1999 Passover Camp Meeting

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The 1999 Passover Camp Meeting

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Tommy Cook

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This message is in truth “food for thought” and “meat for the soul.” The “revelation of Jesus Christ” in the earth is the manifestation of the sons of God. This study of the sons of God, who are the overcomers of the end-time, provides yet a deeper understanding than what we have previously received of who they are and how they will be used to fulfill God’s purposes at the end of this age.

There was no #2 Master Cassette to convert

Jim & Mildred Coffey

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99LHCD4-3 – Mildred Coffey – STUBBORNNESS
Sis. Coffey brings us face to face with the manifestations of witchcraft and idolatry evident in so many Christians – stubbornness and rebellion. As King Saul was unwilling to completely destroy Amalek (representing the flesh man), so often we remain under a curse through stubbornness and rebellion over issues in our lives. Obedience and submission are crucial in our walk with the Lord.

Jim & Mildred Coffey

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99LHCD4-4 – Jim Coffey – GRACE 
God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense is one definition of GRACE. By discussing most of the verses in the New Testament using the word “grace,” we are challenged to a new understanding of its meaning in our lives. A couple of points stand out: God’s grace is full and free, but only operational in our lives as a result of repentance – turning away – from sin. Judgment in some form always follows sin that is not dealt with at the cross. God’s grace to the repentant heart is without limit. In like manner we must forgive our neighbor and wash his feet in humility.

Gene & Earline Moody

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Godly People Stricken Before Their Time – A
Also listed in the online “Deliverance Manual” for this chapter.

This is a serious, thought-provoking message dealing with an issue that many grapple with when faced with the premature death of a saint: Why do the godly die before their allotted time? Bro. Gene in his methodical way, evoked responses to this question from a number of respected ministers when trying to cope with the death of his beloved wife, Earline, and compiled the results, which he shared with us. Whether or not we agree with all their life of faith, struggle to find answers to one of life’s difficult questions.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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99LHCD4-6 – Dr. William Null – REJECTION
In this message, Dr. Null deals with rejection from a somewhat different perspective. Through Adam’s rejection of God’s authority, the glory of God, which was Adam’s covering, was removed. Seth was said to have been born in the image of Adam, not the image of God, as was Adam when he was created. Through Christ we are no longer rejected, and His wing has been extended to again cover us, as shown through type and shadow in the story of Boaz and Ruth. A wonderful study!

Tommy Cook

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A wonderful study for the serious Bible student and for those who long for a deeper understanding of end-time events. Tommy zeroes in on Revelation 12, expounding on the woman in travail, the manchild caught up to heaven, the red dragon, the flight of the woman into the wilderness, the flood out of the dragon’s mouth, the two wings of the eagle, etc. Each of these carries different facets of truth that we need to understand in this hour.

Dr. William Null – 1990 to 2003

Dr. William Null  – 2004 to 2008

Dr. William Null – DVD Video’s

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99LHCD4-8 – Dr. Bill Null – THE PASSOVER
Dr. Null reviews for us the Scriptural meaning of covenant and the various biblical customs used in covenant ceremonies. He then shows us how Jesus demonstrated at the Last Supper how to celebrate and reaffirm the covenant he was about to establish in His death on Calvary as the Passover Lamb of God. This teaching brings to life the meaning of communion.

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