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Col. Speed & Ruth Willson

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It’s interesting to note there is only one reference in the Scriptures that restricts us from knowing the times and seasons. The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit will show us things to come. Have you thought we are not to know the time or the season? You would do well to hear this message. Very enlightening.

82LHCD5-2A – Col. Speed Wilson – BIBLE NUMERICS AND 666 1-of-2
82LHCD5-2B – Col. Speed Wilson – BIBLE NUMERICS AND 666 2-of-2
This information will help you see the patterns of how the Bible is expressed in a numerical manner. This will open a whole new vein of Bible study. Col. Wilson also applies numerics to identify Mr. 666.

82LHCD5-5A – By Marine Col. Speed Wilson – THE RAPTURE? 1-of-2
82LHCD5-5B – By Marine Col. Speed Wilson – THE RAPTURE? 2-of-2
The body of Christ has been raped by a strong spirit of deception! The assailant’s name is RAPTURE! He has successfully deceived believers into believing his perversion of truth. Throughout the Scriptures, whenever God wiped out masses of people (the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) it was always the wicked that were removed. If the God you serve is big enough to take you out, is He not also big enough to take you through? Are you threatened by that thought? What if there will be no rapture as it is being taught in many churches? Whether you feel challenged by these thoughts or not, you should hear this message. Approximately one hundred and fifty Scriptures are used. Excellent!

There are scribes and Pharisees in the church today. Are you one? A message of conviction. The scribes and Pharisees won’t enter the kingdom; neither will they let anyone else in. Don’t be left out. Pass this one on to a friend after you have listened to it.

82LHCD5-10A –
82LHCD5-10B –
What are the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations? Who are some of the people involved in these organizations? What does the Bible say about one world government? These and many other questions are answered on this message. Every Christian needs to hear them..

82LHCD5-11 – Col. Speed Wilson – ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS
Bro. Speed exhorts that we are the temple that is being rebuilt.


88LHCD9-1 – *Col. Speed Wilson – TESTIMONY **Tommy Cook – PLEASING GOD
*Col. Speed Wilson is a retired World War II, Korean, and Viet Nam hero, ex-fighter pilot turned ambassador for Christ. Well trained in Marine tactics to destroy the enemy, he now is fulfilling the commission to do his part in the army of God. Through many series of events, he was apprehended and reconciled to God during a tour of duty in Japan. God has had this servant in many leadership positions, giving him tremendous insight and opportunities to bear fruit in these end-times for the kingdom of God. **Enoch’s testimony was that he “walked with God” and “pleased God.” How can two walk together except they be agreed? God is inviting an “Enoch company” to come and fellowship with Him. To please God is to have His approval upon your life. When a man’s ways please God, even his enemies are at peace with him! There is a people arising who will walk into life and not see death.

88LHCD9-7A – Col. Speed Wilson – SATAN’S CONSPIRACY 1-of-2
88LHCD9-7B – Col. Speed Wilson – SATAN’S CONSPIRACY 2-of-2
Consider this a timely word for those who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus, anticipating that glad day when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ! Conscious of the fact that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, Col. Wilson’s objective is to transmit to us knowledge, trusting that God will give us the wisdom necessary to apply what is heard. The scenario is not make-believe! It is set behind enemy lines and the director is antichrist himself! Using a relatively small group of men, he is conspiring to rule the world. Perilous times are ahead for this nation and Christians MUST learn to be led by the Spirit of God. We should not be dismayed over the information presented here. God is in control and HE is allowing Satan to set the stage for the final act. Satan’s production will end, the Scriptures will be fulfilled, and the government of God will become manifest to the world, FOREVER and EVER and EVER! 

The body of Christ has been raped by a strong spirit of deception! The assailant’s name is RAPTURE! He has successfully deceived believers into believing his perversion of truth. Throughout the Scriptures, whenever God wiped out masses of people (the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) it was always the wicked that were removed. Prov. 10:30 is one of many Scriptures that support the idea that God is going to bring His people through. It clearly states, “The righteous shall never be removed; but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.” Watch and be alert! Bible prophecy will come to pass. No one has arrived yet – the trip is not over!


93LHCD9-5 – Col. Speed Wilson – ARE YOU ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS?
The disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t recognize Jesus when he appeared because they had been blinded.  Christians today have been blinded by many doctrines that do not line up with the Word of God.  Doctrines of man which are not of Him are going to come down!

