2017 Memorial Day Camp Meeting

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Published on: September 19, 2017

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2017 Memorial Day Camp Meeting!

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Carla Butaud 1-of-4 – 2004 – 2008

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Carla Butaud 3-of-4 – 2013 – 2014

Carla Butaud 4-of-4 – 2015 – 2017

Carla Butaud – Kingdom of God Series – 2006 – 2015

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Satan is identified clearly as the enemy – using people as his instruments. We need to know who we are dealing with, we need to know how to deal with who we are dealing with, and we need to understand and know who we are in Christ. You are going to find yourself “beat up” – until you understand who you are in Christ. Then you can say, “No way! Jesus Christ got the victory and I’m walking in that victory. It belongs to me.” In dealing with generationally inherited curses, it is important to realize that these are curses that have fallen on us through our ancestors. We were born with some of them – they are in the bloodline. Carla explores and teaches on a number of inherited curses that hinder us from living our Christian life successfully. She leads the congregation in prayers of deliverance for each curse she addresses.

Deborah Vails

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“When you’re walking in fear, then your love ain’t right!” (1 John 4:18) The mantle of Agape love is found in 1 Corinthians 13. Fear will cause you to miss the potential God has for you. We don’t have to be afraid of the enemy/demons because God has given us power and authority over them. Fear will cause you to run. It is rooted in “phobos” (phobia). Deborah puts numerous fears in the crosshairs and shoots each one of them down with the Word of God. She addresses certain signs and symptoms of fear and then prays deliverance. You can be delivered by participating in these prayers!

Carla Butaud 4-of-4

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17LHCD5-3A – Carla Butaud – SINS UNTO DEATH 1-OF-2
17LHCD5-3B – Carla Butaud – SINS UNTO DEATH 2-OF-2
Carla says she gets flack from people that say, “All you ever talk about are bad things, curses, and all that stuff. You know there are blessings too!” She responds by saying, “Yes, that’s true but are the blessings giving you any trouble?” It’s the sins, the curses and the bad things that we have to deal with because they are what are hindering us in our Christian lives. They are what are keeping us from entering into many more blessings!!! This teaching is based on Leviticus 20 and ties into 1 John 5:16. Deliverance is a process and this teaching and the accompanying ministry can take another layer off!

Geri McGhee 3-of-3

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Geri explains how soul ties can carry pain. She has seen more people healed through breaking soul ties than anything else. Medication is not God’s ultimate remedy for pain. The best the world wants to do is to manage pain. It’s really putting a band-aid on a spiritual problem. She teaches about the spiritual roots to pain. God wants to heal us when we meet the conditions. He’s made a provision for us at Calvary. Many Scriptures are shared regarding healing – God sent His Word to heal us! Geri leads the congregation in thorough repentance and into deliverance. You can be set free listening to and participating in this message.

Nickie Pinson

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17LHCD5-5  – Nickie Pinson – THE IMAGE
God created man in His image, but sin has distorted that image. This is a message concerning God recovering His own image in the hearts of a few people – it won’t be everyone. The whole world is not going to be saved. “Few there be that find it.” There will be those who will deny their own image and reach out and receive His image. The purpose of God is to recover His Image in us which was lost. The image Nickie is teaching is God’s spiritual image. The enemy is always coming to us to add something in the physical, without regard to the consequences of what will happen to us spiritually. Nickie illustrates this quite well using Adam and Eve. We have to get a hold of the fact that we are complete in Christ. Excellent message.

Geri McGhee 3-of-3

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17LHCD5-6  – Geri McGhee – INSOMNIA
Geri comes out of the gate stating that in spite of what the world tells you, insomnia is a sin problem, not a disease. It basically enters because we have not learned to enter God’s rest. It comes in through the lack of peace. After years of ministering she has also seen that insomnia is often rooted in not having a good earthly father which gives a child a sense of protection, safety and covering so they have nothing to fear when they go to bed at night. When a child grows up with that, they have no problem expecting God to provide that same level of love. Praise the Lord for His Word which is the Truth that sets us free. Deliverance ministry is included in this message.

Deborah Vails

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17LHCD5-7 – Deborah Vails – A JOSHUA LEADER
Deborah delivers a prophetic message that is for everybody, but states it is specifically for Bro. Merrill Miller, the director of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. The Word that comes forth is from Joshua 1-4. God is the one that places the anointing on our lives. As we continue on in the Lord, God will bring out of you what is in you – for His plans, purposes and glory. It’s all about relationship. If you have been called to be a leader, you have to KNOW that God is with you! Though Moses was the one that had led them those forty years, Joshua was the one appointed and anointed by God to take the children of Israel into the promised land. Deborah identifies several points that God spoke to her out of the book of Joshua for a Joshua Leader. When you are called of God to be a leader, you must first have been a follower. A leader’s life is one of submission and servanthood. They are not aspiring to be a leader. They didn’t ask to be a leader. They are appointed and anointed by God.‘

Nickie Pinson

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Romans 10:3 sets the title for this message. Jesus is our pattern and He was a submitter. Bro. Pinson narrates side by side comparisons of what an establisher is and what a submitter is. Establishers live in the realm of self, and submitters are willing to be emptied of self. Submitters “let” God do things in them and for them. Establishers try to “make” things happen. This is not an “ear tickling” message! It is for those who need to know that the opposition they are experiencing is not necessarily from the devil. It quite possibly is the processing of God, confirming them as a submitter. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

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New – LHBC Camp Meeting Coming – New
Every day at camp there will be personal ministry.

Come & get the help you want & need!
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