1981 Summer Family Camp Meeting

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1981 Summer Family Camp Meeting

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Well, enjoy Chuck Flynn, and Frank Mendolia. Still missing #9 of his.
I also still have not found the #3 Erma Miller cassette as of this post update. Erma Miller was Glen’s Wife. She was a very good Bible teacher and moved in the gifts of the Spirit. She had the goods to pray for deliverance to those who came to camp. I’m thankful for all the times Erma Miller spent praying for deliverance for me starting in 1973. I had been writing to them asking if they needed any help. I was almost finished with high school. I was living with my parents in Sacramento, CA. Long story. When I did finish they let me take the bus down to where they were living in California. They had a Bible book store. I shipped Christian book orders. I got to travel with them to the Full Gospel Business Man’s conventions. Helped with recording. Made the cassette copies. Moved with them to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Glen also married Patti & I here during the 1980 Spring Deliverance Camp Meeting over 40 years ago now. My Patti started working for Erma Miller in 1981. It’s now in 2020. We’re still here helping where needed. We did leave to help take care of my dad. After he passed Glen asked us to come back. We have been back now since 2001. Now the same anointing that was in those 1981 services is still on these free audio messages. After all, it’s Jesus who is our deliverer if you’re a born again Christian. There is no expiration on the anointing. So move right in, right where you’re sitting, and take part in the prayers of repentance. When the minister starts commanding spirits to go, you let your’s go too. Follow the minister. Don’t be passive. If you saw a snake right next to a friend you’d go after that thing. Patti and I have played deliverance messages at home and prayed for each other too. We know this works. So let your faith arise. Let Jesus set you free right where are now. Ok? Kevin, LHBC staff.

Chuck & Mary Ann Flynn
Kingdom Living, Holy Spirit Gifts

That which God has given to His people we are going to walk in.

Cassette #2 was removed by Glen Miller.

81LHCD6-3 – Erma Miller – TESTIMONIES (This cassette master is missing)
Various people give testimony to the delivering power of the Lord Jesus Christ and how He has changed their lives. (Maybe it will still turn up and I can convert it to mp3 and listed here).

Chuck & Mary Ann Flynn
Kingdom Living, Holy Spirit Gifts

81LHCD6-4 – Chuck Flynn – THE BASKET OF GLORY
Gems of truth relating to the fruits and gifts of the Spirit and how they apply to press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

“The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His temple.” This word deals with the three levels of cleansing in the New Testament, where Jesus cleansed the temple of His day, and how they relate to the spiritual cleansings of the Lord in our lives today.

81LHCD6-6 – Frank Mendolia – WHAT IS DELIVERANCE?
It is necessary to recognize the need for deliverance in the Body of Christ today and be able to share that ministry with those whom the Lord brings your way. This is an excellent Scriptural survey on the topic of what deliverance is and would be a great teaching tool for someone expressing an interest in learning about deliverance.

Chuck & Mary Ann Flynn
Kingdom Living, Holy Spirit Gifts

The Kingdom of God shall be raised up. The Ancient of Day’s authority is being loosed upon the earth; the Son of Man qualifies the saints of the Most High to possess the Kingdom.

Number #8 cassette master was removed by Glen Miller.

81LHCD6-9 – Frank Mendolia – THE GOLIATHS IN YOUR LIFE
This cassette master is still missing)
Many Christians want to defeat Goliath but nobody wants to fight the lions and the bears! It is by being faithful to carry out the daily warfare against Satan that we spoil his goods. Then we are in a position to believe for bigger giants to pull down from the heavenlies our prayer closets.

Number #10 & #11 cassette masters we’re removed by Glen Miller.

The strategy of the evil one with respect to families is examined in this message. The enemy uses circumstances and decisions in everyday life to affect our responses to one another. Especially consider this teaching as one to help get families in order.

Number #13 and #14 cassette masters we’re removed by Glen Miller.

Mass deliverance for all to participate in. This cassette master is also missing. Sad, because he was a good speaker.

Number #16 and #17 cassette masters we’re removed by Glen Miller.

81LHCD6-18 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (1 of 2)
Very good foundational teaching on Biblical curses.

#19 and #20 cassette masters we’re from a speaker
that Glen removed from his library many years later.

81LHCD6-21 – Frank Mendolia – BREAK THOSE CURSES (2 of 2)
This is a continuation of the teaching on # 81LHCD6-18 concerning curses, their origin, effect, and abolishment. Deliverance ministry for breaking of many types of curses concludes this message.

Number #22 cassette master was removed too.

81LHCD6-23 – Frank Mendolia – A FALSE BALANCE
God doesn’t want His children to get extreme with anything. This is an interesting study based on the Scripture that a false balance is an abomination to God, and brings a curse.

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