Col. Wilson shows the significance of recent events in light of the knowledge of an interlocking group of organizations that are conspiring to bring about the one world government.  There is nothing new about the New World order.  Its roots go back to Babylon.  In these end times the safest place in the world is in God’s will; the most dangerous place is out of it!


94LHCD9-4 – Col. Speed Wilson – END TIME INTRODUCTION
In this session Col. Wilson touches briefly on several topics that provide a basis for understanding what is happening in these end times, what will happen as time progresses, and what will NOT happen. Topics covered include knowing when the Lord will return, the pattern of the tabernacle, the doctrine of the Hebrew feasts, rebuilding the temple, the mark of the beast, and the rapture.

94LHCD9-7A  – Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER 1-of-2
94LHCD9-7B  – Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER 2-of-2
These messages should be of interest to every Christian.  They provide information concerning the goals of the conspiracy; actions being taken to implement these goals; the current political situation; the move to intimidate the population, especially Christians; and actions being taken which may thwart the conspiracy.  This information is shared to bring knowledge to the Body of Christ, not to bring fear.  Fear paralyzes and now is the time for action.


95LHCD3-1A – *Col. Speed Wilson – RAPTURE **Jack Harris – THE FEAR OF THE LORD 1of2
95LHCD3-1B – *Col. Speed Wilson – RAPTURE **Jack Harris – THE FEAR OF THE LORD 2of2 *Scripture admonishes, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” (Matthew 24:4) One of the areas where deception is rampant is in the understanding of the events of the end times, especially the concept of the rapture. Marine Col. Speed Wilson summarizes some of these teachings and points out their inaccuracies. **We frequently hear quoted, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” That is true, but it is also much more. This teaching examines some of the results both of the fear of the Lord and its absence.

95LHCD3-7 – Col. Speed Wilson – WORLD CONSPIRACY – 2-OF-2
In this session Col. Wilson briefly outlined the material covered on his tape WORLD CONSPIRACY. He then provides a look at the current operations of the conspiracy. If you want to know what’s going on behind the news reports, what the leaders have in mind for us, and what some are doing to combat these plans, listen to this tape! Some of the questions and answers at the end of the meeting are included on this message.

After citing several scriptures regarding the importance of acquiring wisdom and knowledge, Col. Wilson outlines the origins, objectives, organizations and operations of the New World Order conspiracy.

95LHCD8-10A 1-of-2 Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY 1-OF-2 95LHCD8-10B 2-of-2 Col. Speed Wilson – YOU & THE NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY 2-OF-2 Deception, which the Bible says will be one of the signs of the end of the age, is rampant concerning the existence and operation of the New World Order conspiracy. However, the Bible also says that hidden things will be brought to light and deception will ultimately be exposed. These tapes exposes some of the plans currently operating to bring down the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in preparation for a one world government. The question and answer period at the end of the session is included, but because Col. Wilson steps away from the microphone the volume is uneven.


After briefly covering the origins and objectives of the New World Order, Col. Wilson focuses on recent developments in its organizations and operations. God does not want His people to be ignorant of what the enemy is preparing to do.


97LHCD7-4 – Col. Speed Wilson – END-TIME DECEPTIONS
One of the most prominent signs of the end of the age is deception – false prophets leading people astray. Col. Wilson covers several popular teachings that have led many astray, focusing primarily on the doctrine of the rapture.

97LHCD7-19A – Col. Speed Wilson – WORLD CONSPIRACY 1-of-2
97LHCD7-19B – Col. Speed Wilson – WORLD CONSPIRACY 2-of-2
Donation) – Col. Wilson shares extensively concerning his experiences in World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam. He then speaks on the New World Order Conspiracy, briefly covering its background before giving the “news behind the news” about the Oklahoma City bombing, GATT and NAFTA, the problems in the military, environmental groups, etc.

*Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING WORLD EVENTS 1-of-2
*Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING WORLD EVENTS 2-of-2
**Col. Jim Ammerman – THIS YOU SHOULD KNOW – *Covers the origins, organization, operation and objectives of the New World Order. **this tape was provided to us by Col. Wilson of Col. Ammerman’s talk at a conference for clergy and national leaders given 8/24/97. A challenge to speak out against sin and Satan wherever you find them, with comments on various current situations and the ways in which God is raising up His people to use the enemy’s own plans to bring about their downfall and further God’s kingdom.


