minister deliverance for children.  138 pages.

The Breaking of Curses – by Frank Hammond
This is Volume V of the Spiritual Warfare Series.  The Bible directly refers to curses over two hundred and thirty times.  Seventy specific sins that bring about curses are enumerated in God’s Word.  This book examines the causes and effects of curses.  Discover the eight spiritual laws that govern curses.  Take the nine scriptural steps that lead from curse to blessing. 87 pages.

Comfort For the Wounded Spirit – by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
This is Volume IV of the Spiritual Warfare Series.  The authors show how deliverance from unclean spirits and the healing of inner wounds are separate yet companion ministries.  Discover how one’s spirit is wounded, symptoms of the wounded spirit, and five Biblical examples of the wounded spirit.

Confronting Familiar Spirits – by Frank Hammond
A person can form and develop a close relationship with an evil spirit, willfully or through ignorance. This booklet explains: God’s Warnings about the Spiritual Dangers, Their Deception, Their Attraction, Methods of Gaining Access to Them (various occult practices including certain games and toys), and finally Deliverance From Them.  16 pages.

Demons & Deliverance In the Ministry of Jesus – by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
This is Volume III of the Spiritual Warfare Series. This book sets forth guiding principles from Scripture and the ministry of Jesus for confronting demons and delivering the oppressed. You will learn: The Nature & Function of the Demonic Kingdom; Discerning Right & Wrong Methods of Deliverance; Fears That Defeat Christian Soldiers; The Believer’s Commission & Authority & Being Anointed; Maintaining Balance in Deliverance; Keeping Out Of The Devil’s Reach, Demonic Connection With Mental Illness & Disease, and more.  This book is considered the “sequel” to Pigs in the Parlor.  137 pages.

Forgiving Others – by Frank Hammond
Forgiving others is the key to healing and deliverance.  Characteristics and benefits of true forgiveness are examined and the booklet concludes with a prayer of forgiveness. Find the spiritual truths regarding the necessity of forgiveness and the blessings of inner freedom which result.  27 pages.

God Warns America, Arise, Oh Church – by Frank Hammond
The Vision, The Intrepratation and What We Must Do, as revealed to the author by the Lord in a night vision concerning three impending judgments upon America.  30 pages.

Kingdom Living For The Family – by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
Are you having trouble with your children?  Is your family life all you desire it to be?  Are the members of your family where they should be with the Lord?  The authors have discovered the missing keys.  They explain that, “counseling is only effective when coupled with discipline and deliverance.”  Presented in this book are not a batch of unrealistic theories, but rather a practical plan for implementing divine order in your family, and for truly helping those you counsel.  The truths contained in this book will enable you to enjoy kingdom living for the family! 167 pages.

Obstacles to Deliverance –  by Frank Hammond
Why does deliverance sometimes fail? This is, in essence, the same question raised by Jesus’ first disciples. When these disciples were unable to cast out a spirit of epilepsy, they were puzzled and asked Jesus the reason for their failure. Jesus gave a multi-part answer which leads us to take into account the petitioner’s faith, the deliverance minister’s capability, the spiritual qualifications that must be met, the strength of the spirit confronted and the strategy of warfare employed. In particular, there are myths, misunderstandings and misinformation concerning the ministry of deliverance. The first battleground is in the minds of men, where Satan has sown questions, doubts and fears that become hindrances to involvement in this valid, biblical ministry.  Those who want an answer should be given an answer. Ignorance, prejudice and fear are hurdles that some sincere Christians must get over before they are willing to become involved in spiritual warfare. Before one can bring himself to obedience to deal with the devil and demons, certain obstacles must be overcome in one’s mind.

Our Warfare – by Frank Hammond
“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but divinely powerful for the destruction of strongholds.” (II Cor. 10:4,5).The call to war… has now been issued by our Commander and Chief, The Lord Jesus Christ. The 1990’s were a decade of spiritual warfare. The 2000’s are only more so. It is God’s timing. The end of the age is at hand, and it is time for the Church to bring down the “gates of Hades.” God is calling His army to battle! We are alerted that there is a war. Our war is a spiritual war. Our Commander in Chief has issued us the required weaponry and has given His name as our authority. Let us take up our Warfare and defeat the enemy.

Overcoming Rejection – by Frank Hammond
This is Volume II of the Spiritual Warfare Series.  The subject matter of this book is a primary battle in defeating the devil in one’s own life.  This book provides a practical understanding as to the complications within oneself which are created by the wounds of rejection.  Rejection is one of the worst, most neglected, and most common of wounds.  The author spends considerable time on the remedies for rejection because he is convinced God has promised absolute deliverance and healing in this area.  84 pages.

Pigs In The Parlor – by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
This is truly one of the “must have” classic books about deliverance.  It includes a chapter presenting a revelation on the problems of schizophrenia which could well revolutionize the way this subject has been traditionally viewed by the medical profession.  It is a practical handbook, offering valuable guidance as to determining how demons enter, if deliverance is needed, how deliverance is accomplished for others and self, how to retain deliverance and groupings of demons.  The Hammonds could be considered one of the present day pioneers in the deliverance ministry.  157 pages.

Repercussions From Sexual Sins – by Frank Hammond
This booklet does an excellent job of defining sexual sins that are referred to in the Bible.  It then lays out a plan to successfully conquer those sins and live a normal Christian life.  27 pages.

The Saints At War –  by Frank Hammond
This is Volume I of the Spiritual Warfare Series.  This book contains practial insights into spiritual warfare: Each Christian Is a Soldier, Equipped With Weapons; The Power To Bind & Loose Are Two Keys By Which Satan’s Kingdom Will Be Defeated, Christians Can Change the Course of Events In Lives, Families, Communities, and Nations, and more!  Satan does not want us to understand that he has already been defeated.  When Christians really comprehend satan’s limitations and their own equipping, they will be encouraged to confront the devil directly, bind him and spoil his house.  90 pages.

Soul Ties – by Frank Hammond
Yes, soul ties are real, but what are they?  How are they formed?  Are they always demonic?  What danger is there in soul ties?  How can they be broken?  In this booklet, the author answers these and many other questions regarding soul ties.  15 pages.

The Father’s Blessing – by Frank Hammond
The body of Christ is missing out on something of great significance – The Father’s Blessing. Through surveys in multiple conferences, Frank Hammond has found that very few persons have ever received a father’s blessing through their earthly fathers. You will find this booklet a helpful motivation and guide for imparting a God-ordained blessing to your family.  Booklet – 18 pages.

The Marriage Bed – by Frank Hammond
Can the marriage bed be defiled? The author provides helpful advice on how to keep the marriage bed pure before the Lord. Drawing from God’s emphasis on purity and holiness in our lives, the booklet explains how to avoid perverse sexual demonic activity in a home. Learn more about what defiles the marriage bed.  10 pages

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