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Jack & Carol Cannada


This is part of the 1999 Ladies Camp I’m converting to mp3.  


In the story of Hosea we see a picture of the extravagant love of God for His bride, the church (Israel), and how His endless, unconditional love can conquer even the most wayward of sinners. Just as Hosea pursued Gomer even when she was mired in the depths of depravity and rescued her from slavery to bring her back into relationship with him, so God is calling us back to our first love that He might fully restore us to Himself. Prayer and ministry follow. 

99LCCD2-6 – Carol Cannada – SEIZE THE MOMENT
Carol in her gentle and loving way exhorts us, as Paul did Timothy, to stir up the gifts that are within us and to seize every moment to be used of God and minister to others. As Paul exhorted Timothy against timidity, likewise we also must refuse to allow fear to control our lives. Carol’s personal testimony of deliverance from fear inspires us to rise up in holy boldness to possess our inheritance in Christ.



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