98LHCD9-4 – Col. Speed Wilson – MODERN-DAY HERESIES
Jesus warns us in the Word several times to “see that no man deceive you.” Deception is the most predominant sign of the end times. Bro. Speed exposes seven major heresies regarding the end times that have deceived most of the church causing many to be unprepared for that which is shortly to come to pass. See that no man deceive you! This teaching brings clarification to areas of real confusion in the church.

98LHCD9-5 – Col. Speed Wilson – END TIME
Testimony and teaching on the end time prophecies and their fulfillment in this day. We need a special measure of God’s grace and power to do God’s will in this day and hour. Various Scriptural types and shadows are discussed showing us where we are in God’s timetable. There are patterns of numbers used throughout the Bible that shed light on various end time events.

98LHCD9-10 – Col. Speed Wilson – NEW WORLD ORDER UPDATE
This teaching discusses some of the history behind the conspiracy to bring about a one-world government. Understanding this conspiracy helps us understand the actions of our leaders. Much information is provided regarding the activities of our current government that are undermining our national security and removing individual freedoms to prepare us for a takeover by satanic dictatorship.


99LCCD2-2 – Ruth Wilson – ON TO MATURITY
Using sketches of the Tabernacle as a reference, Ruth explains to us how the layout of the Tabernacle is a picture of our relationship to God and demonstrates the phases of God’s dealings with His people, culminating in the return of Jesus for His glorious, perfected Church. It does not matter how much you know. How much of what you know are you walking in? The enemy wants to hinder and, if possible, altogether prevent our growth into maturity. We must choose to move on to experience the fullness of God’s purposes for the church in this hour.

99LHCD9-2 – Col. Speed Wilson – FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION
Much of the end-time teaching commonly accepted in the body of Christ is rife with error and inconsistent with the overall truth of the Word. Col. Speed deals with a number of these issues, bringing clarity out of confusion with concise scriptural word studies.

99LHCD9-7 – Col. Speed Wilson – PERILOUS TIMES SHALL COME 
Bro. Speed draws from his experiences during three wars and his years in the Pentagon to prelude his warnings of times of trouble ahead for America. Identifying enemies “both foreign and domestic,” he lifts our awareness of the need to prepare both physically and spiritually for that which is soon to come to pass.


00LCCD2-2 – Ruth Wilson – DISCERNING THE BODY (1 OF 2)
This is the first of a two-part teaching that is bound to be powerful revelation to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” In this first part, Sis. Wilson lays some groundwork by showing us where we are in God’s timetable using many biblical passages that use various pictures to illustrate the same events. We are clearly in the transitional generation, moving into the New Day of God’s Kingdom Age – the time of the restoration of all things – culminating in the redemption of the body as foretold throughout Scripture.

00LCCD2-4 – Ruth Wilson – DISCERNING THE BODY (2 OF 2)
Here Sis. Wilson serves up the meat as she continues her teaching on the body. While relating her near death experience, she shares with us what God showed her about the “law of life in Christ Jesus.” We have been given to eat of the Tree of Life, yet we are still partaking of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which brings with it the curse of death. The choice is ours. We are heirs of LIFE through Christ Jesus. The curse is broken, but we can partake of our inheritance only as we appropriate by faith, moment by moment, the finished work of Calvary.

Here Sis. Ruth issues a clarion call to the church to move up to the next level in God. We must unite as a body and turn our backs on tradition and compromise. Most denominations built tombstones, refusing to receive the next revelation. We must move with God and go on to perfection (Heb. 6:1). Having kept Passover and Pentecost, it is time to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles – the transfiguration of our bodies.

00LHCD7-11A – Col. Speed Wilson – TRUTH IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT 1-of-2
00LHCD7-11B – Col. Speed Wilson – TRUTH IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT 2-of-2
Col. Speed addresses the following areas of interest to all serious and concerned citizens: Politically Correct Christian Doctrines vs. Bible Truth; Politically Correct National Affairs vs. Truth and the Constitution; Politically Correct International Affairs vs. National Interests; Politically Correct View of the Responsibilities of “We the People” vs. the Citizens of a Christian Constitutional Republic. Never before has the gravity of the hour come forth here more clearly. Certainly we are in a time of great national peril.

00LHCD7-25 – Ruth Wilson – JUST BELIEVE
Sis. Ruth in her gentle but serious, thought-provoking manner encourages us to press forward into the fullness of what God has promised. Too much is at stake to take lightly the things God has been trying to teach us. How easy it is to hear the Word and yet not walk in it, and thereby be deceived! As she put it, “It’s time to walk the dog.” Her own testimony bears witness to God’s dealings with us to get our attention!

00LHCD7-27 – Col. Speed Wilson – RELIGION VERSUS CHRIST
Col. Speed contrasts the religion of the Scribes and Pharisees with the purity and simplicity to be found in Christ. The religious world Jesus encountered was founded on a complex, legalistic system set forth in the Talmud – the “protocol of the learned elders.” Religion put Jesus on the cross. Today, denominational tradition and religion can likewise stifle the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us into the fullness of what God has for His people in this hour.


We ARE entering the day of rest – a new dimension. The enemy knows this also, so he is going to pull out all the stops. If we don’t know the Word, how can we offset what is coming against us? Through Pentecost and the Tabernacle, we are brought back to where we should have been before the fall, to fulfill the purposes of God. He is calling us to be doers of the Word.


Col. Speed Wilson – WORLD WAR 2, KOREAN WAR AND VIET NAM – 1-of-2
Col. Speed Wilson – WORLD WAR 2, KOREAN WAR AND VIET NAM – 2-of-2
Col. Wilson gives personal testimony as well as photographs from his beginnings in Texas where he began his pilot training as a Marine. We saw several planes used in the many battles and heard vivid descriptions of the battles fought in three wars. We heard the details of ending up in the ocean, with his face crushed and how he made God a promise to serve Him if he was allowed to live. There were many battles described with several other stories of his planes being disabled. His actual salvation experience had to be explained to him by a chaplain but it changed his life. He said there are no atheists in foxholes.

Speed gives much info on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed. Nine times in the New Testament, it says that God would not have us to be ignorant. Seventeen times in Mt and Lk. Jesus says that deception is the mark of the age. Numbers are very important in the Bible and still pertain to us today if we are able to discern them correctly. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, we are baptized into the body of Christ and are to be operating in the kingdom – now. This teaching gives many statistics to show us how to understand what is happening now and what an exciting time is on the way.

10LHCD9-9A – Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING CURRENT EVENTS 1-of-2
10LHCD9-9B – Col. Speed Wilson – UNDERSTANDING CURRENT EVENTS 2-of-2
God considers knowledge important to His people. Hos 4:6, 2nd Peter 1:5.
In 1863 Abe Lincoln spoke of conspiracy. Then we had Woodrow Wilson, Garfield
and Kennedy. All were killed. There has been a worldwide conspiracy to destroy
civilization as we know it – engineered by the Illuminati. How news is reported
is important but news that is not reported is even more so. There is much going
on that the regular citizen knows nothing of. Speed exposes many plots, naming
names and giving specifics. He also warns against getting involved in foreign
affairs. Our troops are in over 30 nations – not many left at home. Trusting God
is our only workable option.

10LHCD9-13 – (Marine) Col. Speed Wilson – End-Time Deceptions
Speed says if you don’t learn from history, you will repeat history. A democracy will always collapse from a loose financial system, becoming a dictatorship. The USA has gone full cycle. What happened to the Republic? He says the border will not be closed and that eventually Mexico, the USA and Canada will become one nation. You will get an overview of our future with Scripture references to prove the statements. He blows the rapture theory out of the water with 17 Old and New Testament references. In addition, we heard what our part is, in this age. Be not deceived – study this for yourself. 

10LHCD9-14 – Col. Speed Wilson – END-TIME BABYLON AND MR 666
In the body of Christ, no one has all the information. Each one has a piece. Tribulation is translated 32 ways. The Col. goes into much detail concerning 666 – how it is integrated into many aspects of things we’re totally ignorant of, including our alphabet and Roman Numerals. He explains all this in this teaching. In the end, if we don’t deny Jesus, we will end up in concentration camps and He says the Shekinah Glory will be visible to us. He gives testimony of his experience on the battlefield. This message is packed full of pertinent information for anyone who wants to know truth.

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